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  1. We've had the Leak Defense System (LDS) now for a couple (maybe three) years. It's one of their older models so we don't have remote access, which I'm sure would be nice but not essential. It is NOT tied into our Control4 system, but is tied into our alarm system. (So yes, a case could be made that since our alarm system is tied into Control4 then so is LDS). It's a simple (in operation) device that shuts off the water if it's running for more than a specified time; generally a long time when home (10-20 minutes) and a short time (1-3 minutes) when away from home. The home/away setting is auto
  2. Have no idea - but now working. C4 problem? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Have same problem. Worked last trip but not this trip.
  4. If I'm understanding correctly - you want the AC off if a door has been opened for more than five minutes, and when all doors are shut, turn back on the AC. Now I don't have any way of testing this, and I don't like "when variable changes," so give this code a try and let me know if it works. Might need some additional tweaking. When DoorA opens do DoorOpenMacro !I like macros - helps keep code in one place When DoorA closes do DoorCloseMacro etc. --- DoorOpenMacro DoorVar += 1 if DoorVar = 1 !if more than one we'v
  5. Two screen shots attached: Execute - is simply the embed point created by the Alexa driver Macro - the turn kitchen TV on macro It really is that simply. You want to place as much code as possible into macros (never at the embed point). That way you can call the same action from multiple embed points. For instance: you can have Alexa turn on the kitchen TV, but you can also have the green button on the remote turn on the kitchen TV. At each embed point simply call the macro.
  6. Here's how I've got mine set up (same scenario - great room / kitchen), except I control it with Alexa instead of a button. Create two macros: #1 - Kitchen TV on: Select the Xfinity 1 as the video source in Great Room Select the Xfinity 1 as the audio source in Kitchen (FYI - if the TV is already on in the Great Room the first item doesn't do anything. But programming it this way allows you to turn on both devices with a single button press.) #2 - Kitchen TV off: Turn off kitchen Then select which buttons you want to use, and call the appropriate macro
  7. It’s my understanding ( haven’t tried it so can’t be 100% sure) that you need to use the STOP statement as an ELSE condition. Example: IF (condition is true) Do something Stop do something else So once the stop command is executed all code thereafter is discarded. IOW, if the condition is NOT true the do something else statement would be the only line executed.
  8. Ah ... reminiscent of the late 1970's early 1980's.
  9. Documentation for HE is rather sparse and outdated. So here's what I do (there may be a better way - but this does work). The key is you need to assure you change both the upper and lower LED. Here's the code for the first line::
  10. I love this thread – its déjà vu (except back then I was the dealer, not the end-user). In the late ‘70s one of our customers bought a CP/M “micro-computer” (my company sold software for Wang mini-computers). Of course we all laughed and asked what he could possibly do with a machine that had limited capabilities plus, of course, he knew nothing about computers or software. His (somewhat abbreviated) answer: it’s not what I can do WITH the machine, it’s that I can do it WITHOUT you. Turns out he was right! Just saying ….
  11. Try other variations such as: Alexa turn front door exit on. It's still new technology so what might work for one doesn't always for someone else. IOW experiment.
  12. Your point? Do you have a reference for your assertion? If you recall I said "a lot of us" not "the vast majority." Do you get a kick out of being argumentative? Please follow the advice I've seen other people tell you: when I post something please don't respond to it! You're not contributing at all.
  13. Of course a lot of us are already invested in the Amazon Echo (Alexa) which does much (if not all) of what you're talking about. That said, there is always room for competition and alternative solutions (forces everyone to be better) so I say go for it (even though, unfortunately, you never how much of a market there is until AFTER you've developed the product). I can also help with beta testing.
  14. I would take the code that activates when you push the top button and move it into a macro. Then when you call it with Alexa execute the macro. That way you're assured of the same results regardless of how it is called.
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