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  1. The usuals will be along soon telling us everything is great. Meanwhile clients are lining up to replace DS2s with Ring or Nest Hello.
  2. Is there an easy way to disable Intercom Anywhere now that it has been rolled into the single app? Use the touchscreen for the door, phones and tablets all ringing as well is annoying.
  3. I'm trying to add some cameras that are directly attached to an NVR. I have followed your instructions to a T. The cameras are found, the info pours into the various boxes when the final step is done (entering the IP). However I only ever manage to get a static image. If I change the substream in the camera's own settings page to MJEG and set the camera driver to use the substream (preferred stream 2) the feed starts coming through nice and smooth. But then at some point the NVR resets the substream to H264 - there is no option in the NVR to choose MJPEG. It was my understanding that the
  4. I saw your previous post about the Denon not turning on with the Sonos, then this one saying you did it with programming. Have you installed the Sonos network driver?
  5. Ok weirdly it started to work after some delay so I retract the "not doing much" comment Is there any way to access the cameras directly connected to the NVR or will I have to go with a separate PoE switch to get access to them (if you don't mind opining on the problem!) Cheers
  6. I'm aware this is a massively old thread but I can't find a more recent one on the topic. Can you list what cameras this driver supports? Because I've just tried it with an RLC-410 and it doesn't do much at all. and it works! Also are you still doing any work with Reolink because a way to get the cameras through their NVR would be nice, the NVR seems to put them on a weird subnet and I can see no way to change it. Only solution I see is to not use the inbuilt PoE switch and use my own instead so I can get at the cameras directly...? Sadly this product was thrust upon me by the client
  7. Anyone know how to change the API "root" account password manually? I updated the firmware and it assigned it's automatic new password, then it seems to have forgotten it and so C4 can't communicate with the DS2. I managed to log in to the webUI using the old totalc4 password (as if it had reverted to that), but putting that into the password box in composer didn't help. I'm hopeful of a way to do this without having to open up the unit and doing a button factory reset, the "revert settings" in the webUI seems to do sod all. I've looked at KB 000004855 which shows the API users, do
  8. CA-1 > iLight RS485 interface directly. "It just works". Wrote my own serial driver, got all the commands by hooking my laptop up to the Crestron (hack, spit) processor and pressing buttons on the old touchscreens and reading the output. Programmed a load of experience buttons with the relevant scenes. The SI-2 would have given control of the actual light loads, i.e. would have been the proper way to do it, but it just wasn't possible. Somehow it all came together in the end. Thanks for at least trying to help
  9. Actually I meant I would try using the output of the CA1 instead. At first I tried normal RS232 and nothing happened at all, which was weird, then I wired up for direct 485 from the CA1 (pins 6 and 8 out of the rj45) and (after loads of fiddling and swearing) it works! Sudden new appreciation for this dinky little box, it's serial port is on par with a CP3 - 232 (allegedly..), 422 and 485 straight out. If anyone is reading, is there a 'command' to leave a pause between messages sent out that I can use in the driver editor. i.e. "@SS02:A22:F00\r\n@SS02:A22:F00\r\n" I n
  10. I'll try the serial port on a CA-1, I understand it's a "real" one as opposed to the EA-3..?
  11. I am aware of that device. Long story short, I'm replacing a CP3 which talked to the iLight over 485 and I don't have access to the internals of the iLight panels due to very stupidly built joinery, so going 485 is highly preferable.
  12. edit: no it's not, but the CA-1 is. I'll always have one laying around in future! The "IR" outputs that can also be used for serial on the EA3 of course have just 3 pin rs232 (GND, RX, TX). Is this enough to attach to an RS232 to RS485 adapter and get communication going? I have the DTech 232-485 adapter. I have a USB adapter for testing on my laptop. I am using the Generic serial driver from Yatun to send commands. When I try via 232 (EA3 -> 3.5mm-DB9 adapter -> USB adapter -> laptop) the comms works perfectly, I get my full strings received: "@SS01:A07:F
  13. Is there any way to generate a snapshot of an analog camera connected to a DVR on a PC on the network then serve that up to C4? Or any other ideas? This is a real sticking point in a project, it's annoying when something is supposedly supported but "oh no, that part doesn't work sorry". Of course I should buy all this kit myself and test everything first but, you know...
  14. That's an American set, UNxxxxx There are ip drivers now that work on some UE TVs, some of the new ones even get discovered by composer. They're not all that good though, power on in particular is very slow. I went back to IR. The driver does have art mode in it. As said make sure the TV is as up to date as possible, then just try to newest Samsung TV ip driver model number doesn't matter. If it works it works. What control over art mode do you need? With normal room off the TV enters art mode. I added a long power off (it was something like 30 repeats) to turn the TV tot
  15. Hi Alan Is there any chance your NVR driver will be able to add some functionality to the hybrid DVR/NVR machines? The "turbo" range of DVRs is a fairly nifty system, it spits out a stream for the analogue cameras (5MP, power over coax, howdeydodat?!) which can easily enough be piped into C4 with the generic IP camera driver. However, sadly, there's no way to get a 'snapshot' - the DVR/NVR doesn't generate one, so the touchscreens show no preview of the cameras, you have to click through to see the live video. This makes for a pretty lousy user experience. If you or your assistant ni
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