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  1. I am experiencing something similar except certain channels of speakers were going out. Simple install. C4 HDMI switch, C4 16 channel matrix audio switch, C4 8 zone amp. Connections are good, bindings are good. I started noticing certain speakers in certain rooms were not playing. I pulled the amp and replaced it. Same problem so I moved to focus on the 16 channel switch. I replaced the audio matrix switch and rebuilt everything in composer after some troubleshooting. All good! Two weeks later I noticed my master bedroom left channel is not working. Ugh?! Cables are seated correctly. Back to more troubleshooting.
  2. I have a 16ZAMSV3 connected to a 16AMP3. Every time I power cycle the switch I get a loud pop on all speakers throughout. I mean loud. I don't get this same thing when I pull power on the AMP. Any ideas why?
  3. I am NOT running any VM and I have done all of the above including more from the KB. I still get the error of "can't access this shared folder because of security policies". Everything was fine and then poof, gone. Running 3.1.2. Same thing for uploading images through Composer. I have deleted all announcements and tried from scratch. I have pulled off every security I can think of. Lanman Workstation, Private Network, SMB 1.0/CIFS File Sharing Support. Anyone have any other ideas?
  4. Matt, if I had a relay and contact closure working before, then upgraded to a MyQ Liftmaster, this gets back the simple integration as before with a contact closure and relay I presume?
  5. I've been banging around on the forum trying to find a solution for the MyQ. I don't want to buy a driver and would rather get back to a wired solution. From what I can gather there is a way to solder or use an existing remote? I can't find anything that explains in more detail. I recently just upgraded to an opener that is MyQ and I lost my contact, but still have my status. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. Did you ever figure this out? I have not been able to.
  7. I recently put in a C4-16AMP3 married to my Matrix Audio Switch because of a faulty C4 dummy amp. I don't recall having switch issues before; however I seem to be having issues with the work I have recently done with the swap. I factory reset and upgraded firmware, locked inputs, set gains, confirmed CENTER balance, restored bindings for the new amp. I noticed after install the left speaker is playing faint on all rooms on all sources. I swapped L/R inputs at the amp and the problem switched to the right speaker. That tells me the amp channels are not an issue and issue must be at the switch. I checked balance in the switch and everything is set to CENTER. Running 2.10.0, firmware Any ideas?
  8. I want to execute an event on C4 when a Lutron scene is executed. Basically want C4 to monitor HWQS for a scene is on or off.
  9. my guest wifi password is "freeloader".
  10. I did some searching and I can't find exactly what I am looking for. I wish for C4 to monitor a Lutron HWQS programmed scene so I can trigger C4 events. All lighting is programmed in HWQS. For example I have a few C4 outlet switches that I want to trigger based off of already programmed Lutron scenes. Can someone help me with that please? Is there a status I need to monitor inside Advanced lighting?
  11. Since C4 doesn't have a video wall component I need to program audio swap through Custom Buttons. I can't seem to get it right in my head on programming. I have created two rooms; Game Room Left and Game Room Right. Both rooms have Video's Audio End Point as Amp->Room Selection 3 for the overhead speakers. Instead of needing to switch rooms on my touchscreen each time I want to swap audio I figured I could do it by programming two custom buttons "Left TV" and "Right TV" on each room will call that zone's audio. I can't seem to think of how I can easily swap audio in that room.
  12. This has been driving me nuts. I'll try to summarize as best as possible. C4 Matrix HDMI Switch. Zone 1 is output (for video and IR) to Family Room TV through HDBaseT Receiver. Zone 7 is output (for audio) to in rack Integra Receiver. Video works at the TV. Integra receiver will not pick up HDMI audio. I have recalibrated HDMI switch multiple times. Refreshed navigator, power cycled everything multiple times. Tried 16 bit, stereo, surround sound modes on Apple TV. TV audio is turned off at TV. I have multiple other HDMI sources (4 Directv, bluray, wii) in this same setup that all work fine passing HDMI audio to the receiver. I get the same result with Apple TV 3 and Apple TV 4. The Integra flashes HDMI on the front of the display and then registers as no source. It is if the EDID Management is not in sync?
  13. Thanks C4 Guru. I contacted C4 and they say the only work around is the Leaf Baluns, but none of them are powered so another purchase is necessary for that. Very expensive solution for one replacement balun.
  14. I have an existing C4 HDMI Matrix Switch. Does anyone know if an alternative receiver to the C4-HDBTEB-B will work? Perhaps the Leaf replacement? C4 is out of stock and I don't anticipate them getting more since this quickly went end of life. I need two for my personal home. Thanks.
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