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  1. Muj has recently helped me fix an IR issue and I cannot thank him enough. He’s extremely patient, knowledgeable, and highly recommended to others. Thanks again Muj!
  2. All of the bindings seem to be done correctly, nothing changed on that end. I’m at a loss, I’ll have to have to my daughter use the TV remote to turn her TV on until I can figure it out.
  3. Thanks, for some reason that didn’t work. I’m going to keep moving it around, and hope to find the sweet spot. The IR bud is flashing and seems to be communicating, but would changing the IR bud out help it?
  4. Does anyone know off hand where the IR bud placement for a Samsung NU7100 TV is? I moved this TV from my office to my daughters room, and now I can’t get the IR placement correct to power the TV on. Yes, I have had the programming changed, and updated in my daughters room to control this TV....it worked briefly, but now it doesn’t, so it seems to be a IR bid placement issue. Thanks in advance, Brian
  5. I just bought one on eBay for $50, it’s used though. He doesn’t have any power cords etc...would that price be too low for you?
  6. Does anyone have an extra C4 balun laying around? Model: Control4 C4-HDBTEB-B I have one somewhere around the house, but I can’t find it. I hate to invest a ton in one since I have one somewhere, but I figured I’d check to see if anyone has an extra they’d like to sell. Thanks in advance, Brian.
  7. I've dealt with this issue for the 4 years I've lived in my home since I built it, and I took it as it was just part of the engraving process. I figured some were engraved better than others, and just dealt with it. I'd love to hear if there is an actual resolution to this, because I'd love for all of our light switches/engravings match.
  8. I know this may be a long shot, but a good friend of mine gave me 2 sets of Lutron blinds that he’s no longer using. They fit our master bedroom, so I wanted to put them to use. He said I would need to get a Lutron Infrared remote in order for them to work. Does anyone have one of those laying around they no longer use, or have one for sale? Thanks in advance. Brian
  9. Price lowered, $55 each or $100 for both.
  10. I'm selling (2) used Control4 Outlet Dimmers that I no longer use in our setup. They are both on the latest software update, and are both in great condition. I'm asking $45 shipped each (OBO), or take both for $80 shipped. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks, Brian
  11. So for the Tp-Link, is the easiest, or only route to integrate is via the Chowmain driver? Just asking in case I buy and have my dealer add to my system, what's the best way to describe to them on what is needed to integrate. Thanks in advance.
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