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  1. I have a Roku, fireTV and 4 apple TV's . I am pushing the mini drivers to the Roku as I find the fireTV tends to be clunky with them. The Roku just works better. I have programming that turns CNBC on every morning to wake me up and have been using directv as i could tune to a channel number. I could not do that with HULU or PSVue but now that the driver is out I can have it open CNBC on the Roku. Now that I can get rid of Directv I have to decide what to do for TV as my 6 year old wants NickJR and HULU does not offer it. PSVue doesn't either but is shutting down end of year. I guess I will have to go with AT&T Now. Still save me a couple hundred a month and I get three inputs back on my matrix.
  2. Just noticed the fine folks at C4 have published a Universal Driver for CNBC. This makes me happy. It's the last piece of the puzzle for me to get rid of Directv!
  3. Unplug the internet router from the ISP modem. Cycle your router, Switch and AP's and see if you still have issues with the ISP device unplugged. If you don't, call your ISP and ask them to re-provision your device so that you get a new IP address and then try with your ISP device plugged into your router. A DDOS attack will cripple your routers ability to work regardless if the firewall is blocking the offending packets. The whole point is to deny service. That service is both internal and external. Are you running the Unifi network software? What does that tell you?
  4. Has anyone worked with CasaTunes in or out of Control4? I am interested to hear folks thoughts.
  5. I understand and agree but this is Linux, not Windows NT.
  6. Do me a favor and bounce your director. Let me know if your remotes start working after the bounce.
  7. That is the same situation I am in now. The IOS app works but the 260 remote does not. Let me mention that I configured the blue button to go to the main menu and it works on the 260 yet nothing else works on the 260. I even set the debug and can see the command issued when I press a button on the remote. I have the bridge, EA5, 3.1 and ios 13.x
  8. Popular or unpopular as my statement may be, 13.x and Control4 is a mess. The new driver does not work consistently. Beta or gold version, it does not matter. It should not matter. I was happy with the old IP driver. It worked just fine. Now the newest driver works with the c4 ios app as a remote but I cannot get the actual C4 remote to work. I have several instances of control 4. Some on 3 and some on 2.10. I had to revert to the IR driver on 2.10 to be able to use a 13.x AppleTV as the newest driver does not run on HC gear and requires EA gear and the old IP driver does not work with IOS 13.x. I have the newest driver in 3.1x and the bridge has screwed up the Home app on my iPhone. All I can now see id apple items and control4 items. I no longer see any of my Hue lights or smart plugs. Sorry, but It's just a mess. I hope C4 and Apple recognize what a mess this is and is working to put out a better integration in the future.
  9. IMHO, kinda underwhelming. there is an immediate need for a new remote. Let me say that again, new remote, a new remote that has a voice button to talk to siri and to fireTV. Again, just my humble opinion.
  10. Does anyone have a driver that will start CNBC from a FIreTV?
  11. I have this issue ALL the time!!
  12. While watching something on appletv, I will see a pop up saying the control 4 remote disconnected and the reconnected. Is this a zigbee issue? I have light switches all over the house that should help strengthen the mesh. Anyone have any suggestions on what I can do to stop this? thanks in advance.
  13. Thanks everyone. I was able to get it working with the beta that dropped yesterday. Had to pull the appletv's out of the rack to get them all upgraded but they now work.
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