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  1. Hi All, I am just on the point of buying IP camera software to integrate with C4. I have 2 UNV cameras that I want to put on my POE switch. Would you suggest other software to Blue Iris??? Kind regards, Jim
  2. Thanks. Shivam has sorted me out with the driver. Jim
  3. This is good news as I use Radio 2 as my morning alarm. Thank you for making the driver. Is this something I can do as an end user or what do I need to telll my installer (I'd be grateful if you could spell it out as he isn't a spring chicken!!!) kind regards, Jim
  4. Nope My morning alarm of Radio2 has stopped working. Does anyone know of another way to get BBC stations through control4?
  5. Thanks for your help everyone, MUCH appreciated. Jim
  6. Thanks everyone. So I only need the picture on the C4 interface. I don't really need Pic in Pic. I am guessing ANY POE camera will work with the Blue Iris Software. Jim
  7. Thanks for this. I have seen Blue Iris mentioned before. BUT how will I know if cameras are compatible with C4? Is there a list anywhere? Jim
  8. Hi All, My First post so forgive the blundering around. I would like to set up (say) 4 IP cameras around my house and have them compatible with C4 so I can see who is at the door on the TV screen. The usual problem with forums is trying to find if a topic has previously been discussed and using the correct search tags to find it. I've tried HONEST!!! I have an old PC (intel i3 and 500MB HDD) on the home network that could record the cameras but I would need Cameras and software. Please could someone advise: Cameras, software and setup? Ho and just to add a tiny complication I am based in the UK (couldn't you tell by my accent:) Jim
  9. OK NOT an IT guru but I can handle most things. Has anyone an update on this topic? I have all my music in an iTunes file on my PC and, same as everyone else it will not connect. Must I too uninstall windows Live essentials? All advice welcome. Jim
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