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  1. Ok, so I did some digging and figured out from the Apple TV IR driver that Jesse Smith made, that the icon locations listed in the xml have to match the driver filename. So I changed mediaplay_ip_amazon_fire to mediaplayer_android_irusb and BOOM! I now have the Nvidia icons I chose to use both in the app and on the OSD. I was even able to get the logo to show in the identification window. I included the rezipped file that I made for personal use as a Shield driver. The only changes I made were the icons, where they are located in the driver, corrections to location information in the xml, and correction to the information for "identify_image.gif" mediaplayer_android_irusb.c4z
  2. I didn't change any of the text in the xml. That being said I did notice that all the icons in the original are Amazon icons but they never showed up anywhere either.
  3. Ok. Regarding the idea of having Shield icons, I have tried the route of unzipping the c4z file, replacing all the png files and rezipping into a new file. I downloaded a 1024x1024 png icon and ran it through the C4 icon tool to generated the images. I then deleted the driver in the driver folder and copied in the new file with Shield icons. Then I deleted the driver from the project, rebooted the controller, added the new driver, made connections, refreshed navigators..., and I still have a generic cable box icon for the shield. What have I done wrong? Thank you, Eric
  4. Also, @videostorm, is there any chance of actually getting Shield icons in the driver instead of Amazon? Thanks.
  5. What I've noticed with the new version is if I'm already using the Shield for an activity, selecting a new activity takes me to a recently used menu instead of the app I've selected. I have to "Room Off" before selecting a new activity and have it function properly.
  6. Videostorm offers a free driver that covers most of the basic needs on their site and Alan Chow offers a paid driver with more features on his site.
  7. That's what I was getting at. But it was also a two year old post because my phone jumped to wrong place and I didn't notice.
  8. Nevermind, my phone took me to an old post and I didn't see the date until after I replied.
  9. You'll need to get the pro Shield. On the new models it's the only one with USB ports.
  10. I'm not familiar with how Android handles starting/running apps, but I'm curious if there is a way to load IRUSB either as a service or in the background without actually opening the app. That way the user doesn't have to exit the the interface to use the Shield.
  11. I'm asking because sometimes clients go out and purchase their own hardware and then ask their C4 integrator to make it work.
  12. But there is no USB option on the tube model. At all
  13. Yes, but not the lower end version. Which is why I am asking the question.
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