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  1. 3 of my remotes same problem LED dimming badly
  2. looking for up to 5 x 8 channel adaptive dimmers V1 (C4-DIN-8DIM-E) DS2 Mini am UK based but also have a US postal address
  3. I am looking to buy a few bits , mainly square config keypads but some more bits in the future please PM me and i'll give exact requirements thanks tony
  4. Need a few Square config keypads both wired & wireless Based in UK thanks
  5. ok thanks Matt. it seems a bit weird as all my IOS devices seem to track ok and if i navigate to the room home page on the PC software and toggle the lights from a configurable keypad the lighting bulb on the home page turns on and off.
  6. I don;t suppose many use the PC program to control their system but I find it useful when working and saves fiddling around with an ipad however it doesn't seem to track lights so if I have a scene that toggles on and off from an IOS device it does not work on the PC anybody come across this and is this just a piece of software that's been neglected as it seems a bit clunky have the latest version installed and running windows 7
  7. thanks for the responses @Unsocialtoasterdo you know if that's all current Sony smart tv's?
  8. i'm approaching the end of my house refurb and will soon be purchasing TV's for the bedrooms I generally buy samsung but understand the UK ones aren't iP controllable yet. Does anybody have any suggestions of UK Smart TV's that are reliably IP controlled via control4 thanks Tony
  9. thanks Braydon I understand a bit better now, I thought the systems used entirely different cables panic over
  10. twmoonly thank you for your response do you have a code for that cable. this is the stuff i have been looking at but I have no experience with lutron or crestron so do not know if it can be used on them in future http://www.createautomation.co.uk/Liberty-LLINX-U-Cable-for-Control4-Wired-Lighting-System--305m_p_5029.html
  11. i'm installing a panelised lighting system in our house during a refurb. It looks like C4 no longer recommend using cat6 and have specified a couple of brands of control cable. I am happy to pay for the more expensive control cable but I am a bit worried I am painting myself into a corner using a cable that doesn't seem to be used by other manufacturers. you can run most signals through cat6 so am wondering if i might be better using that to future proof the wiring as it seems it still works if wired as they specify for retrofits anybody with any thoughts or experience of this? thanks in advance
  12. Thanks Bogdy. i ended up buying a couple of bulbs which are pretty impressive
  13. this looks very interesting so I bought a sensor & hue bridge to try the driver out. I am having trouble setting it up as it's asking for hue lights of which I do not have and did not intend to use as i'm putting in a panelized lighting system so is it the case I cannot add the sensor to the bridge until I have added a Hue light? thanks
  14. was this on an IOS device the power button on the iphone driver doesn't work at all. But the turn room off button on the SR 260 does. not sure what the problem is I've tried all the power settings on the samsung. did you manage to get it to turn on via the ex link?
  15. I have a Samsung UE65HU7200 with Ex link working fine except power on. I have tried hotel mode on and off but power on doesn't work with either. So close but yet so far and really frustrating. any advice would be welcome I am using the following driver Name: Samsung UN65F6300AFXZA [Serial][IR] thanks
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