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  1. I seem to have got myself a bit confused here I bought a RA2 Select main repeater and a Radio Powr Savr occupancy sensor in the hope I can use the lutron sensors in C4 programming I have ste up the lutron app fine although it is warning me there is no lighting load assigned to the sensor. In the database there is only a RadioRA2 driver for the powr savr & this will not connect to the RA2 select driver, If I use the RadioRA2 main repeater driver I can make a connection to it but programming does not work. I was not aware there was two different types of main repeater until now. So have I bought the wrong main repeater and is what I am trying to do even possible? I am ordering some triathlon blinds once this virus lockdown is over so the repeater won't go to waste. thanks in advance Tony edit ok on further reading i see these are two seperate systems but the powr savr's work with both. So am I to assume a powr savr RA2 select driver will appear at some point or is that wishful thinking?
  2. yes mine plays a doorbell wav in all rooms as an announcement when pressed
  3. I couldnt say for certain if that's how it's designed to work, I am presuming the ping command only sends a short burst of pings rather than continious but am guessing like I said previously I have one driver per device , so if that driver comes back offline you know which device it is and can create a device action according to that
  4. how about a looping timer of say 10 seconds running continiously , with a ping everytime it resets? have one ping driver for each device if device offline / powercycle device
  5. I use this to check if SKY (UK) box is asleep when it is selected as a source. if device is offline then power on I have one ping driver for each sky box and created a macro for each that is triggered when sky 1 or 2 is selected. in device actions , command tab, device specific command, then put IP address in box and drag across
  6. even odder it seems likt this only happens when i connect to my dedicated spotify connect, my wife's has all functionality
  7. I noticed that if you connect directly from the spotify IOS app to a C4 spotify connect then you have the skip forward, back, pause buttons on display in the C4 app or a T3 if you save a spotify preset in IOS or on a T3 and launch it from there then you don't is there any way of changing this? i'm installing a number of T3's and wanted to avoid having to use a phone to control spotify where I can
  8. cheap way to add more streams is to buy a 2nd hand HC800
  9. WTB C4-RWB57C-P plastic retrofit T3 Back boxes looking for 3 of these UK based
  10. got some but will be looking for some more shortly
  11. having similar problems with android tablets too since OS3 , is there a known issue with them too?
  12. thanks I had omitted connecting the heos stereo out to the Denon Heos Input, that was part of the problem the other part is I hadn't set the Heos driver to auto connect to the gym doh works perfectly now thanks
  13. I have a Denon AVR2500H that I have put in our gym . it seems to integrate really well but I tried to programme a room off button and run into problems If I use spotify connect on the Denon it turns on ok but C4 doesn't register as it being on, so when I use the room off button it doesn't turn off and the volume buttons I programmed do not alter the volume. If I use spotify connect from my HC 800 it works fine, but there seems to be a noticeable drop in audio quality when streaming from the HC -800, perhaps the D-A converters aren't as good, so i'd like to stream from the Denon if possible can anybody suggest any solutions? thanks Tony
  14. are people using the battery Q motion's or the powered ones. & are they reasonably priced & how do they integrate with C4?? looking at them my self
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