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  1. Last year’s S650H. They have a cheaper $280 model if you don’t need Airplay2. Has Bluetooth.
  2. I have a Ring Pro. Even with the Rapid Ring app it is pretty slow and fails with "Front Door Connection is too weak." Even though my phone and laptop have great connections in the front yard further away, I guess it has a poor antenna. FWIW, I do not have an Arlo doorbell, but have some of the Arlo cameras. They come up twice as fast as the Ring and hold the connection.
  3. Was considering a couple of configurable keypads bedside. (One on each side.) Would probably have 5 engraved buttons. My concern is LED brightness. How does that work? Is it automatic? Having 5 LEDs glowing right by our pillows that don't auto-dim would be two expensive mistakes I'd like to avoid. Thanks.
  4. I left that out of my original post. It is in a storage room in my boathouse. Definitely not cooled. Hot and humid.
  5. Temp was 98*, heat index of 108*F today. Need an amp/receiver than can tolerate this out in the boathouse. Currently have a Denon 3300 AVR working okay in these conditions but not sure how long it will last. Thanks.
  6. I have the exact same problem. Top row works great. Don't use the bottom row at all. They say they'll replace it but I have to find my original receipt -- not going to be easy.
  7. Pioneer VSX-LX303 boasts Sonos integration. Anyone with any experience with this? Really interested in what happens on Sonos with zones 2 and 3? If they are separate Sonos targets, this could be a great deal for me. Seems like a lot of receiver for $500.
  8. If you just want the insurance discount, Ring is the cheapest. $99/year. If you have a Ring doorbell, it's worth it.
  9. Elvis

    Speed is life

    Takes less than 2 seconds if the app is running in the background. If I've been using it, it is almost instant on. If it has been a while, takes a second or two. Much better than it was. If I kill the app, or refresh the navigators, it takes about 10 seconds. I can live with that.
  10. If you keep the original box and contents, there is a pretty decent resale market for anything Apple. You could go ahead and get the 4k ATV now and if they really do offer something groundbreaking in the Fall, you could sell it -- or move it to another TV. Guessing what Apple is going to do is impossible. If you'd told me they were going to move Macs off Intel chips, I'd have put $20 down the they wouldn't... and lost.
  11. Elvis

    Speed is life

    My iOS app takes nearly 10 seconds to start up if I kill it and restart it. Once it is loaded, it is very responsive. If it is running in the background, and has to re-connect to the system, it only takes a couple of seconds. June 4, 2020 release. 320.23.0.371 -- I'll call it up tonight and see if it still re-connects that fast. If it does, this is a major improvement.
  12. Thanks for clarifying. HomeKit integration is all I need so I'm going to give it a try. Don't want a keypad on the door so this will work perfectly, I hope.
  13. This is a deal killer. I understand not knowing if the door is open or closed, but not knowing the state of the lock? That's fundamental. Are you sure it doesn't know its own state?
  14. Thanks Bill. Good info. For what it's worth, we turned off auto-lock on our kwikset Premis for that same reason. It's longest delay was 4 minutes. If you have an AppleTV, you can automate it with HomeKit.
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