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  1. seems like proxy issue but still they should not have abandon the door station like this------------this is a huge change for customers-----------there should have been a minimum functionality maintained, SIP proxy is a SIP proxy----------------I think its more to sell DS2 than a technical issue I don't see a problem technically---letting a user press a button to ring----------and be able to have video intercom-------------- I am speechless on this--------------not good at a
  2. what could be the best way to program, if TV OFF schedule is enable or a variable is set to true then if any tries to watch, the command never passes to turn on TV etc basically want to prevent anyone to watch when schedule is ON will appreciate some help
  3. Could there be a way to still utilize Door Stations with limited functionality? a custom driver or something to save these.
  4. Alan I can get you access to the PDU, can you update the driver for 7xxx
  5. can I integrate Fujitsu without using any additional hardware? outdoor: AOU12RLS3 Indoor: ASU12RLS3Y these are wifi equipped units with app,
  6. I need urgent help as how to do a macro for one generic TV brands for IR where input is selected automatically by control4 everything else is working as I created IR driver but I am stuck as control4 don't know what to do please suggest
  7. Hello friends Is there a way to pick alternate camera using programing in composer For example: I want to pick left driveway camera, when a car enters there for my door station and make an auto call to all T3's in home, after 30 seconds switch to door stations camera. will appreciate your thoughts
  8. Appreciate your response In Composer Universal SIP Phone Driver setting username and password In Camera using the same SIP username and password Pointing the camera to Controller IP address Any help will be appreciated
  9. I have 24 Grandstream cameras in my project. I tried everything I could but couldn't register the cameras with EA5 SIP Proxy. It says invalid user or device I really want to use it, I have see a template for Intercom Proxy in Driver Works 3.0 which seems new. Did any tried to create a driver using the proxy where one can register the cameras with C4? This would be great help
  10. What to do with a motion sensor which is perfecting working on VERA PLUS In C4 I have used ZWave Security Sensor driver and see messages coming in from motion sensor, but when I connect it with generic motion sensor in C4 not working will appreciate help
  11. I have similar issue, spoke to C4, they couldn't figure out. Any one can help, z-wave motions are less than half the price than C4
  12. Hello there my first post here in such a nice forum Is there any Grandstream camera driver, I really want to use the SIP functionality these cameras have but having hard time to register the camera with C4. Will appreciate help mfg
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