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  1. This was the ad at the bottom of this thread for me. Google is watching. 🙃
  2. Following. Gas flow would be nice. I wouldn't mind a 60 minute gas timer, that's rated for indoor use, to keep us from leaving the fire starter burning up our propane.
  3. My dad had a switched lamp plug in his office. I plugged his hotspot/router into that plug and made big labels for the switch: Internet ON and Internet OFF. Worked for years and years. Probably saved them from getting scammed when he started going downhill. HIs wife would just "turn off the Internet" and leave it off.
  4. Can it be power cycled at all? I assumed that if it rebooted a router, it would go offline and you'd only be able to turn it back on manually.
  5. A Kasa can power cycle? Cheap alternative to a Wattbox.
  6. Your dealer might be too expensive? Try shopping another dealer. But I'm not sure you can replace C4 for less money if you require a dealer to maintain the system. Otherwise, before you give up, I'd get a Savant dealer and a Crestron or Elan dealer to give you a quote to replace it. If you want to DIY it, we'd need to know a lot more details about your home and system. How many audio zones, what hardware is driving them? How many TVs with integrated sound and surround? What kind of door locks? How many light switches and keypads? What type of speakers, are they in-wall, in--ceiling, bookshelf, etc?
  7. Although I'm happy with my switch to Lutron, I just have to give a shout out to the Essential line of C4 switches and dimmers. Getting pigtail switches, whether C4 or Lutron, into 3 and 4 gang boxes is a major chore. If I'd stuck with the Essential, I'd be done already.
  8. Push the Envelope, yep. Would be very cool if you can make it work. Auto open/close doors have been around for a long time -- you'd think you could find something in the consumer market by now.
  9. Consider an ADA compliant door closer. They are easier to open and delay closing. Something like this, maybe? https://www.homedepot.com/p/Global-Door-Controls-Commercial-ADA-Slim-Line-Door-Closer-with-Delayed-Action-in-Duronotic-Sizes-1-4-TC411DA-DU/207017621
  10. There is a GE Z-Wave outdoor dongle that I thought was on the z-wave compatible list, if you have z-wave module in a controller. Never used the C4 z-wave, but used them through a Vera hub at my old house. Worked like a champ in very harsh conditions. I also had the electrician add switched eve plugs and the price was a lot cheaper than I expected, which he said was because he had easy access in the attic and I didn't care where the switch was. I think with the switch the whole deal was $200. Very clean look.
  11. I can see that just fine. I would add sources to it, assuming there are external sources for any or all of the AVRs. Any gaming consoles? Roku? AppleTV? etc. And if the AVRs are Denon with HEOS, I'd confirm with Denon/dealer how you can play one AVR source on another AVR via HEOS. (Big question mark over bottom righthand output box.)
  12. Excellent! Be ready and even have a "picture" what you want, even if a sketch on a napkin. Include your budget.
  13. Your PDF shows "unavailable" -- not sure why. ^^^^This.
  14. Nonsense. An EA-1 can "control" multiple zones, regardless of the room. Therefore, an EA-1 can "control" two zones in one room. The title of this thread is "Can EA-1 power two zones?" An EA-1 doesn't "power" anything. It is a controller, with HDMI output for an on screen display. It will also provide one audio stream (from several sources: Spotify Connect, Tidal, etc.) through that HDMI connection.
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