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  1. got some but will be looking for some more shortly
  2. having similar problems with android tablets too since OS3 , is there a known issue with them too?
  3. thanks I had omitted connecting the heos stereo out to the Denon Heos Input, that was part of the problem the other part is I hadn't set the Heos driver to auto connect to the gym doh works perfectly now thanks
  4. I have a Denon AVR2500H that I have put in our gym . it seems to integrate really well but I tried to programme a room off button and run into problems If I use spotify connect on the Denon it turns on ok but C4 doesn't register as it being on, so when I use the room off button it doesn't turn off and the volume buttons I programmed do not alter the volume. If I use spotify connect from my HC 800 it works fine, but there seems to be a noticeable drop in audio quality when streaming from the HC -800, perhaps the D-A converters aren't as good, so i'd like to stream from the Denon if possible can anybody suggest any solutions? thanks Tony
  5. are people using the battery Q motion's or the powered ones. & are they reasonably priced & how do they integrate with C4?? looking at them my self
  6. 3 of my remotes same problem LED dimming badly
  7. looking for up to 5 x 8 channel adaptive dimmers V1 (C4-DIN-8DIM-E) DS2 Mini am UK based but also have a US postal address
  8. I am looking to buy a few bits , mainly square config keypads but some more bits in the future please PM me and i'll give exact requirements thanks tony
  9. Need a few Square config keypads both wired & wireless Based in UK thanks
  10. ok thanks Matt. it seems a bit weird as all my IOS devices seem to track ok and if i navigate to the room home page on the PC software and toggle the lights from a configurable keypad the lighting bulb on the home page turns on and off.
  11. I don;t suppose many use the PC program to control their system but I find it useful when working and saves fiddling around with an ipad however it doesn't seem to track lights so if I have a scene that toggles on and off from an IOS device it does not work on the PC anybody come across this and is this just a piece of software that's been neglected as it seems a bit clunky have the latest version installed and running windows 7
  12. thanks for the responses @Unsocialtoasterdo you know if that's all current Sony smart tv's?
  13. i'm approaching the end of my house refurb and will soon be purchasing TV's for the bedrooms I generally buy samsung but understand the UK ones aren't iP controllable yet. Does anybody have any suggestions of UK Smart TV's that are reliably IP controlled via control4 thanks Tony
  14. thanks Braydon I understand a bit better now, I thought the systems used entirely different cables panic over
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