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  1. I wish I knew. I have a different MAC for other reasons. So I guess try that but not sure why that would mess up registration
  2. Using Windows 10, Pro 2.10.6 and Parallels on Macbook Pro just fine Likely an issue with Windows MAC address in parallels or the network sharing. I had this issue once, changed some setting and it registered fine.
  3. the correct title would be "is here" not "is there" but who cares, the driver rocks! support rocks! Just can't figure out how to update the POS Engineering Solutions DecaBox to work with the new driver because now i am in limbo with a box the legacy driver doesn't recognize (wrong baud rate, that driver worked fine), and the new driver recognizes but correctly notes the firmware is incompatible, so neither work now. Wifey is NOT happy. Wants me to pull all the RGB strips and replace with white strips!! ugh Wish ES support was as good as jackstone! May need to just buy a new ES box and be done with it
  4. Same here...7/9 cameras load quickly into thumbnails (that load really fast [nice]), none will load full screen (spinning thing) Latest 2.10.6 on director, luma NVR with wirepath cameras (all latest firmware) - restarted cameras and NVR...works in luma app
  5. What is the thinnest bezel tv to make a video wall? And for kicks and giggles: JAP vs VS vs Snap to drive it? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. When I get a chance to install will let you know what the documentation says Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. There is a new M1 driver from Elk (not yet approved by C4) but u can download from Elk Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Agree totally, found out the hard way (I have the light version so I cannot even fix the damn audio sync delay). Going to have to scrap the system and go JAP but waiting for that to be updated before pulling trigger. Right now Altona video over IP is the only one with the latest standards. JAP appears to be the best in terms of mixing resolutions. In terms of cost, it is way more than 10x10 if all 20 spots used. But, any additional TV or sources are just another box not another matrix.
  9. From the dealer set up guide: The Extended Display Identification Data (EDID) of sinks (TVs, Display Panels, etc.) attached to the zones are merged and presented to sources. The calibration process gathers the EDID and HDCP information from all connected sink devices and pre-calculates the merged EDID So lowest common denominator. If you want a source and display to lock (for say HDR or 3D) you can do that put then that source cannot be used for another display until released by the locked zone (A source can be locked to a particular zone. The exclusive source selection feature enables enhanced features, such as multichannel audio, 4K, and 3D. In this mode the system’s merged EDID for this connection is overridden and the specific EDID for the zone is passed through to the source. A typical example would be switching a 3D-capable zone to a 3D-capable source in instances where not all zones in the system can support 3D) To set up you could try Group EDID Management with Advanced Group Locks for all 4K HDR devices...but again there would be issues with switching to non-HDR displays
  10. Applies to both sides: input and ouput. Yes the entire system dumbs down to the lowest resolution device.
  11. Unfortunately yes. Had I known this I would never have gotten the matrix and went with JAP. I had to upgrade one TV to 4K and switch from cable TV (not 4k in my area) to Direct TV to get 4K output on all my screens.
  12. did you calibrate it? It will default to the LOWEST resolution device connected to the matrix (not highest). So if only one device is HDR then it will default to a lower resolution 4K
  13. cool driver, I will test it out, thanks!
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