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  1. Luckily, I don't want my switches. They are old z-wave. My realtor was familiar and advised that the AV rack would be a bill of sale item and negotiated separately. They get the Vera controller to control the lights, so it is still automated without the AV rack.
  2. THANK YOU. That's it. I'm also having to go back and change the device name and back to the original for it to get the Device ID back. What a pain in the butt.
  3. I'll look into this once I get my Vera lights switches back in C4. Not sure what's going on with them right now, but I can't program off of them.
  4. Am I the only Vera user? I've lost programmatic control of all things Vera. I can't turn a light on or off via programming -- bad timing for this to happen.
  5. Yeah, I don't trust her. If she fired up loud music the show would be over as they'd never figure out how to turn it off.
  6. I sure thought I could program against Vera switch events. I can't get any programming to execute based on Vera light switches. I only have Z-Wave dimmers and binary switches. Can you not program against these?
  7. Just wanted to circle back to this and close out the thread. I created some custom buttons and put an iPad in kiosk mode running the C4 app. "Start Showing" turns on all the lights, starts a playlist, puts a TV on the nav screen and one on now playing, sets the volumes in each zone, and sends me an email that it started. It also arms a motion sensor. They can also choose to "Stop Music" and "Showing complete." "Showing Complete" turns off everything with a delay turning off the entrance lights, disarms the motion sensor and sends me an email. If they don't use the "Showing complete" the motion sensor will do it for them after a lengthy delay of no-motion. Thanks for all the inputs.
  8. Excellent. My realtor is having a professional sign made to put over the entry hall switch. Realtors will use this to "start" and "stop" showing the home. Just added the music, volume settings, and setting up the TVs to the navigation screen. Thanks for the tips.
  9. Thank you. I created some custom buttons but I'm not sure the iPad is reliable enough. I have a light switch in the entrance hall that doesn't appear to do anything so I might use it to "Start" and "Stop" Thanks.
  10. I think you misunderstood my original post. My intent was to get ideas on how to USE Control4 to help sell the HOME, not to help sell Control4. They can buy the Control4 system separately if they want, but that's doubtful. Lots of this is I don't even understand what you mean, Gary. I'm in Texas, not the UK. Translate it to redneck and maybe I'll understand. I will get with my dealer or @chopedogg88 (Ari is super-responsive, local dealer, meh) and see if he can help. "A single button" I assume means on an iPad or a physic button? Appreciate all the tips.
  11. Looks like our last home isn't. We are prepping the home for sale. I'm looking for ideas how to use the Control4/automation to help sell the house. I'm not looking for how to sell the Control4. We are in Kerrville, Texas. A retirement city of 22,000 in the Texas hill country an hour northwest of San Antonio. We have a 50/50 chance that the prospective buyer will like and be interested in the "smart home" marketing hype. I'm just not sure how to play it up, since we won't be here to demo it unless a potential buyer requests it. I plan to use a couple of my motions sensors to turn on the lights. I also plan on dedicating an iPad to running the C4 app and placing it near the realtors sales materials. We only have two televisions: Family Room and Master Bedroom. I considered running a slideshow or movie in each. We often play a fairly quiet piano playlist and we thought about turning that on to showcase the whole home audio. Any additional or better ideas? I'm also considering conveying the televisions. By the time I need them in a new home, they'll be out of date. Of course, I'm conveying the in-wall/in-ceiling speakers. Realtor also suggested I leave my Definitive Tech speakers that are stand-alone. The center is on a floating/invisible shelf and the fronts are wired through the wall, so it is a pretty clean install. I just thought it might be worth replacing them with in-wall speakers to void having the rather large towers and center speaker. Not sure here. Realtor suggested selling the A/V rack as an optional, bill of sale item. I'll probably do that as the lights are all controlled via Vera drivers. I can just leave the Vera behind and the house is still automated without C4. I'm taking my networking hardware as it is new and you can't see any of it from the front of the rack. We don't have any touchpads, and I'm not sure how many Echo devices I will leave. The iPad will really be our first touch device other than our phones. So I've never exploited this and not even sure what all we could do with it. We eventually will have a touch screen Sony all-in-one PC setup on the kitchen desk (central and tied to family room). If have time, I considered making it a kiosk and other than showing off features of the home it could also demo the home automation. But then again, it has to work or it becomes a real detractor. Thanks for any advice and ideas.
  12. There is a big difference between DIRECTV and Dish with this. DIRECTV has 30 second fast forward. It is not instantaneous and you see the picture during the 30 second "skip." I programmed the 3 "dot" buttons on my C4 remote for 1 minute skip, 2 minute, and 3 minute skip. This works pretty well, but it is not nearly as efficient as Dish. You hit the skip forward button on Dish and it happens almost instantly. The only downside is when you go too far. With DIRECTV, you might see the game or show come back on and you can interrupt the skip by hitting play at anytime. Overall, I much prefer the instant skip forward of Dish.
  13. Way over my head there. Headed to google.
  14. That's what I do now, and I think that'll be the way I continue. I didn't realize the dealer had to do so much to make the OVRC Home work. Thank you.
  15. Yeah, the 3 port is all I need. Is the product tied to the dealer that sells it to me? Thanks for all the other answers, too.
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