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  1. Will this support the new AppleTv being sold starting april 30?
  2. The HDA system looks awesome...how much is the 8x8 in US?
  3. Leafs require calibration with new sources. That is with Composer Pro. There are action buttons to reset and set calibration. Power button just turns it on....or am I missing something?
  4. So to calibrate you turn on all your sources and receivers...how do you do this when sources outnumber TV's??? Thanks!
  5. There was a driver. Can’t remember off the top of my head
  6. I could t figure out a way and had to use IR...other issue is it has auto off so needed to use a trigger to first turn box on
  7. Some more testing reveals that if I use a HDMI audio extractor this works...Since the hopper3 and 4k Joeys have both TosLink and RCA stereo outputs, why can't I force control4 to use those for the rooms the have speakers in ceiling and no AVR??? Or am I doing something totally wrong? I have tried (on video source switch to hopper3) in only rooms with ceiling speakers with this issue, force the input of audio matrix to the stereo cables (or toslink cable) to audio matrix from Hopper3 (not video matrix with downmixing) to output to speakers...doesn't help...only works with HDMI audio extrac
  8. Just installed Dish Hopper3 and 4kJoeys. All is working fine for video and control through Leaf 8x8, C4 Triad audio matrix and amps. Have several ways audio comes from tv's in the house and the audio works fine in 2 out of 3 methods: 1. WORKS = 2xTV with sonos arc sounds bars 2. WORKS = 2xTV with AVR hooked up to video matrix 3. Only sound from one speaker in stereo pair = 3 rooms with sound from triad audio matrix and amp, TV has no speakers The rooms with option #3 all work fine for all other sources (video and audio). The Hopper3 and 4k joeys are set up for audio = Dolby
  9. did you ever figure this out? I only get one channel of sound from all my Dish Hopper3 and 3 joeys...everything else (other sources, speakers, music etc) all come out in stereo from speakers. The hopper3/joeys to AVR gives dolby audio. Dish hopper etc set to dolby YES. I cannot figure out why I only get one channel of sound in the rooms with ceiling speakers and not using tv speakers (those rooms work fine)...any suggestions?? Thanks
  10. Agree, unleashed works great and easy to remote program.
  11. Trying to decide between directTV or Dish (in US) that works best with control4? Thanks Peter
  12. Love ruckus. Bullet proof. Pulled out araknis AP
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