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  1. Cool. Yeah we are not into using voice. I don’t even use Siri. Just not into the voice stuff. I bought a apple pod tried it for a day then I just gave it to my dealer. Same with Alexa. But I hear a lot of people like it. For now what we have works for now
  2. How should it be hooked up. It’s annoying. And before triad amp I had c4 amp but it kept hissing in some zones so dealer changed to triad. No hissing but the audio blasts after any reset of the leaf.
  3. I don’t have to reset the amplifier. Just when I reset the leaf 20x20 matrix all zones tied to the triad AMPLIFI plays sound. Loud too. So then I have to go to each zone hit listen select a device then hit volume then it goes down the turn off and it’s all good until next time I reset the matrix. If I reset ea5 it seems like I always have to reset the leaf matrix otherwise stuff doesn’t work. Luckily I don’t have to reset ea5 that often but when I do it’s always a pain
  4. For some reason my remote stopped working again, had to reset EA, matrix and everything finally came back on... man I hate resetting everything.. all zones without receivers blasts audio so I have to go to each zone that doesn’t have a receiver and turn on and off.. so annoying...
  5. Man I hope this ir works. My daughter is not happy.
  6. I don’t believe you can give it corresponding ip that is inside your network. So even though your nvr has 192.168.x.x the nvr assigns a diff ip to the cameras that are outside your network. So you can’t get into ea camera individually to change settings etc. you can only get inside the nvr. So I keep all my ip cameras on my network Poe switch and then from the nvr I just do a search and it finds all my cameras.
  7. I currently am using Speco 32NVR since it's IR controlled with Amcrest Cameras using ONVIF.. I once had all Speco cameras that my C4 dealer sold me, but the cameras were so bad at night I finally got so fed up with the cameras I ripped them all down and I started looking into different cameras on my own. I tried a number of them, but found Amcrest to have the best clarity at night especially in zero light. Its like night and day and a fraction of the cost compared to what I paid for Speco. I think ea speco camera was like $300+ for their flexible intensifier and the Amcrest varifocal was like $125. and the amcrest has so much better clarity at night. My dealer tried to offer some other cameras, but after I had already spend over $7500 for 25+ cameras then another $1500+ for the 32 NVR I was done with their suggestions. So I just ordered a bunch of different cam's and started evaluating until I found ones that had the best clarity in no light areas. Amcrest was the winner for my situation. but the amcrest NVR is not IR Controlled so I can't change views like I can with the SPECO from the C4 remote since the Speco NVR is IR controlled. Thats the only hang up with Amcrest NVR and my C4 setup. Anyone know of any other IR controlled NVR's that work with ONVIF cameras. Speco works, but I need to get a few more NVR's at my other locations and I don't feel like paying $1500+ on a 32 Speco NVR. Thanks. thought Id ask
  8. Need to put ea camera on a POE Switch otherwise if its plugged into the NVR, it takes on the IP that the NVR assigns it.
  9. As long as it plays tv. Integrates with c4, is the right size then most people I know could care less of anything else. Comcast has youtube and Netflix these days so no real need for any of the tv features. So alot of my friends go for the cheapest options and spend money on better audio components or speakers. Staying within a few brands. Lg Samsung. I have a ton of tvs in my project and I only got 1 tv from my dealer and out of all the tvs only my dealer tv has been replaced 3 times by Sony. Within 1 year. I decided to change one of my 55” and I got a Costco Samsung tv for 349 since that week they had like 50 off at the register i hooked it back up added the ir and everything worked like nothing happened. It was great. I don’t even plug in internet to the tvs since I can’t stand getting software update requests.
  10. yeah I don't need internet on the TV's so its all good. but if I do I'll try that next time. I have 3 32" Samsungs in my office and I couldn't get TV to stop turning on until I realized those were also having the same issues as my Sony so I unconnected ethernet to those as well and haven't had the issue ever again. Thanks
  11. I just use Apple TV and access my music and I’ve also added music onto my Plex server that I can access with Apple TV as well. So for me I’ve used Apple TV. My music can also access the music I have loaded onto my server so I use that at times too.. otherwise I just use Apple TV.. I’ve added a bunch of apple tv’s into my project so I can use different apple tv’s in different zones if needed.
  12. My friend got a 86” tv at costco.. LG and its amazing.. and it was like $2K,.., If i had the wall space for that I’d get it in a heartbeat but I don’t have the space for that big of a tv.. but I’m with you on TV’s... my parents have c4 now and they still have basic cable with 10 year old samsung flat screen that takes about 4 people to pull off the wall since its so heavy.. but it still works.. and 55” tv’s today you can get for about $400 bucks.. I think I saw a 65” for like $800 bucks. And if it goes out trash it and get a new one.. that’s my feeling.. color still looks good and it works. Unless you are in a room with all types of Tv’s you can tell a difference in resolution, but once you bring it home I cant really tell a difference.. and most Time we just watch basic cable anyways or you tube that my daughter wants to watch so i figure biggest tv at cheapest price and i stick with samsung
  13. Atleast for me it has picture and c4 can turn it on and off that’s all I need. I don’t use any features inside the tv so it works for me and a lot of my friends that have c4 as well. I’d rather buy a good receiver and good speakers than spend the $ on all these crazy enhanced tv’s. My 16x16 leaf doesn’t push 4K so no real need for 4K tv. And even the 4K tv I have I had to change Comcast to 1080p so it plays on all TVs. I don’t kind color looks good for our purposes. I can’t really tell that much of a difference between by 1080ps and 4K but it’s all good. C4 is great system.
  14. interested to see how much of a difference it makes in your system.. I have a large system but you make mine look tiny.. lol
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