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  1. Sorry for being off topic but I suspect I will get an honest answer here. I have a client looking to change her alarm panel to a qolsys panel with alarm.com. She has Viasat as her ISP. Her alarm company is telling her she cannot use a qolsys panel with sat internet sevice. Can anyone conform this and tell me why or is this nonsense? Thanks in advance.
  2. Doing a house renovation project with a client and installing C4. The client made the decision to move forward with Alarm.com for Security and Cameras. I know we can do the integration with the alarm as it will be a qolsys panel. Has anyone pulled in the alarm.com cameras into control4? I scanned them the other day and there are only 5 or 6 ports listening on them but none of them provided a login interface. Thoughts? Thanks in advance
  3. I have an idea what your issue could be. I sent you a PM. I suspect I have seen this before.
  4. Not true. if you have 5 different controllers, you can adopt five different devices to 5 different controllers. Why you would do that I don't know, but you can
  5. Has anyone used: https://leakdefensesystem.com/leak-defense-system/ Does anyone know if there is an integration with Control4?
  6. Understood. I was probably not clear. I was replacing to HC250's with ea1's and needed to get the code to 2.10 so I could do the migration and then the 3x upgrade/
  7. I am using the device image updater for the first time. Hope this is not a mistake.
  8. What is the update sequence from 2.8.1 and 2.9.1 to 2.10.6?
  9. Trying to upgrade 2 ea1's to 2.10.x and I am getting the following: An error occurred trying to download an update package: (16): "Insufficient space perform the update" -- see the log for more details Is this a windows space issue? How much space do I need?
  10. Does anyone have any sr-260 remotes they are looking to get rid of? My dogs have chewed up three of my remotes and I was hoping someone may have some used or demo remotes they are looking to part with. Thanks in advance.
  11. Fair enough, please disregard my suggestion.
  12. Why are you looking to do VLANS?
  13. Why not just set your LAN to be a /22 and set your dhcp scope to use the the second half of 500ish addresses and then just make everything static using the first have of the addresses? Are you planning on doing isolation that would require you to set up multiple Vlans?
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