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  1. I have thermostats in my system and haven't had any issues, so it could be specific to your thermostat model rather than universal. If you send me the homebridge crash logs, I can take a look and see if it's easily fixable. As for Control4 scenes.... there isn't a way to "link" Control4 scenes to HomeKit scenes. But you can use a "virtual switch" and C4 programming to tie a switch in HomeKit to C4 scene state and use HomeKit scenes to react to the C4 scene and do whatever you like. Or use actions from inside HomeKit to trigger C4 scenes by turning on the switch in HomeKit. There's lots of possibilities here.
  2. It's sort of a permanent item on my to-do that I haven't quite worked out yet. So yes, it's possible. I just have to find time to work it out.
  3. Send me an email atjosh@varietassoftware.com
  4. Yeah... I gave up on making this a real "product" when Amazon announced several months back that they were putting the buttons on end-of-life. I have it all working in my system and I bought about 10 buttons to play with when Amazon was giving them away, but this will end up in the "interesting experiment" history books.
  5. I now have a near-final version of a Google Home Assistant announcements driver. It sets up easily in programming and lets you easily post any text message you like to Google Home units. The trickier part is the actual assistant software setup. It absolutely can run on a NAS with docker (or technically without docker, if you're technically minded and don't mind SSH'ing into your NAS with root credentials). I haven't worked on that yet, as my NAS doesn't have enough horsepower to use docker. Instead, I used a Pi. If you're unfamiliar, I'm the guy that sells the Control4 homebridge setup (http://varietassoftware.com/control4). I'm going to see if I can't create a dead-simple pi image that you can install that will work "almost out of the box". It will still require a little setup on your end (to enable the proper Google services and such), but it'll be a fair bit easier than setting everything up front scratch yourself. That said, if you want to setup the assistant software on your own hardware and can get that running, you can get my driver now and it'll work with it.
  6. Hey everyone! I just published version 1.1.16 of the homebridge plugin. For those of you "doing it yourself", please make sure to upgrade the plugin version installed on your units. For those of you with my OS licenses or hardware appliances, the web portal on your units will soon show you the available update. Please make sure to install it. I believe this update should correct *all* issues with errant status being reported as well as occasional issues where a command from HomeKit isn't processed.
  7. He’s talking about an update to homebridge, not my plugin. I don’t track what all they change/fix as it’s not my project. I’m currently working on trying to recreate the errant status bug and fix it. I have a software change in my local environment that may help. I bit the bullet and updated to 3.10.5 last week to try and recreate the conditions involved, and I’ve altered my plugin code a bit to try and handle the condition, and log it, but I haven’t seen it crop up yet. Could mean that I fixed it. Could mean that I’m not observing the condition for some reason.
  8. Ah. See. That’s what you get for shortcutting. Main main email is josh@varietassoftware.com or support@varietassoftware.com. The gmail address was forwarded for a while, and is now invalid.
  9. I can, maybe. Email is still the best way to finalize the request. Send me a note that way and we can get you sorted.
  10. @zaphod, send me an email. I can arrange a time to login and get things updated. Sometimes a weird permissions issue happens and it’s easy enough to clear out from the command line. I can do that for you straight away.
  11. I'm still around. Things have been really hectic in my day job and something happened to this forum's "facebook login" option which disabled my ability to login to the forums from my phone for a while. I actually just got back from Amsterdam on a business trip, and will be headed to Budapest in a few weeks. Fun times. I'm still developing the driver when it needs it, but all in all things have been very stable. I posted an update to the homebridge plugin a week or two ago to fix some issues with thermostat support. Things are still moving along, just slower than I'd like because business is so good in the "real world". I love this product and it powers my whole home, so don't be worried about it going away.
  12. Since my setup detects the button coming online and attaching to the network, if you press it 4 times in quick succession it’ll only register as one push, because the network won’t have been turned off yet between presses.
  13. Yep. I’ll tinker in busybox for my own purposes, but I’d never make a product out of it. Lol.
  14. That’s exaxtly what mine does. I have the control4 driver already done. I have the code to monitor the buttons done. What’s left is to make it more than a DIY project. Everything I sell is “commercial grade” and I have software that makes discovery of new buttons super-simple and doesn’t require anything that my parents can’t do by following simple instructions and using a web browser. Sure, if you’re reasonably DIY oriented, setting up your own is pretty easy, but I try to take it that last step.
  15. Not yet... but still very much on my to-do list. Lots of valid excuses, but not really relevant to the "not getting it done" bit. I bought 10 of the buttons and have them working here, so I just need to "productize" the configuration and install process so it's the same ease-of-use as my other stuff, and then it should be ready to go. Hoping to get to that soon-ish.
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