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  1. Replying to myself..............not good. I switched the "C4 Speaker Point" into Advanced Audio mode & realised that the HC800 was then actually pumping out Advanced Audio at 96kHz/24bit whereas before ithe Audio Quality Resolution was "Greyed out" and wasn't indicating what it was at. I tried to select 192kHz/24bit but the Active Quality never changed from 96kHz, so out of 3 available settings, 44, 96 & 192 only the lower 44kHz & 96kHz were available. When the Speaker Point is not switched to Advanced Audio the options are greyed out completely as seen in previous message, so not sure what the basic resolution is for Digital Audio (non Advanced)? Anyway, for convenience, I'll still suffer the lower Audio resolution, whatever that may be, for the added convenience of the Speaker Point..........at least for now.
  2. Here an extract from my HC800 controller. So before the recent addition of an old "C4 Speaker Point "to my Garden "Gazebo", I was listening to HC800's Advanced Audio with a resolution of 192kHz/24 bit. Now it looks like I have downgraded the sound to 96kHz/24 bit. It's still pretty good and the ease at which I've gained C4 music right at the end of my garden without major wiring and effort is worth it, certainly for summer.
  3. I have had this issue myself. I followed the steps you have, hold down ID button whilst applying battery power & wait to clear any previously stored Zigbee network connection. Then to my dismay tried to identify..........................with no luck. In the end, even though the room I was identifying in had multiple Zigbbee loaded KD-120270's (Dimmer Keypads) and KC-120270's (Keypads) and nearby rooms were loaded with other Zigbee devices, still no luck. So in the end I introcuced an old Card Access Wireless Relay device (WCS10-R) to the room, for no other reason than this was the same generation device and I have never had an issue identifying it. This appeared to do the trick. 4 Presses on the ID button on the WMS10 was immediately successful? I don't know why, I can't explain it , so if you have such a device then maybe give it a go. PS Some of my devices are on Firmware 02.00.08 and some on 02.10.02, not sure how to go about bringing these up to the same Firmware if I wanted to?
  4. Help and advice needed I have Generic Relays bound to the Relay Outputs of my C4-IO Extender and Contact Switches bound to the Sensor Inputs. As far as the IO Extender is concerned everything is working correctly. However I notice that only the Sensor Inputs record a change of state and they record a Date & Time of activity. This can be seen on the Navigator Interface under "Locks & Sensors" Page. The Relays do what they are asked to do via programming, so they Open and Close correctly, however they never record a Date & Time of their activity. Is this something to do with a deficiency in the Control4 Driver for the C4-IO Extender module (ver 1)? I have other IO devices in the system like IO of the HC-800 Main Controller and also Remote devices like C4-Z2IO modules, they are also bound to Generic Relays & I think that they successfully record activity which makes me think that the problem isn't with the Generic Relay Driver. I was going to use change of State of some of these IO Extender relays to do some programming, but without the Event changing this won't be possible I guess. Does anyone know of a fix?
  5. So, I made a fake driver to deliver the “Power ON” IR code. Then activated this when the Room is switched on ON/OFF. It’s effective in switching the Receiver on/off but it takes 20 seconds or maybe more to appear on the Network and by then the setting of the correct Input, ie TV or DVD las long gone. So your right, it will take more programming just to make this thing operate correctly. Maybe it’s best just to leave it powered, or get a different Receiver that does work with Control4.
  6. Audio End Point and Videos Audio End Point for a Room This Receiver is providing either Stereo Audio or surround Sound Audio for a Room. It handles the Stereo feed from a C4 Audio Matrix or the Optical Output from the Rooms TV. The Amplifier is connected to the Network via Wired LAN & is set to a Static IP address. It was identified in the project via SDDP via the Discovered driver. All necessary features, Volume Up/Down, Input TV etc work via the Driver no problem. ON/OFF Control However at the moment the Amp is always ON, not ideal really. I would like to be able to switch it Off & On as required by the Power On of the Room. The Off function can be achieved via programming the Zone 1 Off. However the opposite does not work. So Programming the Zone 1 to be On does nothing. Once this thing is in Standby Mode, then it is unreachable, via the Network. Lack of Wake-on-LAN Has anyone any advice about this lack of Wake-on-LAN feature of this Receiver? IR Control to solve? Does it make sense to create a pseudo device in the room which could at least mimic the Receivers Remote Control Power ON/OFF Toggle button. Therefore if the Room was powered ON simply Emit the Toggle code for the Power ON via an IR port of the main Controller and stick a IR bid in front of the Receiver? Any advice would be appreciated.
