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  1. Do the drivers conflict with the native Nexia app? I was told the Houselogix could not be used (when it worked) with the Nexia app.
  2. I have the American Standard version same as Trane with Nexia. Same issue with broken Houselogix driver. Which driver are you supposed to used the bNexia or btsat?
  3. I have tried network reset a few times. Doesnt look like my hc800 is on the network which may explain things. App, light keypad and touchpanels dont connect and I dont see the controller on my list of network devices.
  4. Thanks for offer to help. My original installer is no longer supporting c4. Is it best to schedule a time I am at home? Do you charge hourly? Really appreciate the time. I tried pm but said you cant receive.
  5. Well to get my network back up I connected my switch to my Comcast modem so it is now routing. Not ideal but needed to get things back up temporarily. Of course c4 is still down as all the new assigned IP addresses are wrong. Should i buy a new edge er lite or other router? I tried hard reset of router and still cant connect to its default factory address.
  6. Hello all, We have had a c4 system up and running great for 7 years. New install and programmed remotely from installer here on the board. Recently entire system went down. Looks like might have been the router, edgerouter er lite-3. Stopped responding. Have hard reset and still not responding. Even if I purchase a new one, I don't have a backup of ip address etc. So basically need network support and reconfiguration and maybe a few minor system updates. Not sure if this can be done remotely or if anyone has recommendations for someone in Houston area.
  7. What exactly are they working on? Have not seen a lot of intersting new features lately!
  8. Nope, its crap. Even if you get it to work, it is very slow and useless. Very disappointed.
  9. Will the update break Sonos support by forcing new driver?
  10. Ah, there is the problem. Katy is a suburb of Houston. I got numerous quotes from the pinnacle and gold installers in Houston and was not impressed with any. OP, good luck!!
  11. Anybody start using arlo yet and integrate to c4? The pro models have much better reviews. Would be super convenient being completely wireless.
  12. Agree. You look like an even bigger idiot trying to pretend it was a joke. Nice try. Nobody is buying it.
  13. Bottom feeding scourge of the earth. cyknight was polite. I am not. You are a piece of shi$!
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