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  1. Found it - Relay Garage Door Controller (OS 2.9+)...nice...thanks
  2. Matt your statement made me think the driver may have been messed up. Deleted and but another one in and rebound. Works!! Duh...sometimes the easiest solutions works the best. Thanks
  3. Icon changes correctly when garage door closes (as in it disappears). I can add a generic garage door sensor and bind the contact sensor to the same Elk zone and that correctly shows sensor state, but the programming is ugly. Was wondering if there was an easier way using the above driver.
  4. This is how the garage door is bound. Cannot program off the contact state, only the relay state PK
  5. My installer wired the two garage doors directly with relays over cat5 from the overhead doors to my EA5. SO I can open and close the garage doors via C4. But, we don't know if the doors are open or closed. I noticed that I have these which should be able to tell status but I think they are part of the security system (see pictures) which is also integrated into C4 (Elk M1 Gold). Any way to use the sensors to connect with C4 to be able to tell the system if the garage doors are open or closed and program off of it (eg. close doors if they are open at night).
  6. in the mocuppancy driver check under actions if it is running or not...this will simulate a house being lived in and can turn lights on and off at random times
  7. Double check that a moccupancy is not running
  8. What tool do you use to terminate?
  9. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B075GK17MR/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 PK
  10. Set a countdown timer. When timer hits zero it turns of light. When light turned on or is dimmed up or down or resets timer
  11. Bringing back the thread...I had to reset my iOS and when I try to re-establish the connection between Apple TV and EA5, I get an "accessory not found" in the iOS Home app for the bridge. I have set up AppleTV correctly, The Airplay is in a room (appleTV shows up in Rack in IOS Home app). Tried deleting and replacing the Apple TV (Gen 4 and 4K)[IP] driver, but nothing works to get C4 to see the AppleTV. Can control fine with iOS Remote App. Any suggestions? Thanks
  12. I get a small picture but no big one. Any ideas? Using the port 80, all API are none.
  13. When I do this (which is awesome BTW) I get a little thumbnail image in the iOS notification of the doorstation picture, not a big one like your example. When you click on it the C4 app opens and still no big picture. Any suggestions would be great! Thanks
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