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  1. So, is there a consensus? I have a new Mitsubishi mini split. Should I go intensis (my model isn’t listed for compatibility) or sensibo?
  2. I must be confused. The echobee is a washer retrofit option? What did you buy for $30?
  3. Unfortunately I was brain dead during the panic buy of the new washer. Wish there was a retrofit solution. Out of balance would definitely be a good option Ill be be prepared for the dryer.
  4. Hello all - For years I have had my dryer buzzer set up to hit our phones (first with ardoino, now with C4). This was super easy with the old dryer, as the buzzer was a dedicated 120v wire I could tap into. I was able to integrate the alert, but also log it on google sheets. But.... We recently got a new washer, and our dryer is on the way out. Has anyone figured a way to tap off these new washers and dryers to get an alert when the load is done? I saw a driver from Chowmain that looked like it works through IFTTT for some GE washers. Anyone use that? And just to pile everything into one thread - anyone use C4 to track their HVAC and/or water heater? I've always been meaning to get around to setting it up with an ardoino and just never had the time. I'd like to log and alert on some basics, like hot water temp, hvac temp, hvac run times etc. I'm surprised C4 has never done this. [C4 'metrics suite' tracks HVAC run times, data spikes, sends alert to HVAC company on contract to come take a look... win win]
  5. Ok. Thanks for the info. Sounds like I should stick with the 'old' (RS-232) version. [with my luck … I fully expect c4 to drop support for RS-232 tomorrow.]
  6. Thanks for the replys - not sure what I was doing wrong, but my dealer fixed the volume issue. As for linking two rooms, I was just making things two complicated. On the off chance it helps someone else, all you do is put "Select the (RoomX Sonos) as the audio source in (RoomY)". I kept putting a 'Play' statement after that, which made it start its 'own' audio stream. Once I deleted that, worked fine.
  7. I see that response-box has the Ethernet DMX engine on their web-page, but I don't see any comments about folks buying or using it. I don't want to be the first one to buy the ethernet version, but then again, I don't really want to be the last one to buy the old version. Any info? Can anyone confirm the Domaudeo driver will work with the new box? I have all the other parts - just need to get the engine.
  8. Hello - I very often listen to music while I have sports on the television, which is awkward with C4. On one level, I have the sonos set up as a completely separate room. On a different floor, I have the sonos and TV in the same room and just mostly use the sonos ap for audio, with the c4 controlling the TV. Here is my question: I set up the sonos as custom buttons and it works great on my touchpad. I can pick any of 5 standard deezer stations, play/pause work, fast forward works. But volume control does not. The custom 'up' button I set up (linked to SONOS->OUTPUT_VOLUME_LEVEL-1) doesn't do anything. Any suggestions? Second problem. I have never cracked the code on 'linking' two sonos rooms within C4. Can that be done? Either with code or in the app? I have a button that I press for music, but the best I can do is get the same station playing (different songs) on two different sonos (or is it soneye?).
  9. BuddyC - Did you ever figure out the problem? I had the same thing happen to me, and I am just now getting around to looking at it. I'm dead in the water with library control. Will ping dealer...
  10. Testerguy - Did you ever get resolution here? I used to have 'off' commands with the old driver. Now I can't figure out how to turn things off. I turn on scenes, but can't turn off all the lights except one by one (which is really annoying). I used to have some short-cuts like - turn off the kitchen, which was really half a dozen assorted lights.
  11. Why would two separate rooms, two separate rokus, two separate SR-250 remotes suddenly both stop launching custom apps at the same time?? I used to have the red button launch Netflix, Yellow Plex, Green Amazon. All stopped working sometime in the last couple weeks. Roku update? C4 update? Anyone else see this happen? Incidentally, I wonder if anyone knows the name for: Roku: MLB app, NHL app, NFL-SundayTicket Fire-TV: HDHomerun (oops, I cant figure out how to move this to the troubleshooting, posted in the wrong section! Moderator?)
  12. Anyone interested, PM me. Critically important is experience with Vera integration. My Vera and C4 communication hangs about once a month and I’m sick of it. Need someone to fix it. Also looking to add a few things, but WAY secondary to fixing the hang. If I’m posting in the wrong place... Sorry, I’m sure someone will point that out! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Not quite the same application, but it would be handy for a utility room monitoring as well. I've always wanted to track the hvac air temps, water supply temps, and air velocity. Sounds like this would do the trick if you made it flexible. Arduino/pi should be easy. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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