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  1. Hey guys, resurrecting this thread because I have been porting the "now playing" driver to OS 3.1 / T3's and in the process I made it independent from any shared folder whatsoever. The new version uses announcement agent or (preferred) popups to display the current song information, so no longer tied to screensaver (which was unreliable and appears to not work anymore on T3's anyway) So basically the driver will display cover art and album/track info from the currently playing CD on any enabled touchscreen in real time. Track changes, info changes. Personally I find it very cool although I seem the only one left who runs 777 changers 🙂 Please do not lecture me again on how CDs could be best stored on hard drives, etc - I'm too old for that, and right because I'm an old dog I love to keep my 777's chumming along! I also thought to share the driver here in case someone is curious. Hey if you still have CDs on 777 changers you will love this. Rick nowplaying777.c4z
  2. SR260 is more responsive than Neeo in my system, dunno why. I know Neeo is supposed to be faster (wifi vs zigbee) but for this specific task it isn't. Also if I keep vol up/down pressed, Neeo takes a long time for a up or down level step, while the SR260 is way faster. Dunno if this is because Neeo needs to update the screen for visual feedback, or if there are other reasons. Ideas? Thanks Rick
  3. I have volume feedback on screen, and the SR260 is better at volume setting actually. Still evaluating. I miss the pause button, I still have DVD's in my system (yes I'm an old dog)
  4. just curious, what do you use your screen space for?
  5. Apart from aestethic issues which I could live with, when I tried the media player I was using was sometimes going out of sync with the muting state (i.e. sometimes toggling mute was received but pause was not, then toggling mute again woud unmute but also pause the unpaused movie and only fix would be stop the movie and resume)
  6. For special functions I can look for them on the screen but the pause button is one of those buttons you want/need to hit without having to look. At least I feel it should be like that. Wanted to remap the "mute" that I never use, but there is no way to avoid sending the mute command together with your programmed action
  7. The navigation is one thing, I am talking about the nostalgy of a hard "pause" button on the Neeo. Using the screen navigator is impractical while watching a movie....
  8. You talking about the Neeo and mean the OK button? Yes of course it all depends on the driver, yours maps OK button pressed while playing as pause. But in any case it's a programmatic thing (what the developer decides to map to the OK button in driver). I wish a dedicated pause button was available, that would work with any media player or product.
  9. that makes sense and it's what I was expecting. Thank you for confirming! Rick
  10. When using the C4 app for iPad or iPhone, is it connecting directly to the controller using local wifi when possible, or is it always going to C4's servers for each action I perform? Asking to understand latency problem Thanks Rick
  11. It's just me, or does anybody feel that the very cool and sleek Neeo remote is missing a pause hard button? How do you guys implement pause when playing a movie from a media player with the Neeo? Rick
  12. I am testing the Zappiti 4k HDR and love the interface, Alan did a great job as usual, but the movie playing / not playing events are unreliable, they fire for no reason, both while watching a movie and when player is idle... so any theather-like automation based on those event is not working properly at this time, until they fix the problem in Zappiti video. Rick
  13. I do have an additional question though. if I reprogram the "mute toggle" I see the mute command is still sent to the amplifier, is there a way to avoid that? Rick
  14. Yeah I should have tried before asking. But thank you for your time! Rick
  15. I see it's the same as the SR260 🙂 I knew it was a stupid question. Please forgive me 🙂
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