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  1. Since Josh.ai pricing isn't posted on their website, I'm sure I am not really authorized to post their pricing publicly. Its possible, pricing varies per territory or country as well. However, they give their dealers full autonomy in pricing to the end users. I will say, my full unlimited license sells for $1200 annually which isn't very expensive when you look at the support you get. Roll that into the annual service contract you provide the client and you have a pretty maintenance free scenario. Obviously, the pricing is cheaper when grouped into longer periods or smaller projects.
  2. None of the Josh licenses are $14,000. Even a lifetime unlimited rooms license. A few quirks? Do a quick google search on the vulnerabilities and privacy concerns. Plus, ask some of our clients if they really enjoy using Alexa. I bet not one of them would even consider using Alexa as a primary control interface. At best, its a gimmick that works sometimes and frustrating at others. Josh.ai works and clients love how easy it is to communicate with it. It is solid enough to be a primary control interface so I don't need touch panels everywhere which designers love. It's not for everyone, I get it. I don't make financial decisions for my clients though. Just because I might find something expensive personally, doesn't mean one of my clients won't value the benefits of a secure voice control system that works. When you start removing touch panels and do the math, all of a sudden the license costs aren't that bad. Plus, at 50 points, dealers are free to sell those at whatever price they want.
  3. I did a regular super bright LED TV in a recessed pocket in the wall mounted on a flat bracket that was pushed out slightly to allow the face of the TV to sit right at the face of the wall. Then, I had a local mirror company make a frame with a piece of two way mirror glass in it. This was mounted on the wall in front of the recessed pocket. We did a stand off so there was a gap of about 1/4" to allow for hot air to escape from the recessed pocket and I opened vents in the top of the recessed pocket. The TV was painted black and the pocked was painted black. From the front, it just looked like a framed mirror on the wall. When the TV came on, you could see it clearly thru the glass. Sound was tied into the ceiling speakers thru sonos and IR worked thru the mirror glass. Overall, it worked out well. I told the client that the TV would likely die faster given the brightness and contrast was cranked up but since the TV was only a few hundred and the mirror was only a few hundred, they didn't care. Total all in cost was under $1000 for a 43" TV. Obviously, overhead lighting has to be dimmed or turned off to reduce glare. This wasn't a primary TV but more for news etc.
  4. Check out JOSH.ai for voice control. The system knows where you are and allows you to speak normally, give multiple commands and without mentioning location. Multiple JOSH units are able to determine who is supposed to be listening. Plus, way more security and privacy. Full integration with Control4 as well. There are some great videos on their site and on youtube.
  5. In terms of quality and cost of ownership, I would do Lutron all day long. Most Lutron dealers go beyond the standard warranty and offer a lifetime warranty on the motors for all wired shades. Super quiet, hem bar alignment and overbuilt. Easy to set up, especially when you're using Millson brackets. Full integration with Control4, Josh ai etc. When you decide to add lighting, you simply expand the system and add Lutron wireless devices. Very wide roller tubes for large windows and very small foot print for inside mount. If you do Lutron Triathlon battery shades, same build quality plus long battery life. Buy once and forget about it. No brainer if you ask me.
  6. Anyone have any info on the new upcoming handheld remote? Supposedly its around $600 or $700 dollars and due to be released within the next few weeks. Spy photos? Specs?
  7. If you haven't done it already, delete the control4 system out of the app and add it back in again from the beginning. Its possible the IP address stored doesn't match anymore. Another thing to check is that you have a verified email address. If you go into my.control4, make sure your email is shown as verified. I've seen both of those cause the issue you described.
  8. Yup. Tried the usual reboot first. I never lost power. No brown out or anything. Literally, the lights just turned off everywhere.
  9. Sitting at home the other day, all of a sudden all lights in the house went off. Nobody home but me and no changes made to my system. No button presses initiated. Confirmed no power cycles or loss of power to anything. I looked at the wall dimmers and no lights on. I then walked up to the dimmer in the room and turned it on and the lights in the room came on. I walked around the house, and half the light switches, dimmers or keypads had no blue lights on anymore. However, they all still functioned and lights and scenes still worked. I started pushing in the gap switches to power cycle the dimmers and switches which seemed to bring the blue LED lights back on. For keypads, no luck. I logged into Composer 2.10 and tried changing the colors from Blue to Red and back again to see if that triggers anything. Nothing. I did the same in lighting agents. Still nada on the keypads. I have an EA3 running zigbee for almost a year without issue. Currently running 2.10. Devices are KD120's and KC120's. Dimmers and switches seem to be back to normal with a power cycle of the devices. Thoughts? Just another C4 "bug"?
