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  1. This is also why I wish the Sleep state was a checkable status on the Shield. Currently Power On or Power Off are the only states listed and when it's "sleeping" it still registers as "On." This may be a limitation of Android itself and something @videostorm doesn't have any ability to work with.
  2. I'm doing custom programming along with a contact sensor through one of the relays on mine to detect a loss of power. It checks the relay state once a day in the early AM and also when the project loads at controller boot up. When it determines power has been lost because the really is now open, there is a 15 minute delay to make sure everything is booted and settled, a cancel command is sent, then a home command, then a sleep command.
  3. @videostorm Ok, I was wrong. I did a hard reboot and when the IrUSB app started the error message came back.
  4. I can now confirm this does not work. I have to put the full QHID command in a custom app line and call them that way. Also, I am now getting this repeating error code in the Shield LUA window (the filename is different because I pack Nvidia icons into the c4z so I'm not looking at Fire TV icons for my Nvidia Shield): LUA_ERROR [id: 383][name: Universal Android Driver With Nvidia Icons][file: mediaplayer_android_irusb_shield.c4z][method: ReceivedFromNetwork]: [string "Lua Code"]:762: attempt to compare number with nil This error goes away when I reboot but eventually comes back.
  5. I considered that but wasn't 100% sure because it only references the CCC part when inserted into the script.
  6. The reason I want Cancel the current action and then execute the Guide (Home) command is to make sure the Shield is on the home screen before it goes to sleep. There isn't an option for it to go Home and then go to Sleep, it's just either/or. If I have it just go Sleep and then Home on Power On, the next time I start the app I was running before turning things off, it will start where it left off. I don't want that. Also, there have been times when just using "Go Home on Room Off" hasn't actually gone Home. The biggest offender has been Amazon. Edit: It looks like the only way to run a custom QHID command is in one of the custom app fields.
  7. It's actually the "Guide" command (mapped to Home which is the Circle button) when held too long that opens this menu. I would most definitely prefer the direct "Sleep" command. I'll punch that in and see how it does.
  8. @videostorm Something I've encountered with custom programming. The included screenshot of code will quite often act like a long press on the Circle button resulting in the situation in the photo instead of putting the Shield to sleep.
  9. Is there any place on the website where the current driver version is referenced? Currently there are only three ways I know of to figure out the current version 1) It's mentioned here. 2) Download it again and try to update it in composer. It will either update or it will fail because the versions are equal. 3) Download it and open the xml to read the version number. Having it listed on the site would save a lot of time.
  10. This is how the driver is setup in my system and the related programming. The programming at the top is there for when the power glitches and the Shield reboots. I wired the 12V output to the common on a relay and the N.O. of the relay to the contact sensor input. So when the power glitches, the relay will open and the system will know once it's booted that the Shield is now awake. I have to hit guide to close the IRUSB app because Android does not yet support background loading of an app. I have a 10 minute delay to make sure everything is fully loaded and the driver will be able to control the system.
  11. HOORAAAAAAAYYYY!!!!!!!!! The default 1000 was still too slow for my Shield but 2000 works just fine. I didn't bother trying anything in between as the TV still takes several seconds longer than that to display an image. The Disney Plus and Hulu UMDs are also now working and the built in Disney Now for the colored buttons still fires up Disney Plus too. The only other option I think would be cool to have is a dual "On Room Off" action. I'd like to be able to tell the Shield to go Home and then tell it to Sleep. I don't want to tell it just to go to sleep on "Room Off" as there are some that when they get tired they just hit room off without even stopping whatever they are watching thinking it will just either stop or go home so they can resume later. Yes I know it can automatically go to sleep after a certain amount of time, but I want it to go to sleep pretty quickly after the room is off. I can do this through programming with one small "issue:" sleep is not a valid choice under conditional checks, just Power On or Power Off; Sleep apparently does not equal Power Off. I attached a screenshot of the conditional programming I used to make the sure the Shield is truly put to Sleep. So what I observe is this: when the Shield isn't used, the LED is off, I press Room Off after I have been watching Dish TV, after 5 to 10 seconds the Shield LED turns on, then a second later turns off. "Sleep Now" is the first option when Menu is opened. So when the Shield goes to sleep it apparently still registers as "On." My next step is to experiment with variables to prevent it from waking up the Shield just to put it back to sleep. lol Thank you @videostorm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. It wasn't me looking for help, it was msgreenf asking the question. I was just tagging VideoStorm in case they could help. BTW, if you need remote help, @msgreenf is a great person to ask.
  13. In the driver.xml there are both "power_delay" and "power_command_delay" entries. Changing these and re-adding the driver had no effect.
  14. Support ticket submitted for when the schedule permits. 😊
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