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  1. Schlage Z-wave comes from the factory with only a 30 second option and as far as I can tell, that’s all you get with Control4 without some programming.
  2. Why not just set the timer from when the door unlocks? That’s what I do. Door unlocks either manually or by command, timer starts and relocks after 5 minutes. I have a Schlage lock and cannot stand 30 second auto lock.
  3. My C4 touchscreen has way more functionality than my iPads in the iPort case. The C4 is mostly not worth the price. They are very low quality and seem flimsy. That being said, I wanted the touchscreen in the master bedroom to pop up a camera feed if there was Motion so I ultimately had to buy one C4 touchscreen.
  4. Thanks! I came home today and it connected again. A little frustrating.
  5. Anyone familiar with the Z-wave radio? I lose connection to my Schlage lock about once a month. My controller still knows when it is unlocked or locked, but I lose control of the lock and all of the user codes go blank. My controller is right around the corner from where my door is. There is a command called "Reset Defaults" and the description says "reset the selected controller to an empty mesh". Sounds like to me it means it wipes out all of the devices but I am wondering if maybe this will re-route the mesh? Anyone have any idea? I hate to lose all of my Z-wave devices but the door lock not working is driving my wife nuts.
  6. Same here. Cannot see some of them on my phone but on PC they seem to all load.
  7. Still crashes for me. Cannot view the cameras remotely through C4.
  8. It would be nice to have this addressed.
  9. My iOS app has been crashing when I open the cameras for a while now.
  10. Is there an option to use an icon in the navigator so I can ditch the custome buttons. But that was answered for me. The custom buttons kind of mess up the look of the GUI. Thanks!
  11. Thanks guys! I was using the wrong terminology. I would like to remove the custom buttons and have a “modes” experience button in the navigator. Thanks!
  12. No good solution for fans that have a light with only one switch for power?
  13. IS rhere a way to add an icon to the GUI so I can get rid of the experience buttons in the corner of the screen?
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