  10. Make sure the Control4 app is the latest version. Delete your system out of the app by selecting the edit option and go the bottom for delete. Make sure the ipad is on the correct WiFi network. Start by adding a new system and make sure the email address and password used match your account settings. Go to my.control.com and select owners and try signing in to verify your account information. The web log in and app log in will match.
  11. The built in audio matrix on these units is a fully independent audio matrix switch. Audio picked up from the source via HDMI is passed thru the HDBaseT exactly as picked up and sent directly to the TV. That same audio can be distributed out of the built in RCA outputs, however, those outputs will only pass thru stereo PCM. If the source happens to be sending dolby digital only or similar, no audio will come out of the analog output. So, for example, if all sources only go in HDMI and you're using the analog outputs to send audio to the matrix/ amp that runs the ceiling speakers in the room, its possible audio will drop out from time to time depending on what you're watching. You will also need analog audio extractors on sources such as Apple TV or Amazon fire etc that don't offer stereo PCM output in order to get any sound thru the speakers for those sources. The downmixing version of these HDMI matrix units handle the extraction automatically and are capable of sending dolby and other digital audio via HDMI to the TV's while sending analog out of the built in audio matrix.
  12. Or like in my case, extended logs turned on that malfunctioned and continue to eat up all available memory.
  13. Is it possible this is simply a wired zigbee antenna or repeater? The serial connection wouldn't be needed however unless its there for updates. Using the EA1 as zigbee repeaters/ antennas has always been a waste if you don't need the IR connections etc and they are also only black, so mounting locations have been limited. Something like this, small and white with a price point of say $249 or $349 would be nice for larger homes that need remote antennas.
  14. I sent my wife to C4 training in Utah last year so she could have a better understanding of what I do. She had zero experience in low voltage or automation, however she is one smart lady. She breezed through without any issues. When she came back, she immediately logged into our demo system and started modifying and updating. Within a few weeks she was programming lighting scenes and setting up agents with an occasional question or two. I ended up sending her to clients homes to handle add on's and lighting. She was pretty good just before she quit cause she said I'm an A-Hole to work for
  15. Just received this from Sonos officially ending the third party integration via non endorsed drivers. Read correctly, this means any systems that haven’t been updated with endorsed drivers are going to stop working I assume. ” Unsupported UPnP Sonos Integrations At the end of January, we have a regular Sonos software update to bring new features (like Sonos App enhancements based on feedback) and to implement minor bug fixes. This update also includes small changes that continue to keep the Sonos system secure for our customers. Inadvertently this update will impact experiences built using unsupportedUPnP integrations, more specifically the ability to search and play music from streaming services. We understand that this change will impact your existing or in progress jobs, and ultimately the experience our shared customers using an unsupported integration will have with how their music will integrate with their home control system. We’re proactively communicating this update with you in hopes to help impacted customers prior to the release. Preventing scenarios like these are a key driver for us to create a scalable and sustainable Sonos platform (Endorsed and Certified partners) where we can work closely with partners to build secure experiences for customers using Sonos APIs. Integrations built on our platform are tested to ensure long-term reliability, which is not currently possible with unsupported UPnP integrations. The result is that you and your customers can have confidence that the integrations they choose to use with Sonos will continue to deliver the best and most reliable experience. The Specifics: If you are a Control4 dealer and are still using the unsupported legacy UPnP driver, you should now move customers over to the endorsed driver. Control4 will also be communicating this news with all of their dealers today as well. This update will not impact any endorsed or certified partner experiences built on the Sonos platform, which are offered by Control4 with their endorsed driver, Crestron, iPort, Lutron, Savant Wink, and more. All customer’s Sonos speakers and systems will continue to work and can be controlled using the Sonos App, voice, or the desktop controller. Up until the introduction of the Endorsed Partner Program in 2016, any third-party Sonos integration was always unsupported by us. We hope you understand why the only way to integrate Sonos is by working with those third-party partners that are on the Sonos platform. We’ll continue to update you as additional partners come to the platform, including some of the larger partners in the home automation space that are already building new experiences to be available to you and your customers. Sincerely, Your Sonos Team”
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