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  1. I have a customer who have 36 GREE Wi-Fi Split AC in his villa. Currently All AC's are controlled by Gree WIFI Smart App available on http://global.gree.com/ywb/productsservices/download/index.shtml Looking for driver to integrate with Control4 System. Any Ideas for integration for these AC units. Gree WIFI Smart Wifi Control Gree WIFI Smart is a software developed by Gree, providing connection service between your devices and your Gree air conditioners. Gree Wifi Smart App can realize the short distance connection with your Gree air conditioners, as well as the long distance connection with your Gree air conditioners. Gree Wifi Smart App will bring more comfortable and convenience experience for customer. Screenshot
  2. I m looking for a driver to integrate SOMA Smart Shades in my Control4 System. https://www.somasmarthome.com/ Any Ideas ... ???
  3. Sony VPL-EX575 IP driver Required 4,200 lumens XGA high brightness compact projector.
  4. Yes !! Whereas it is fixed for the time being. Restart controller and it works again but one for some time.... Still waiting for the permanent Fix.
  5. After updating to the latest built: Composer 2.10.0, Build 542492-res Director version: Announcements start working again and run more smoothly with music already playing in the speakers. But after two days. IT STOP WORKING AGAIN. I don't understand where is the problem. One more issue i m facing is, if i m listing any music in Living room and i added Kitchen, then it won't work and when i tried again then it will work.
  6. After updating to latest built: Composer 2.10.0, Build 541811-res Director version: Announcement works for few days but now its not working. Any suggestions whats next?
  7. I am facing an issue with EA5 controller connected to Cisco Router Model RV04. My Cisco Router RV04 with dual WAN have two INTERNET CONNECTION with following configuration: WAN 1: Fiber connection 35MB (Default connection) WAN 2: Broadband connection 16MB (Backup connection) And Dual WAN is configured on Smartlink Backup configuration. Now the situation is: When the router is connected on WAN 1. EA5 is connected to all online services and working fine. (e.g. TuneIn, Deezer) When WAN 1 goes down, router will switch over to WAN 2 and all EA5 online services working fine. But when WAN 1 UP again and router will switch back from WAN 2 to WAN 1, the EA5 controller will goes offline and all connected online services will not work at all. Can any one have the solution .
  8. Yes checked trough system manager and and director service is running. Still unable to connect director
  9. I have HC800 Controller and using Composer 2.9 unable to connect the director. I am getting the following message: Director is not responding to commands. Would you like to keep waiting for a response? Please Help to connect the Director.
  10. I have tried one of them LG 47LS4500 but volume control and power control is not working.
  11. Driver required to control LG 47LW4500 TV
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