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  1. I have had a couple of switches fail. I had issues keeping a plug paired. But the main thing is Vera. This is by far the best choice for integrating these GE/Z-Wave switches, but now you have to set everything up in Vera and then integrate it. I was retrofitting a house and I the cost of replacing all the switches at once was a big factor in my decision. If I had it to do over again, I would have not tried to do it all at once and just bought the switches a few at a time and eventually I would have had the house done. I guess you can get anything engraved, but the C4 engraving that I've seen is top notch. We had three areas in the house (and we lived there 4+ years) and we never could remember what switch did what. Would've been perfect for engraved C4 switches. There is another reason if you plan on using Josh's Homebridge appliance so you have homekit compatibility, you have yet another layer and the GE fan controls can be an issue via homekit. Not an issue with C4 directly but if you tell Siri to turn on the fan, it will likely come on at 100%. I have since sold that home. An unexpected plus was that I'm leaving the $100 Vera controller and the GE/Zwave switches and they still have a smart home with automated lights, fans, etc. Right now we are living in our lake cabin, which will likely turn into a guest house. I am going to experiment with Lutron Caseta with a smartbridge pro. This natively supports homekit and Ari says it integrates very well. I'll know first hand in a month or so. If we built tomorrow and I had to decide soon, it would be C4 or Elan. (Know nothing about Elan, but my local dealer, also my brother-in-law, installs a bunch of it around here.)
  2. Thank you. I got a deal on the pro version of the bridge so I'm anxious to see how it works with homekit.
  3. Do you have this integrated into C4? If so, how do you like it?
  4. Nothing scientific. Just seems to me like the very large sum$ for execs means they are leaving. Just my opinion.
  5. Control4 is either "here to stay" or its future is "short term." After reading through my stockholder materials, I'd say if the execs get their big cash payouts, it very well could be a short future. SnapAV acquisition should be getting the dealers' attention -- It sure got mine as a customer/end user. I always assumed I'd put C4 in my new home -- not so much anymore. I'll be doing a lot more homework than I expected. Right now, my immediate decision is whether or not to sell it while it is worth something or hold on to it in hopes that C4 remains a viable company supporting their dealers and customers. I do plan to move it and see how OS3 works and how future Apple integration plays out. I'm hopeful, but not optimistic.
  6. If you have Z-Wave light switches, and you don’t want/can’t use C4 switches, Vera is your best option for integration. Unless something has changed, C4 Z-wave module/dongle doesn’t support Z-wave light switches. I have a house full of cheap GE zwave switches, and thanks to Ari (chopedogg88), they all are well integrated. I wouldn’t do it again, though. Can’t beat native C4 switches/dimmers.
  7. Luckily, I don't want my switches. They are old z-wave. My realtor was familiar and advised that the AV rack would be a bill of sale item and negotiated separately. They get the Vera controller to control the lights, so it is still automated without the AV rack.
  8. THANK YOU. That's it. I'm also having to go back and change the device name and back to the original for it to get the Device ID back. What a pain in the butt.
  9. I'll look into this once I get my Vera lights switches back in C4. Not sure what's going on with them right now, but I can't program off of them.
  10. Am I the only Vera user? I've lost programmatic control of all things Vera. I can't turn a light on or off via programming -- bad timing for this to happen.
  11. Yeah, I don't trust her. If she fired up loud music the show would be over as they'd never figure out how to turn it off.
  12. I sure thought I could program against Vera switch events. I can't get any programming to execute based on Vera light switches. I only have Z-Wave dimmers and binary switches. Can you not program against these?
  13. Just wanted to circle back to this and close out the thread. I created some custom buttons and put an iPad in kiosk mode running the C4 app. "Start Showing" turns on all the lights, starts a playlist, puts a TV on the nav screen and one on now playing, sets the volumes in each zone, and sends me an email that it started. It also arms a motion sensor. They can also choose to "Stop Music" and "Showing complete." "Showing Complete" turns off everything with a delay turning off the entrance lights, disarms the motion sensor and sends me an email. If they don't use the "Showing complete" the motion sensor will do it for them after a lengthy delay of no-motion. Thanks for all the inputs.
  14. Excellent. My realtor is having a professional sign made to put over the entry hall switch. Realtors will use this to "start" and "stop" showing the home. Just added the music, volume settings, and setting up the TVs to the navigation screen. Thanks for the tips.
  15. Thank you. I created some custom buttons but I'm not sure the iPad is reliable enough. I have a light switch in the entrance hall that doesn't appear to do anything so I might use it to "Start" and "Stop" Thanks.
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