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  1. Backing up the c4 HDD via network without adding another NAS is a good idea. I’d still prefer to keep the 1000 as a music server on the project since it is working perfectly fine.
  2. This is the typical response from C4 dealers I’ve encountered. I am happy with the capabilities of 2.9.1 and have no ambitions of adding any more capabilities. I am able to copy & paste mp3 files via my network connected windows pc onto the HDD in the HC1000. I worry that copying 1000s of songs, artwork, & playlists will inevitably have errors and potentially affect my ability to copy/paste new mp3s via PC as I currently do. Again, if any dealers are comfortable with this process please let me know. TIA
  3. I have a 1000 on my project that I am replacing with an 800 as director. I already had the hardware. Running 2.9.1 ive read on these forums that it is possible to keep the music files on the 1000 while running 800 as Director. The issue is that the dealers ive contacted are telling me that it is not possible without physically removing the HDD from the 1000. And even then they are not confident they know what they’re doing. is there anyone who would be familiar with the process?
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