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  1. Doorbell.wav file is the Audio that is being played, not sure if the type of format or size of sound file is the issue here? Is there any guide as to what works and what doesn't? It seems to work, as the sound file is being heard in every Audio Zone that is configured to receive it, but only with this hefty delay being added to the Announcement tself. So I get the C4-DS2 pinging its Doorbell sound, the T3 Touchscreens Intercom kicking in and ringing, then this big delay and eventually the Ceiling speakers make the Doorbell sound. So certainly better than no sound, but still
  2. Control4 Audio Matrix Switch (C4-16ZAMS-V3-B) with a Control4 8-Zone Amplifier (C4-AMP108) The C4-Amplifer is set to be Triggered on from one of the assigned Main Controller's Relay Outputs.
  3. I get the Announcement to work every time, but I had to install an 8 second delay in the Announcement to the various configured rooms for it to be heard, otherwise if this delay was shorter you would start to hear a shorter/clipped version of the Doorbell and eventually if you reduced the delay further, then no sound, just the amp clicking ON and eventually timing out. I wondered whether to use the Motion sense of the Door station camera to at least trigger the Amp to fire up in advance or anticipation of a Call button being pressed. To achieve this I am not sure whether to use a Fak
  4. There is a minor Software update out for 3.2.1, but I think that deals with issues on T4's and in particular TT versions.
  5. Basic things to do would be; Reset of Touch using top button on T3 screen Reboot/PowerCycle Controller
  6. Hi Gary, I checked with a friend who also has a HC-800 running OS3.2.1 and he has History working. So now not sure if it is HC-800 hardware related?
  7. Hi Gary, sorry for tardy reply, just seen this. Like you I also have my old favourite HC-800-BL1. This was upgraded recently from OS2.10.6 to OS3.2.1, however I have never seen the History agent working on my system and upgrading OS hasn't solved that. So I am guessing its an issue with the HC-800-BL1, but not exactly sure. The History Agent has been added my system for some time now, originally on OS2 and still n OS3. I can see the History experience button available from T3 touchscreens & App, but nothing ever shows, just a circular symbol whizzing around whilst checking,
  8. My system runs from my old HC-800, which I've had since 2014, and I guess for past year or so its been running on OS quite happily. This Zigbee identify issue is odd to me, because I have around 40 Zigbee devices distributed all around my house, and the only ZServer in the house is the HC-800, which is centrally located in the house. I don't have any trouble identifying the newer firmware models (02.01.02). For a while I did have other ZAPS provided by HC-250's behind each TV, but no one bothers to use the local Navigator anymore & Lighting all works well, so I had
  9. I have these Zigbee Pro devices identified and working so I have no immediate problem. however if the Wireless Relay module is powered off or removed from the system then it seems that these 02.00.08 firmware devices will be Offline. they then refuse to re-identify to main controller HC-800 or secondary HC-250’s?
  10. I tried all of the methods you suggested, 13X, 9X, I already did the battery boot up and press the button. None of these helped unfortunately. What I don't understand is that all of the 02.00.08 Motion Sensor devices have only identified via the Wireless relay WMS10-R device being present. The baffling thing is that physically there are several other Zigbee devices very nearby, literally 2m or 3m metres away. These are like Light Switches C4-SW120, Kepypads C4-KC120, Puck Dimmers C4-DM201-Z, etc. etc. Yet it ignores all of the other devices and only identifies and links via
  11. Change to Ch 14 didn't solve unfortunately. So only the Sensors with the newer ver 02.01.02 will identify to the local Zigbee. The ver 02.00.08 just go through the motions of trying to identify but just timeout, so not sure if I can solve this as it looks like its part of the older Firmware version. They physically look exactly the same devices, no matter the firmware version, as they are all WMS10-2-ZP. However in my Garage, remote to the main house there is just a single HC-250 controller. Its function is just operating Garage Door Opening/Closing & the Zigbee Mesh ju
  12. I think I’m on Ch25 so I’ll give 14 a go. Thanks, let’s see if it’s a solution.
  13. All devices are actually Identified and currently working and functional. These are all Card Access devices. I have quite a few Motion Sensors WMS10 devices in my system and have the odd Relay Devices WCS10-R's. My quest is to try & update the devices to the latest Firmware version, but not sure how to do it. The reason is the latest version allows easy identification of the devices. The newest Motion Sensors seem to be running Firmware 02.01.02 and as such can be identified easily via the Main controllers HC-800 or HC-250 controllers. However
  14. I have quite a few Card Access Wireless Motion Sensors. All operational but some seem to rely on a Card Access Relay module for their Zigbee connection. The ones on the older firmware are the ones reliant on this Wireless Relay connection. They are currently operating on different Firmware versions, the latest one seems to be 02.01.02 and the oldest 02.00.08. How can I set these all to the latest? Anybody know how to force them to update to the later version.
  15. I have a similar problem. Even though I followed the Instructions and changed the various Expert settings from within the TV’s menu. Added MAC address info etc to the driver. I could see the TV in the Discovered items as an SDDP device, but same as you this would not load to project when selected. Next step was similar, search for an Online driver based on TV type and load that. I switched the TV on from its own remote and under Connections/Network could see the SDDP version of the Samsung TV appear under other devices. It showed the model and MAC address. I dragged it over to t
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