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  1. I'll take a look and see if anything has changed. Apple has had a pretty annoying history in the last couple of years of upgrading HomeKit protocols, but making it so that ONLY Apple hardware using those protocols is discovered and recognized in the Home app. Case in point, Apple now supports volume control, but ONLY through Apple's own speakers. If you implement room volume control with C4, it shows up as "Unsupported Device" in Home, but works just fine on other HomeKit based apps, like Elgato Eve.
  2. Please contact me via email (josh@varietassoftware.com)... if I haven't updated your unit yet, it probably just needs to be updated to the latest OS and software, which I am happy to handle for you.
  3. 1. The complete list of supported device drivers and proxies is included in the driver documentation accessible via Composer after adding it to a project. 2. There's no special language for this driver in particular. Siri is Siri no matter what is underneath reacting to her commands. The best bet here is to review Google for Siri tips. 3. This is one of the most tedious parts of setup. Unfortunately, there's not a good way around this yet. If you think about it, there's not a perfect way to do this. HomeKit lets you add devices, and individual devices (the lightbulb or switc
  4. Glad to hear you got it all worked out! Have fun!
  5. I plan to work on getting shade support eventually, but I've been a bit busy lately with day job and COVID stuff. RE integration, my driver can only support exposing C4 stuff into HomeKit. There's no way that I'm aware of right now to bring HomeKit stuff into C4.
  6. Please send me a direct email at josh@varietassoftware.com and I'll get you setup.
  7. I updated my system to OS 3 about a month ago and have had no problems at all since. So far, all is well. If I haven't updated your unit's OS yet, that may be the issue. Homebridge evolved to the point where it needed an OS update on many of my original units to keep up with all the updates. Please contact me by email, and I can work out your issue for you. For the benefit of folks here: 1) My system fully supports OS 3. 2) Version 1.16 of the driver was the last version on Houselogix. The only update in Version 1.17 was to move to BlackWire's licensing system so I can sell thr
  8. Just have to contact me via email at the support address. The issue is that the pi OS needs an upgrade. Homebridge evolved to the point where it needs the latest OS updates as well. It's a very easy update for me to do for you.
  9. It's possible, but I've been less than thrilled with Apple's Garage Door access. Because it's a "home security" issue (opening portals to your home), Apple doesn't allow you to use Siri to open/close garage doors while the phone is locked... which is to say... "most of the time". So when I'm coming up to my driveway, I say "Siri, open my garage doors" and Siri tells me she can't do that because my phone is locked. Then I have to fish my phone out, unlock it, and repeat my command. That works... but if I have to unlock my phone, the whole point of Siri voice commands is pretty much useless.
  10. That’s exactly how I’d do it... link a dummy light and then map that to a HomeKit scene with just that device in it. You can do a LOT with dummy lights and dimmers and C4 programming.
  11. There’s a hard limit on total devices. There’s also a hard limit on number of devices per bridge.
  12. Yep. I use it myself and don’t plan on quitting just yet. It’s been fairly stable so hasn’t needed TOO much care and feeding.
  13. You CAN but it would be a much more DIY approach. You wouldn’t get my web interface.
  14. Your advice is actually incorrect. HomeKit has a hard limit on the number of devices per bridge. If you exceed that limit, HomeKit won’t talk to ANY of the devices on that bridge. So my system automatically creates multiple bridge services as needed in order to support the total device list. It sounds like one of the services got stuck. You should use the advanced options to “clear persistent data” and then restart homebridge (via the web portal) and try again.
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