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  1. Ok, That worked! Wish I could have made it connect to the share. Now I just have to find a good app to clean up my Music Directory.
  2. Thanks, I will take a look at this tonight and see how I am configured and change it if necessary. will advise later this evening.
  3. Not sure what you are asking. It's a normal share. I have no issues getting to the share from a windows box using \\10.0.30.x\Music . The message is connection failed.
  4. I saw this yesterday but it no worky for me.
  5. I did repair the remotes with one of the 4 apple tv's in my project. In the past I have only had to do it on one Apple TV and all of them would work. Do I need to do it on every appleTV?
  6. Can anyone help shed some light on how to the the Network File Server driver to connect to a music share? I have no problems connecting to the share from my PC but cannot for the life of me connect from control4. Thanks in advance!
  7. Odd thing is happening. I am not able to control any of my AppleTV's. On Friday, my dealer upgraded me from an HC-800 to an EA5. Now when I go to appleTV, I am able to move around but if I go into an app and select a program I am no longer able to control the AppleTV at all. I have to pull my phone out and use the remote app to get out of the show. I am on 2.10.6. Latest AppleTV Driver Thoughts?
  8. Looking to play with some Unifi Cameras. is there a generic driver in c4 that will work? or Does anyone have a copy of the free Generic Fixed IP Camera located at: http://www.yatundev.eu/drivers/generic-fixed-ip-camera. I am not a dealer but would like to get a copy of it. Thanks in advance
  9. I have been playing with DirecTv Now on my apple TV as an alternative to traditional DirecTv and am wondering something. Is there a way for control4 to tune into a channel on DirecTv now on an AppleTV? Today I have a process where CNBC turns on weekday mornings at 6:30am along with the lamps turning on. I don't see a way to do that with DirecTv Now. Does anyone have any insight on this or is there a DirecTv Now driver out there that can be added? Thanks in advance!!
  10. OK, I'll ask what everyone is wondering? Did you RTFM?
  11. You can attach a sensor to a c4 thermostat.
  12. Check out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1HOMscbV6IA
  13. I had the same issue yesterday and this morning. I rebooted the director and I still had the issue. I looked and noticed I was on ver 104 and 110 was available on the site. I pulled down 110 and updated the driver and everything was working again. I did not do a re-discovery, just updated the driver. I am thinking that something got whacked out yesterday when I updated a bunch of other drivers in the system.
  14. I have been messing around with When - Then tonight. I like that C4 thought to add the ability to put motion sensors in the when section but they forgot to add a timer for then. Just giving my thoughts. As I tested it, I realized that my wife would get really pissed at me if every time she walked in a room the lights turned off on her when she stopped moving. IMHO, it needs to be: When no motion -- then after 15 (vairiable) minutes turn the X lights off.
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