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  1. True that. Thinking of replacing for MOIP. Any issues with that system?
  2. I have had 2 Control4 LU1E fail, both were using IR, is this a point of failure?
  3. Exactly...then run the audio back to the rack for the speakers. Apple's fault for trying to tie up the everything around their system...On the bright side, apple fitness is actually pretty good
  4. I have been trying to figure this out for a while. I have the set updescribed, latest ATV in rack to Leaf 8x8 and I cannot get Apple fitness to start unless I walk over to the rack with my apple watch, otherwise no bueno...Thanks Apple!
  5. To answer my own post. Was using safari and chrome on a Mac. Used Firefox and was able to get in. Hope that helps someone...
  6. Getting an invalid certificate error when trying to loginto the webUI of the doorstation2. Even Ovrc gets same error. Any ideas how to get into the device?
  7. DM me. I can do snap. Not control4
  8. My thoughts exactly Cy. A small amp behind the TV is usually how I go with these set ups. The non-powered sound bars have much better sound
  9. I think we all have! Ditto, pulled for the new version
  10. Triad makes amazing ones. Also not cheap but amazing sound. https://triadspeakers.com/product-tag/soundbars/
  11. How much for switch and 260 remotes?
  12. you can buy used, but still need dealer to install...
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