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  1. Is anyone having issues with the intercom service? My phone says it cannot connect with the service. Is Control4 having an issue? The camera on my door station is working fine. Thoughts?
  2. I have smb1 as the lowest and 3 highest. i have a music user with read only for the share but that does not work either.
  3. I connect to my nas from my windows pc as \\ip_address\Multimedia\music I am using the admin user and password. I connect from My PC just fine. ------------ I try and use the same in control4 and it does not connect. I get cannot connect to network share. ------------- I can SSH into the controller and ping the nas by name and device. I am just at a loss here. I never had this issue with my qnap.
  4. A few thoughts about what I like and what I don't like. Like -- - The speed seems much better - The app for the phone and iPad is much better - Intercom works well - Ring anywhere works great Dislike -- - Why would they get rid of the security, lighting and comfort from the main navigator? This is driving me insane. All that blank real-estate on the screen. Yes, I change the temp and control my pool from my TV. I also turn lights off from my TV. Please, for the love of all that is good, bring this back. - Not a fan of the side bar. Use the main navigator area. I will have to train my wife all over again. - You let me create shortcuts on my app, why not let me do it to the main menu? - What happened to the animated wallpaper? I really liked that. - No voice integration on the app with appleTV. - Modifying the Navigator menus in composer is misleading because even though you can add, arrange and hide things like security, lighting and comfort, you don't get security, lighting and comfort on the main navigator menu. Not even on the side bar! - Still cannot connect to my synology NAS with the Network File Storage driver. I realize Control4 wants to showcase their app but please stay with your roots and allow us to choose how and from where we want to control our house! I am done with my rant, thanks for reading.
  5. Has it been determined if OS3 supports SMB 3.x? I have yet to see that documented anywhere. Planning to upgrade once my new door station and LCD screens come in but am mapping out some changes I would like to make.
  6. Need some direction... When I upgraded to the EA5 from the HC800, I noticed that after 30 seconds or so the screen goes black. When I press a button, the screen comes back. Is there a way to change this to a longer duration? I like to have the camera on the TV to keep an eye on my kids but that also goes black after 30 seconds or so. I have looked but don't see where I change this. I am sure I am just not looking in the correct place. Any help is appreciated.
  7. I don't suppose Control4 will continue to support 2.10.x with bug and security fixes after the announcement today?
  8. I missed the touch screen part. Are you saying the touch screens I bought 4 years ago will not work in 3 or will the new interface just not update?
  9. IMHO -- They really needed to release a new remote that supports voice commands with OS3. I realize the bought Neeo to be able to provide a better remote, they just need to step the timeline up.
  10. I hope to God Control4 supports SMB 3 and 3.1 in the upcoming 3.0 release. If they don't, I see this as a sad vision of what we can truly expect from them in the future.
  11. Lawyers always send out press releases after a merger announcement. They are trying to make a buck by filing a BS Law Suit. Ignore it
  12. i guess the real question now is the 600 mil valuation on C4 and SnapAV being a privately held company, do I sell my shares today or wait and hope the deal does not go south. The deal is 23.91 a share but now trading above 24. Is there another buyer that could step in? Maybe I just need to consult the Magic 8 Ball for advice?!?!
  13. I have a frame TV and the IP driver works great! Not sure what the difference would be in a UK driver.
  14. Ok, That worked! Wish I could have made it connect to the share. Now I just have to find a good app to clean up my Music Directory.
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