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  1. Unleashed is all you need...don’t need anything else. Very easy to set up and manage remotely Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I switched out araknis for ruckus 710 and two ruckus 610. Amazing difference. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. The iPhone app? My Ovrc pro is at 1.14 on iPhone.
  4. Try pulling plug on matrix and amp to see if it is simply an Ip issue. Works for me. I even had to make a button to reset matrix and amp since it happens so often through the Wattbox.
  5. Welcome to the world of Control4. You can get ComposerHE that allows you to do some programming. You cannot add drivers or change bindings (need Pro for that). My last dealer (who went bankrupt and is in jail now for drugs) is still a control4 dealer but non-dealers are not able to get Pro. He was selling Pro access so I had it for a while and even took all the courses on the dealer site and learned a lot from the dealer forums. Amazing what the system can do when you have Pro. The things I added to my house were awesome. Even subsequent dealers asked how I did some of the programming. I hope the upgrades are slow because the new CA law removed my ability to upgrade. oh well still love control4 and no other system works as well or is as programmable. i live in Cleveland and we have no dealers that are good. I have had to use remote dealers from this site who are great and reasonable. But say you want to change the hdmi of your Apple TV. It takes a millisecond to change the bindings on Pro. It is impossible with HE. Again, Welcome to Control4. You have to use a dealer. Anyone need a trained tech on their staff PM me!
  6. Moen is automatic, leak smart requires a sensor to notice something so if your leak is in a wall, or in the attic, it will do nothing until a sensor detects water. Moen "learns" your different faucets, washing machines, etc and then watches for changes. It is similar to the Sense device for electricty. When it detects and abnormal increase in flow that does not alter, it turns off the water.
  7. Get the Moen Flo....unlike the leak smart, it monitors your water and if it detects a leak automatically turns off the water. DO not needs detectors under every sink etc.
  8. Yes. Works well. Easier than using pushover which is how I did this before.
  9. in terms of control for the colors, nothing beats the DMX solution. Fast, flicker free color changes
  10. need both power and ground, can use any 2 wire for white and 4 wire for RGBW. Can even run them out of transformer in parallel as long as you have enough power in it.
  11. Ryan's comment is how we do it. Just get a more powerful transformer and run as many wires as you need with the strip to power the next 5M, This leads to way more uniform lighting.
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