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  1. Hi msgreenf. I thought about this as well. Is there a link where I can download the patch + instructions on the patching procedure? thanks
  2. Hi Amr, thanks for the answer. I'm not sure what do you mean by initialize. The controller (EA5) was already programmed with a system and linked to the same dealer/user account for around 2 years, working with version 2.10. The purpose was to update it to 2.10.5, but it denied access to the server update database, because it could not check registration status. I tried to unregister / re-register it to the same account, but I was unable to register again, with this error popping up. NOTE: this error appears even when entering the ACCOUNT SERVICES menu, before trying to register. I also had trouble with digital media services, because the system could not check a verified account for the controller. Perhaps there is a patch needed to be installed on the controller? thanks in advance
  3. I also tried manually registering via my.control4.com and the user-generated 10-digit code, and still no luck. Regards,
  4. Hi everyone, I am trying to register a controller to an existing user account. I am able to enter the dealer credentials, but after trying to register with the account, an error appears and the controller can't be registered. "No consumer found. no consumers found with the search expression certificatecommonname==..... for dealer ....." Both client and dealer are valid. What can be happening here? and how can I have it fixed? Thanks in advance for the response. Regards
  5. Well, this certainly did the trick. i disconnected all the "dual" outputs going from all the sources to the yamaha and C4-16amp and simply used the yamaha to receive all the sources' audio outputs, and used the zone2 output as only one input to the C4-16amp. this allowed me to be able to play in the main cinema and the exterior areas independently. putting it more graphically: Sources Audio ---RCA & Digital---> Yamaha Receiver ---RCA(zone2)---> C4-16Amp Input1 Sources Audio ---RCA & Digital---> Yamaha Receiver ---RCA(main)---> 5.1 speaker system Sources Video ---HDMI---> Leaf Video Matrix --- any video endpoint The only thing that could not be implemented with this configuration was to play the audio outside with different sources. But as it turns out, the bar, pool and garden are really close to each other, so different audio signals are really going to make noise, therefore it would be better if this option was not implemented. Thanks a lot for all the help in figuring this out. That only leaves me with the issue about the Skyvue outdoor TV. i have two TVs (Bar and Pool), and one HC250 for each TV. There doesn't seem to be any drivers available for control4. These TVs have DB9 ports for control interface. i found on the manual the Serial codes for the TV. what should i do? Thanks
  6. Good Evening. I am currently programming a home with the following audio zones, and AV devices: Cinema: a Home Cinema that contains a 5.1 system, and a screen & Projector that receives Video from several sources. An A/V and Control Rack is located here. The devices in the cinema are the following:Sources: AppleTV, DirecTV, Samsung Blu-ray BD-ES6000, Kaleidescape Cinema One, Sonos ConnectProcessors: HC800 (director), Yamaha receiver RX-A1040, Leaf Video Matrix LXP64, 3 Leaf HDBaseT adapter LTTX, Control4 8-zone amplifierOutputs: Epson Projector (connected to the LEAF via HDBaseT), 5.1 sound system.Bar: a TV, an HC250, an appleTV, a Leaf receiver LTRX from the Cinema, and 4 loudspeakers Pool: a TV, an HC250, an appleTV. a Leaf receiver LTRX from the Cinema, and 4 loudspeakers Garden: 6 LoudspeakersHere is the system's desired behavior: Any Video source can be played inside the home Cinema (Video: Projector THROUGH Leaf Video Matrix, Audio: 5.1 THROUGH Yamaha Receiver)Any Video source can be played in the bar and the pool INDEPENDENTLY and SIMULTANEOUSLY (Video: TV HDMI input THROUGH Leaf Video Matrix (Zone 2 & 3) & HDBaseT Transmitters, Audio: 4 stereo Speakers THROUGH Control4 8-zone Amplifier)Any audio source can be played in the bar, pool, cinema and garden INDEPENDENTLY and SIMULTANEOUSLY (stereo Speakers THROUGH Control4 8-zone Amplifier)Here are the connections: Samsung BDP ----HDMI---> Yamaha ReceiverATV, DirectV, Yamaha out, Kaleidescape and HC800 ----HDMI---> Leaf video Matrix zone1 --Cat6--> CINEMA ProjectorATV, Directv, Yamaha out, Kaleidescape and HC800 ----HDMI---> Leaf video Matrix zone2 --Cat6--> BAR TV InputATV, Directv, Yamaha out, Kaleidescape and HC800 ----HDMI---> Leaf video Matrix zone3 --Cat6--> POOL TV inputATV, Directv, Yamaha out, Kaleidescape and HC800 ----RCA---> C4 8-zone amp zone1 & 2 ----> 4 Speakers in BARATV, Directv, Yamaha out, Kaleidescape and HC800 ----RCA---> C4 8-zone amp zone3 & 4 ----> 4 Speakers in POOLATV, Directv, Yamaha out, Kaleidescape and HC800 ----RCA---> C4 8-zone amp zone5,6 & 7 -> 6 Speakers in GARDENATV ----------Optic----------> Yamaha Receiver ----> 5.1 systemDirectv ------Dig Coax------> Yamaha Receiver ----> 5.1 Sysemkaleidescape --Dig Coax--> Yamaha Receiver ----> 5.1 SysemHC800 ------RCA------------> Yamaha Receiver ----> 5.1 System Here are the Problems: When trying to play a video source in the Bar (for example), the selected source's audio plays through the Yamaha receiver (inside the Cinema), instead of playing through the according speakers.c4 8-zone amp does not distribute audio as desired. when selecting a video or audio source from the bar, the audio does not play in the 4 speakers (the input connections are right for every source). sometimes the 8-zone amp doesn't respond to any manual instructions sent from ComposerI cannot find a driver for the bar & pool TVs (SKYVUE NXG-6550 and NXG-6570). Any suggestions on what to do about this to control the TVs? I want to be able to watch (& listen) a source in the cinema, another source in the bar and another one in the pool without affecting each other (like accidentaly changing the audio source in the 5.1, as is currently happening). perhaps it has something to do with the dual audio connection settings? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance
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