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  1. PHAST - wasn't that Control4 before it became Control4 and it sucked so bad they dissolved and came back with Control4? PHAST, wow...blast to the past!! Being almost 60, I remember when this came out. lol...thanks for the trip down memory lane.
  2. Not that I could find online. But, Just look on Google before Kevin L. bans them (google). Thats how I get my information, as I am just a end user, as my profile says. I have no knowledge of inner workings at Control4 or now Snap AV? Or 4 Snap? or Snap 4 Control?
  3. Kevin L, ever heard of the word Petty? - Maybe they shouldn't spread the news so it's easy to find on google...maybe you should ban google? Thats probably the best move. Yeah, ban Google...SMH.
  4. This thread is like Instagram comments with all the assumptions lol. Sale isn't final - in the contract there is a 30 day opening to allow a bigger bid to come in and mess this deal up. All this means is, better integration products and Control4 may be available at Voluetone for Control4 dealers - it will not be an open market for trunk slammers
  5. Sounds like it is just going to be a GUI overhaul. More customization and 4K GUI. Cannot have any HC250's in the project to use 3.0 - None, Zero. HC800 with work but the Navigator will not produce any GUI or image - be out this month - a week or two. Bye!
  6. Yeah, you can do it. Under > Tracked Items > just select the shades and light loads you want....
  7. We've done Lilin with ICRealTime and Lilin with HikVision and ofcourse, Lilin with the DS2 ICRealTime Cameras > Did with ONVIF HikVision Cameras > IP or ONVIF ... Cant remember DS2 > RTSP
  8. • You MUST add the Lutron HomeWorks QS Processor Driver to Control4 BEFORE you add shades, blinds drivers. • If you do not have the Lutron drivers, you can download them from Control4.com > Drivers or Houselogix.com • Add > Lutron Shade/Blind Driver into Control4, within the room that shade is located. • Driver Name: LutronHomeWorksQS Shade (2.9+) • Driver File: control4_blind_hwqs_lutron_shade.c4z • Proxy File: blind.c4i • All Shades, blinds or light drivers will automatically bind to the HWQS process. • Connections Tab > Lutron HomeWorks QS Processor > Enter: The Processors Static IP Address • System Design > Room > Shade/Blind > Properties > Shade ID > Enter Shade Integration ID # from Lutron Software here. Lutron: • Select > Reports > Select > Configure Integration • Select > Tel Net Logins • Username: i thinnk it lutron or Jetski...just look in the software - Password: lutron or something - just look in the software • This will be used in Control4 > System Design > Lutron Homeworks QS Processor Driver > Properties > Network Username >Network Password • Select > Reports > Integration > Select The Integration Tab • Scroll to Shade Name > The ID Number (Right Hand Side) Needs to be entered into Composer • System Design > Room > Shade > Properties > Device ID • Sometimes it is a value + or – from the actual Lutron report. This process needs to be don’t for each shade that you are integrating. that just costed you 200$
  9. Can you program Apple TV to go straight to HBO Go or Netflix? No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. There are no channels
  10. it's programmed using the hospitality version of Composer. We used it on all hotels.
  11. yes...you need to buy the blue tooth piece from 2N.
  12. You can send Video Calls from the DS2 to any iOS or Android device and have been able to since it basically came out. I hated the DS2 (as a lot of people did/do). Hated it more when they failed on the "Intercom Anywhere". Hated it even more when we pushed 2.10 onto our systems. Hated them even more when we pushed 2.10.1 to our systems when we had a script written to fix the bug on 2.10 but then no one told us to delete the script. But after really diving into the DS2 I discovered that this devices is awesome. Verbal Announcements from the DS2 speaker based off of triggered States. The Fingerprint Lock/unlock and blue tooth lock/unlock features and add-ons are awesome!! The video calls to the phones is nice as well. 2-way communication, see the live feed and capable of unlocking the gate or doors through the cell phone (non-C4 App) is nice as well. Housekeeper needs to get in: She types code in...it video calls my cell...then unlocks the gate...I have the door strike to trigger off of her code but there is a 20 second delay before it opens so I can make sure it's her and just her. If I only took the time to really look at the Web UI when it first came out, could have calmed down a lot of customers... The App is subscription based though...but, whatever, doesn't break the bank. since C4 is dragging it's feet...This app is the next best thing.
  13. This has more than likely been discovered and talked about on here, however. . . The DS2's can send video calls to not only touch screens but also to iPhones, iPads or any Android based phones or tablets all at the same time. It wont call your Control4 mobile app but it will call a different app. You can even call the DS2 and view the live feed from your phone, along with unlocking a door strike that is wired to the DS2. Works good, I dig it. You get a 30 subscription free to try it out on unlimited devices. but it is a subscription paid app (yearly) and you have to pay per device...something around 4$ a device. Not ideal of course but, hey...why C4 drags its feet...2N Mobile View App (2N is the company who manufactures the DS2 for Control4, they just brand it really). The DS2 is awesome...Love how you can have the DS2 announce verbal messages off of STATES or if the Call is ended or not answered to let guest know the gate is open or to tell the UPS guy to leave the package....the blue tooth feature is cool but I like using my fingerprint to unlock the door. Once I really learned all the door station could do...awesome piece of gear.
  14. Not sure if this has come up or not, or if anyone cares. However, If you are working with Lilin IP Cameras and have a corresponding Lilin NVR (updated to newest firmware), you can stream through RTSP, the Control4 DS2 Camera to the Lilin NVR. This gives you recording capabilities of the DS2 Camera. It's pretty cool, especially if you have 2,3,4...DS2's in a project. Thanks!
  15. This may be off topic but, I have experienced delay with Sonos going into the C4 Matrix and then the amp compared to zones that are using a AVR...If you pipe the Sonos into the HC800's Audio In and use the Two Outputs of the HC800 (Output #1 into Matrix and Output #2 in the AVR) and there hasn't been any syncing issues. Just my 2 cents.
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