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  1. I would like to reiterate what others have said about the team at Coolabode. They are incredibly responsive to all of my requests (within hours ... sometimes within minutes including weekends and holidays). Previously I used a local dealer and response times were days if not weeks and I had to pay for home visits (travel time) when they said it was required. As long as you know your C4 components relatively well, I would highly recommend Andrzej and Kyle. They thoroughly reviewed my project, recommended some updates, and their prices are very reasonable. Feel free to DM me with any questi
  2. I'm considering updating my DirecTV system from DVRs to the new HS-17 (Genie 2) with the C61K clients. Does anyone know if new drivers are required or would the drivers for the DirecTV HR54 likely work? My current DVRs are connected via IR bugs. HC-800 controller. Thank you.
  3. I would appreciate suggestions for a good local integrator in the Washington, DC area. I live in MD but am very close to Washington DC and Northern VA. I already have a Control4 system but will be looking to upgrade the system in the near future. I will need a local dealer for that upgrade but most of my other work can be done remotely. I would particularly like to hear from system owners who are happy with their dealer in this area. Please PM me off-line. Thank you.
  4. This is a bit of a strange issue but let me try to explain. I have 4 TVs. 3 connected via Component and 1 via HDMI (through an HMDI extender over Cat 5e and HDMI baluns). In my rack, I have 3 DirecTV DVRs (Sat1, Sat2, Sat3) and 2 Blu Ray players (BluRay1, BluRay2) all connected with both component and HDMI cables. Component goes into a component switch and HDMI goes into an Onkyo receiver. If I'm watching a DirecTV recording (on Sat2 for example) on a component TV with the HDMI TV off, everything is fine. However, when I turn on the HDMI TV (to Sat1 in this example), the Component TV sho
  5. Thank you. If I have multiple DirecTV boxes each using a different HDMI port on the audio receiver, would I need 3 hdmi splitters or can I install one splitter near the TV beyond the HDMI balun? I'm considering the following splitter. I don't think it is autosensing. http://www.monoprice.com/Product?c_id=101&cp_id=10113&cs_id=1011306&p_id=7522&seq=1&format=2
  6. I have the issue described above but I have a mixed configuration. I am still on a Component switch but I also have a direct HDMI connection from my rack to my main TV over CAT 5E (HDMI cables going from the DirecTV box through a audio receiver and a HDMI Balun by my main TV). Because of that setup, I use both the component and HDMI outputs on my DirecTV boxes. Whem my main TV (or audio receiver) in on (via HDMI), I have no issues with the TVs connected through Compoennt. However, when the main TV and receiver are off, the TVs connected via Component display the HDCP error and I can't watc
  7. Does that Model # fit the HC-200 as well? If not, does anyone know the model # for a HC-200 power supply and where to purchase them? Thank you.
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