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  1. Bringing back the thread...I had to reset my iOS and when I try to re-establish the connection between Apple TV and EA5, I get an "accessory not found" in the iOS Home app for the bridge. I have set up AppleTV correctly, The Airplay is in a room (appleTV shows up in Rack in IOS Home app). Tried deleting and replacing the Apple TV (Gen 4 and 4K)[IP] driver, but nothing works to get C4 to see the AppleTV. Can control fine with iOS Remote App. Any suggestions? Thanks
  2. I get a small picture but no big one. Any ideas? Using the port 80, all API are none.
  3. When I do this (which is awesome BTW) I get a little thumbnail image in the iOS notification of the doorstation picture, not a big one like your example. When you click on it the C4 app opens and still no big picture. Any suggestions would be great! Thanks
  4. It takes considerably longer to load than older app. And has to sync almost every time. Old app sync way less frequently.
  5. Hate my luma system. It is basically rebranded Hikvision which is ten times cheaper. The iPhone app is the same. The crappy windows or Mac control app is the same. Luma is behind in software updates, camera updates etc vs hik. So get hik if you want luma. I wouldn’t do either if I were to start over. If you still want to do it I can give you a really cheap offer on my luma 500 dvr system and 9 cameras!
  6. Your router should list the DHCP reservations. The network connections would be found in composer pro so only a dealer could tell you. Best way to handle this is to make a static reservation (so the TV never changes IP) and program that into the the director. That would prevent this from happening if router resets for some reason. Dealer can do this remotely so no need to come out (if this is the issue).
  7. Requires a program that dealer can download. But everything is still there...did you press the C4 button in the top left?
  8. Or a Boolean variable that is set to true of room is ON and false if OFF. Then every schedule call or tv on call would first check Boolean. If OFF nothing happens.
  9. Loads faster on first connection or resync. But every time after that it takes 2-5 seconds to load from access of app. Same on iPad. Makes you have to buy touchscreen 😉 smart
  10. My old touchscreens too. Had to remove them from project but now work outside project ?! Was selling them on eBay. Cancelled sale.
  11. Unfortunately not...version 4?
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