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  1. PM with prices, thanks
  2. it is crazy that no one has made a driver to make this easy. Your method is how I did it (Macros for colors I use, then one macro with if/thens to decide what colors should be)
  3. Want some motion sensors for the eaves around doors. Any that are weather resistant?
  4. I just ordered the black wire one to test. Will let you know
  5. The control4 8 zone amp in our system has now failed a third time (all red lights on front). It is hooked to a UPS with line regulation since the first time it happened they said it was due to power fluctuation. This is the third one that has failed and so I am not getting another. What would people recommend for replacement? Any dealers please PM with quotes.Thanks
  6. He is asking is the Apple TYV hooked up to the Matrix or directly to the TV...If it is to the TV C4 has nothing to do with it...if to the matrix, the matrix will dumbdown to the lowest common denominator. So if any of your sources or TV's are not 4K then you will have to zone lock the TV and appleTV to 4k
  7. For me it was always crappy amp. After two failed got triad which also failed. On fourth C4 amp.
  8. New Amp. Happened twice to me and both times needed to be replaced
  9. 3 amps 1 audio matrix 1 leaf 6x6 no other rack items have failed...common denominator = C4. But too invested to switch out
  10. I have had two of the previous gen C4 Amps and one triad fail in my own house. So I would say their quality control blows. Sucks for something that expensive
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