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  1. HI Guys, am chasing if it existing a driver for the Gefen CU-Lan video over IP products... Has anyone used?? Cheers
  2. Have narrowed down the problem further. The playbar has to have been playing a stream before hand IE a radio station or anything in the que. Then when you group it with another zone that has a stream ready to go, it will then start to play that stream in that room when you select a video source on the playbar. If playbar was last on video audio then it will not start the stream of other rooms..
  3. Hi Guys Have found a bug in the Control 4 Sonos Driver 8.0.6. When the playbar is grouped with other zones it will start to play the last internet radio station in that group when it ungroups itself. For example, Playbar grouped with 4 connect amps that was listening to BBC Radio1. Radio station has been stopped. When you select to 'watch' any video source, the playbar will ungroup and play the Video audio as it should, however will sometimes start the radio stream playing in 4 connect amp zones that it has just left... I am getting this to happen about 75% of the time. Has anyone else had this issue? I have put in the 7.3.7 driver and this issue so far doesn't appear to surface, however when you select the video audio on the SR260, it will then jump to the sonos input on the remote when it ungroups. Frustrating, and more so for my client..
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