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  1. Well maybe with the updated api Control4 can develop or fix the driver to actually function properly. It was always poor anyways with known issues with heating display and button toggle issues.
  2. If you only have one Sonos Port connected to the matrix, is room specific playing handled on the backend through c4 programming? Replacing my C4 matrix and adding a Port might be preferable to 8-10 stacked ports.
  3. With josh then Is it ridiculous to create a multizone setup with 8 sonos ports instead of the c4 matrix? My c4 matrix is dead anyways.
  4. What is current best practice for audio distribution if using c4 and josh.ai? Sonos looks to integrate seemlessly with Josh but obviously not with C4. Also, prefer the sonos app for browsing versus native c4 solutions.
  5. Excellent! Thanks for the detailed and prompt response!
  6. So the input switching, power and volume commands are being sent by Josh directly to a connected tv? Or is josh relying on an automation system to handle those commands?
  7. Question. On the Josh demos, they demonstrate tv control and loading content. I assume the content is be controlled through roku or apple tv. Are the tv commands sent through c4 (or crestron) or directly from josh? I have seen both Samsung and Sony tvs in the demos.
  8. Hmm, well I tried removing input cables to the matrix and still loud hum. There are 3 amps connected to the matrix, 1 12-zone and two single zone amps and it still makes the noise through all zones.
  9. A few months ago we came home to a loud feedback hum through all our speakers. I turned of the amps and am just now getting around to troubleshooting. The noise goes away with amps on but the c4 matrix unplugged. Can I assume its a bad matrix switch? The unit is only a few years old. Sadly, the whole home audio was basically the last functioning component of the system with exception of theater control.
  10. Fyi, ecobee doesn’t work for variable speed hvac systems. If you are building new, highly likely you would go with variable speed setup for efficiency and need to use manufacturers tstat. Also, go Lutron for lighting. No question.
  11. The problem with c4 relaying on Josh and others for voice they may find themselves replaced altogether . You could build a really nice system with Sonos for whole home audio, Lutron for lighting and shades, misc vendors for doorbells and hvac all controlled with Josh.ai. Maybe even add small c4 setup just for media room. No many care about video distribution with smart tvs everywhere now.
  12. Worth every penny if the natural language processing works. Anyone have feedback on this? I hate how specific commands have to be for Alexa. Renders voice control useless for me.
  13. The cost of the Josh system and license is relatively trivial to overall cost of most systems if it adds significant functionality.
  14. Never seen Josh.ai till I stumbled across their keynote on Youtube. Looks really slick and has renewed my interest in improving our C4 system. I only wish C4 had this built in. Kind of crazy you have to pay extra for a user friendly front end. The free solutions with Alexa and google home just aren’t that great.
  15. To follow up on this discussion, recently I was trying to decide what to do with our HVAC integration. We previously had the Houselogix Nexia driver which is now broken and never really worked well to begin with. A member here has created a driver but is it worth the time and effort? Will Trane update the app so that the API is now broken again? Or do you just use the native app and forget it?
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