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  1. Is there any way to generate a snapshot of an analog camera connected to a DVR on a PC on the network then serve that up to C4? Or any other ideas? This is a real sticking point in a project, it's annoying when something is supposedly supported but "oh no, that part doesn't work sorry". Of course I should buy all this kit myself and test everything first but, you know...
  2. That's an American set, UNxxxxx There are ip drivers now that work on some UE TVs, some of the new ones even get discovered by composer. They're not all that good though, power on in particular is very slow. I went back to IR. The driver does have art mode in it. As said make sure the TV is as up to date as possible, then just try to newest Samsung TV ip driver model number doesn't matter. If it works it works. What control over art mode do you need? With normal room off the TV enters art mode. I added a long power off (it was something like 30 repeats) to turn the TV totally off if desired and did some programming for second room off press.
  3. Hi Alan Is there any chance your NVR driver will be able to add some functionality to the hybrid DVR/NVR machines? The "turbo" range of DVRs is a fairly nifty system, it spits out a stream for the analogue cameras (5MP, power over coax, howdeydodat?!) which can easily enough be piped into C4 with the generic IP camera driver. However, sadly, there's no way to get a 'snapshot' - the DVR/NVR doesn't generate one, so the touchscreens show no preview of the cameras, you have to click through to see the live video. This makes for a pretty lousy user experience. If you or your assistant ninja Justin have sufficient wizard skills to somehow leverage the EA controller to generate this missing snapshot I'd be in CCTV integration heaven. Does it sound even mildly viable? PS stay safe everyone! This is a good time for us all to stay indoors and fiddle around with Control4. Learn by doing!
  4. That was me. Really I was just commenting that the CNCL button on the C4 remote is mapped to HOME in this driver. When the Apple TV updates it changes the default of the HOME button/command to load the ATV (ATV+?) app rather than the home screen as it did before. If that doesn't make any sense to you I guess you probably don't need to worry about it.
  5. Obviously it started working immediately after posting. I guess you're just that good.
  6. Back on topic I have a weird problem I can't figure out, I have an Apple TV 4K and a non-4K (4th gen I think) in this project. I've installed 2 instances of the driver and put in the license key. The 4K works perfectly, the non-4K doesn't work at all and when I remove it and re-add it etc etc (naturally, to try and get it working) it appears to be crashing my EA-5. Any ideas? Any logs I could provide? EDIT: looks like some beloved control4 wonkiness, after removing and reinstating the driver a gazillion times, restarting composer, restarting the controller, then doing all those things again and again in different orders, it's working.
  7. I do too, and that was my plan as well but I got fed up thinking about how to do it xD I'd be super grateful of a quick guide / screenshot or sth via PM...
  8. If those videostorm guys can sell a whole dongle and driver, I'm sure a pure IP version would be very appealing. Or we'll all just jump ship to ROKU, which I personally will be testing against WAF very soon.
  9. As per the title, I'm trying to read in a remote control for a (God help me) karaoke machine. I have created simple learned-IR drivers before so I know the procedure. I'm basing it off a DVD player (to get the shuttle controls, number pad etc) and I've got all my extra commands added in, I've been through the learn process (using an EA-5) and everything goes as it should. It asks for the 2nd blast, gets it, saves, moves on, looks great. At the end of it I had a look at the codes and they are all the same and very short (0000 006b 0000 0001 0002 1293 if that's of any meaning at all). Is this remote of a weird kind that the EA-5 can't understand? Is this a frequency thing? I'm considering trying to use a Logitech Harmony or an RTI learner kit and a T1-B+, then firing those at the EA-5; I have a weird recollection of doing that before with success. but if there's a way that requires fewer steps I'm all ears. I did contact the manufacturer (VOCALSTAR) a few weeks ago to ask if they had a spreadsheet of the codes, they didn't have anything for me.
  10. This is sterling work. Now can you do the apparently impossible and replicate this for Amazon Fire sticks/boxes? They too have app control which works smoothly, so it seems like there must be a similar way of controlling via that protocol rather than the useless ADB method currently employed by the IP driver... say it is so! You'll be well rewarded if you manage to pull it off! Just a recommendation for anyone freshly updating to the new OS and installing this driver, go into [ settings > remotes ] and revert the "Home Button" behaviour to Home Screen instead of ATV App. Otherwise the behaviour of the CNCL button (which is clearly mapped to HOME) will confuse the hell out of you. Or maybe just me.
  11. Agreed. Still, fingers crossed. I like buttons and we have clients who still use the number pad to punch search terms into sky boxes SMS style. Using a touchscreen to do that will be pretty appalling. Using a touch screen to do anything is fairly appalling, the whole point of the standard hand remote form factor is not having to look at it (much) while using it surely... otherwise we'd all just be using phones or ipads, and I think we all know how crap that is.
  12. Well a cheaper version could have a much smaller (non touch) screen..
  13. Crestron only pretends to be completely native anyway, they have their own custom version of the sonos app running on the touchscreens. It might be better now but some time ago their update lagged Sonos by a long time and completely broke integration. With C4 getting more muscle from SnapAV, plus with Sonos allegedly 'targetting' CI with the rack friendly form factor of the AMP, I think there's still hope.
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