  7. I'm running Control4 Version 2.10.6 using Control4 Driver "Premier Panels IP" as I have fitted a COM-IP module to the Com1 port of the Texecom Premier Elite 24 Panel running Ver 3.01. It works well, I think there is a newer driver out for newer versions of Hardware/Firmware, but it depends what panel & Firmware you are using I guess. I have Zone contacts "bound" to Motion Sensors to program Lighting Scenes if the area is below a certain light level. You can create macros to Set / Unset the Alarm via Keypad Presses or any number of Input methods.
  8. Sorry, I have seen your Screenshot, makes sense to me now. Thanks for posting the info, it should be possible.
  9. Can you use Advanced Lighting with this Dual Load Dimmer or is it fixed to Load ON and Load OFF type control? What I am thinking of is to use one of these Dimmers to replace a couple of single dimmers (C4-KD240's). In my existing Lighting Keypad/Dimmer setup in my house, my Lighting circuits are controlled using a 5 Button configuration plus UP/DOWN buttons for Audio Volume; Button 1 is always a toggle for an ON scene, so either 100% ON or 0% OFF. Button 2 is always a toggle for a DIM scene, so either 20% ON or 0% OFF. But I am not sure if this is capable of this type of control.
  10. Hi there, I would like to Factory Default Reset one of my Panelised Lighting modules, its a C4-DIN-REL-E (8 Channel Relay Module). Not sure of the procedure, I think it involves the reset Button in conjunction with the Module Override button, but any help would be much appreciated.
  11. OK we will see what transpires when everything is Installed and up and running and the old Speaker Points removed. I see the EA5 specification has the High-resolution audio playback of Up to 192 kHz / 24 bit. Not sure what the spec sheet said for the HC800?
  12. Hi there, thanks for the prompt reply. I don't know what the resolution of the existing Sound is, which is Digital Audio sent around my system over the Network to Speaker Points. I generally listen to things like Spotify via the Connect Driver or Airplay Music to my Control4 system on my HC800. I guess whatever I listen to, ultimately it is getting Digitized & sent over LAN to my little Speaker points, so I assume there is some inherent limitation doing it this way. What I am hoping is that there is an incremental change when I get the Matrix and Amplifier fitted & do away with the Speaker points, as I believe the HC800 can be set into a Higher Res Audio mode which I am hoping to benefit from, but maybe I am mistaken on this? If that doesn't cut the mustard then I may go down the route of EA3 or EA5. But Step by Step & I was just being a bit Nerdy to find out what steps the system would go from to & what it could go to beyond that I guess.
  13. Does anyone know the difference in Audio Resolution between the following setup; HC800 with multiroom Audio via Network connected Speaker Points - my current setup. HC800 with multiroom Audio via Analogue Stereo Outputs inputted to Control4 C4-16ZAMSV3-B & Control4 Amplifier C4-AMP108 - what I am migrating to. I believe that once the Speaker Points are removed I can set the HC800 into a Higher Resolution Audio Output, but not even sure what the system limit is at the moment using the Network connected Speaker Points?
  14. The best method, most reliable was the Driver method, other C4 programming methods were not reliable and clunky to handle. So the best way I found was to Set the correct IR Code to trigger inside the TV Driver, then it just works every time. What helped me was to Sadopt a strategy of setting the TV to the DTV Input (Antenna) every time for every Input Change to make sure I had the same starting point. If I wanted to "Watch TV" then trigger the Antenna Input IR code. If I wanted to "Watch HDMI1" then trigger the TV button IR code, to make sure I started from the TV source, followed by Source button IR code executed 2 times to get me to the correct input HDMI1, all with a small delay of 1/2 second between each Code trigger. If I wanted to "Watch HDMI2" then trigger the TV button IR code, to make sure I started from the TV source, followed by Source button IR code executed 3 times to get me to the correct input HDMI2, all with a small delay of 1/2 second between each Code trigger.
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