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  1. Thanks I have submitted a ticket. FYI since I made the time to draw it up attached is my layout
  2. Not sure why it was in the screenshot but FPS isn't 25 but can confirm it is 30. I am running the audio from a Kodi box into a Yamaha amp and then into the encoder. My Yamaha amp can do 500ms delay but Kodi can also force a delay. I am seeing if the Yamaha delay is ok (as it should be 600ms) or the Kodi delay. I am doing this as I have 5.1 in this particular room. All other rooms I am using spare Cat5 cables to send the audio back to a C4 8x8 matrix amp therefore the delay is imposed from the video signal. I tried disabling RTSP but I am still getting close to a 900ms delay in audio and especially when navigating Kodi is painful
  3. Hi Just to confirm I have tired the RTSP and yes have the issues with not starting the stream. I switched to TS but get a 1 second lag which is beyond the audio delay of my audio controller. The RTSP was about 0.6s @videostorm Can you confirm the below HTTP you mean the TS in the image of the setup page below
  4. Thanks so much, working perfect. I had an inkling it would be something like that. Great fast support
  5. Hi Thanks for the tips above, I have set this up now using ts in the URay. For some reason when I turn the room on the first source doesn't work. I need to go to another source. Seems very odd. Does this whether the first source is the uray or an IP Camera.
  6. I have just set up my system with a couple Uray encoders. I have initially set up using RTSP and only about a day in, what are the problems you have had? Is there any differences with using TS? ie lag or quality?
  7. Hi, sorry to dredge up an old topic but but I have a question about the virtual switches for @sonic30101. My Motion sensors when bound to a contact sensor also don't work in C4. I see them tripping when I look at the debug log in Composer but the bind to the contact sensor doesn't work. So I looked into the virtual switch you mentioned above . I have installed the app that is called Virtual Switch, I have it working form a scene but when I try add the virtual switch into C4 via the relay driver I get the error "Device is not a switch" when I try set the room and device name. I have tried playing with the Params in Vera for the Virtual Switch with no luck. Can you confirm the virtual switch you used and any settings to make it recognized in C4. Thanks
  8. Hi I am planning on converting my HDBaset matrix to a Videostorm Netplay system. I have a couple questions hopefully other C4 users might be able to help with around ARC. Very simply my system is a living room with a centralized 5.1 amp, media room with a centralized 5.1 amp, 2 other rooms with TVs and 2 channel ceiling speakers run by a C4 AMP and then various rooms with speakers only in the same C4 AMP. I plan on connecting TV's using Amazon Fires. Can someone confirm how this would work with audio return. From what I understand the Netplay app runs in the background? Does it pick up the ARC channel from the HDMI and cast it into the manager as needed? Also what if the TV doesn't have ARC over HDMI, are there options? For example when watching standard over the air TV I want to cast the audio back to a 5.1 channel AMP in my distribution rack. With Videostorm I assume I would need a decoder for each amp in my rack. Based on the above I have 2 dedicated amps which makes sense to get 2 HDMI decoders but then I also have a 8x8 C4-16AMP3-B matrix for various room speakers. Can I modify the C4 matrix to work or am I better to scrap it and upgrade to a videostorm amp matrix. Thanks
  9. Hi, Since the latest update the only bug is that the shutdown on power off doesn't work. I have been using the shutdown and WOL function. Not a big one but if I dont do regular shutdowns I seem to have regular crashes of my Kodi VMs. Thanks
  10. Has the lite driver been updated in line with the full driver? Mine is on auto update but has not found it.
  11. It sure did up until zoneminder changed to only https I used the webimage driver with the link https://IP:PORT/zm/cgi-bin/zms?mode=single&monitor=*NO*&user=*USER*&pass=*PASS* Where *NO* is a number based on the monitor number and the user and passwords are listed
  12. Hi Just wondering if anyone else uses zoneminder and linking it into C4. I have been using the web image driver for years to pull from a url at 1sec refresh for all my zoneminder cameras but zoneminder has now changed to https only and the web image driver doesn't support it. I have had a look at the driver but is a little beyond me. Does anyone have any ideas or alternatives? Cheers
  13. I'm running 0.6.149 and auto update is on so hopefully should be the latest.
  14. Hi, does anyone know why this driver would stop running detecting button presses? When its installed it runs fine and the set up announcement works. But then after about a week the announcements stop and under the notifications the button press notifications stop being detected. If the driver is removed and re-added it runs fine again for a limited time. In the mean time the doorbird continues to operate as normal with the doorbird app on phones and the camera still works on C4.
  15. I started with using the dls software doing everything over ip. In the end I reset the tl280 to factory defaults using the jumper method as per the manual then did all my config for C4 from the keypad. You can still use dls for programming the alarm just stay away from the communicator settings.
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