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  1. I knew I wasnt crazy... https://dealer.control4.com/dealer/knowledgebase/article/1578
  2. no, Unfortunately its definitely in the right spot. I'd say half the codes are working. its very odd. for instance, both channel up and down send a channel up command. I've now swapped the box with no change. According to Comcast, this remote (the xr11) is RF only, and the codes the EA-1 are capturing arent working. its really weird.
  3. Hey all, Im having a weird issue with this box. This is the first -A we've gotten in this area, up until now they were all the Xg1-P, according to Comcast, there is no difference in IR codes, but none of the existing drivers are working, even when I build a driver, the codes are hit and miss when controlling the box. Anyone run into any issues with this box? Do i just have a box with a crap IR receiver. Any help would be much appreciated!
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