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  1. Thanks. I'm going to give it a shot. I don't have much equipment in there.
  2. https://www.acinfinity.com/component-cooling/closet-fan-systems/airframe-t7-white-av-equipment-closet-and-room-fan-system-17-exhaust/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI5buN8b7s7wIVITizAB12KALKEAQYAyABEgLGJvD_BwE#product-warranty Anyone have any experience with these? Thinking about putting one of these, if needed, in the AV closet.
  3. 1. I will have to ask Josh about shipping to Belgium.
  4. Still available. Selling it because I put Lutron lighting in my new home.
  5. I would like to use color changing (like Hue) flood lights outside. I have a Hue hub, but I was surprised that they don't offer anything but white floods. I would like it to be either HomeKit or Control4 compatible. I'm in the US. Thanks.
  6. https://customer.control4.com/account/system You might own it already. Check here first. Scroll down and look under COMPOSER HOME EDITION | PC If you see a license key here, you own it. Just download it and install it. Use the license key to register it.
  7. It worked perfectly for me. I recommend not setting it up until your system is 100% complete, at least as far as what you want to bring over into Homekit. It is so easy, makes one wonder why C4 doesn't integrate it. Of course it is $ related, but I've got some cheap plugs that are HomeKit compatible and the parent company can afford it.
  8. Here the consumer won't stand for it if the price of electricity doesn't fall in line with natural gas. We'll see how far the new administration is willing to go, but this would be a huge hit on their constituency's pocket book.
  9. "It depends." Most homes here in Texas are built with single unit AC/Heat Pumps with Natural Gas or LP augmentation for heat in the northern half of the state. Nicer two story homes have two units like you describe. One thermostat per unit. And that is my current setup. I have an upstairs and downstairs unit controlled by Ecobee 3 Lite thermostats. Each thermostat has 2 or 3 smart sensors. Each bedroom has a smart sensor. Each thermostat is located in the central/primary living areas (up and downstairs). We added one more that move between the office and sunroom, depending on the season.
  10. Bryant Evolution. Not exactly the same, but very close. It monitors temperature change rates, back pressure on zones, changes to one zone when another zone changes and effectiveness of speed vs. temperature control per zone. The kids visiting complained that the new A/C was so loud it woke them up. Their next visit, they thought I had gotten a new A/C or had it fixed. The unit itself eventually turned down the speed when feeding that zone. The main Evolution thermostat is WiFi and looks just like the Carrier version. The zone thermostats, however, are very "industrial" looking and no
  11. Have you tried the Bryant SAM drivers? I moved before integrating mine so I don't have first hand knowledge, but the SAMs are almost, if not completely identical. In my case, I'm glad I did not dumb it down with a different thermostat. It really did "learn" and adapt as we used it and became the most efficient summer A/C we've ever owned.
  12. Great idea. Our dishwasher signal is inaudible as well, and we always end up opening it to load and find a clean batch still inside. I wonder if an Eve energy monitoring plug has alerts that are programmable. Got one on the way that is delayed in the holiday shipping crush.
  13. We have the Sony Z9F soundbar in our family room. The room is downstairs and very open so it is never going to be a home theater with a full speaker setup. I just heard a demo of this thing while out shopping and the guy was demoing Atmos. It was incredible. Mine, is just eh. The assistant in the showroom was not the expert and the guy doing the demo was making the sale of the year so I didn't want to bug him and ran out of time. His assistant did say, it's hooked up to an Apple 4k TV which puts out Atmos. We use the trailer from The Mandolorian to test things out. So the soundbar only ha
  14. @elee532 You drag these actions to the center window.
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