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  1. I've dealt with this issue for the 4 years I've lived in my home since I built it, and I took it as it was just part of the engraving process. I figured some were engraved better than others, and just dealt with it. I'd love to hear if there is an actual resolution to this, because I'd love for all of our light switches/engravings match.
  2. I know this may be a long shot, but a good friend of mine gave me 2 sets of Lutron blinds that he’s no longer using. They fit our master bedroom, so I wanted to put them to use. He said I would need to get a Lutron Infrared remote in order for them to work. Does anyone have one of those laying around they no longer use, or have one for sale? Thanks in advance. Brian
  3. Price lowered, $55 each or $100 for both.
  4. I'm selling (2) used Control4 Outlet Dimmers that I no longer use in our setup. They are both on the latest software update, and are both in great condition. I'm asking $45 shipped each (OBO), or take both for $80 shipped. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks, Brian
  5. So for the Tp-Link, is the easiest, or only route to integrate is via the Chowmain driver? Just asking in case I buy and have my dealer add to my system, what's the best way to describe to them on what is needed to integrate. Thanks in advance.
  6. @StroTek LLCis in the Houston area I'm pretty sure and I'd bet they'd be willing to help you out. Johann is awesome to work with.
  7. Following, I also have these cameras and have wondered the same.
  8. I'm helping a good friend finish his house that he's building and I told him I'd reach out to some dealers to see what type of prices I could get on some items that we'll be installing. I've listed the items below that we'll be needing. He doesn't have any lights, blinds, etc. right now, but he'd like to mainly have AV control (audio, and video in each zone), and alarm integration. I've listed the items below that I think we will need, please shoot me a PM with any items you may have, or could order. - Control 4 EA3 or EA5 (depends on price difference between the two) - Control 4 SR 260 (2 -3 Total) - Control4 IO Extender - 6-8 In Ceiling Speakers (has 3 zones of audio currently, but may add another pair in one of the zones - he does have high ceilings, so quality speakers would be preferred) - Triad 8 Zone Audio Matrix (he only has 3 zones, so even a C4 4 Zone Audio Matrix would work if anyone still has around) - Triad 8 Zone Amp - HDMI Matrix (only has 3 zones of video, so a 4 zone HDMI matrix would work) I appreciate any help some of you may be in this process. He's looking to move in within the next 1-2 weeks so we're looking to get these items fairly soon if the price is right. Thanks, Brian
  9. I just wanted to say that Prakash helped me out and offered his services to tune up my system up a bit. I've been wanting to add Spotify, Sirius and do a few other simple functions and he was able to offer his remote services right away. If you're looking for someone easy to work with , he's worth the time. Thanks again!
  10. Thank you for the replies, I'll probably need to have someone else read/decipher this and figure out if these options will work for me. You guys are a huge help. I don't have the fibre TV, basically just switching my internet provider, keeping DirecTV, switching from Cox to Windstream Fiber, hopefully.
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