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  1. Good call out. I needed to do some swapping because of a bad channel on the HDMI switch. Instead of routing the video through the HDMI switch, I am sending from a Binary HDMI B-540-EXT to a C4-HDBTEB-B. Snap said they use the same protocol. It seems like the emitter is getting power because it does light up, but hardly flashes.
  2. HC800 IR 1 output > Binary HDBaseT Transmit input > C4 HDBaseT Receiver with flasher. I can't seem to chase this IR issue. I recently had to replace my C4 HDBaseT Receiver with a Binary HDBaseT Receiver. IR seems to not be passing correctly. I have tried mono mini and stereo mini between C4 and Binary Receiver. C4 HDBaseT Receiver IR Flasher out. Flasher seems to run hot as it lights up, and has a little flash. Any suggestions on what to try? My TV is too old to do LAN control.
  3. Interlogix tx-e251. Can say they are still sitting on my desk and I have not done it yet. Life happens.
  4. Thanks everyone. Very helpful. Now I just need to determine if I can program Bond without having my Somfy remote. I lost an SR260 and Somfy remote in our last rain storm. Good times.
  5. I'm not 100% clear. I have a Somfy RTS shade and I simply want to have C4 raise and lower. It seems Bond is best for that, but do I need the chowmain driver still in order to accomplish raise and lower?
  6. I have an outdoor shade in my ramada with a Somfy RTS. I have both Lutron and C4. I only need up/down. It looks like it is best to use Bond with C4 driver. I can program up/dn on my HomeworksQS keypad to initiate the C4 side unless someone has a better idea through Lutron. Question: I just fried my Somfy remote in a rain storm for my Somfy shade. Is there any way to program the shade to Bond without the factory remote? Thanks.
  7. Good call on the tape. Delivered today and will install later or tomorrow. Appreciate it.
  8. IntelliTouchi9 control through C4 has been garbage at best. I may have to upgrade the board. It looks to be about $800US to upgrade to the new board and take advantage of these features. I may have to do that.
  9. My kids have left the gate open a couple of times and I'm worried about the dog. What is the best outdoor wireless contact sensor that is being used? How do you experts solve this? *Awesome info on this forum. Thank you to all that share.
  10. I have had the same issue for a couple of years and it has been driving me crazy. Fully rebuilt, swapped amps. Nothing. Annoying. My wife hates it.
  11. I have a mini split, Pioneer. I don't see it listed anywhere on ChowMain although Sensibro says it can be controlled. I purchased a wifi internet controller that works through Cielio app. I would think the wifi controller would be able to be controlled by C4 or CM driver. Any suggestion if anyone has experience or just go with Sensibo? Pioneer Wireless Control Module Thx
  12. There is not much out there that I can find regarding this Leap driver documentation and how it works. I have a QS system. I'd be happy to update to a QSX if it gives me the ability to have accurate scene mapping and integration into my C4 and Lutron system. Would this give the ability to properly mimic Lutron QS keypads with scene control. In almost all of my jobs the main top button in every room is the main lighting scene for the room, followed by individual control below. Getting C4 to recognize those keypad button w scene control has been a pain. Individual button control is no problem.
  13. I don't have controllable power outlets on my personal system. I don't believe it is possible as I don't see it in System Manager, but is it possible to do a programmed reboot on a C4 Matrix Switch or 16AMP3 without pulling power? I'm tired of chasing an issue where I lose audio channels in rooms and then get them back after a reboot. I figure I'll just program to reboot every night if possible.
  14. I'm talking about getting the current weather screen that is already available in the bottom right corner of a T3 screen. It is basically just automating that button press on the screen, but I don't see it anywhere.
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