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  1. Got it working. RIS Mode *91 on panel set to "8, 2". Read a lot of instructions stating newer panels don't need programming for RIS Mode. Tried it on my Vista 21ip and bingo! Posting in case anyone else runs into this issue.
  2. Just installed a wired basic contact sensor. Installed and connected drivers, sensors don't respond in C4. If I close the sensor the system shows ready in C4, open it and system immediately changes to "not ready to arm" but nothing for the sensor itself.
  3. Yes. In the driver, under Security Panel, Partition 1, the zones auto populated. The motions are listed as "motion sensors". "State" box is checked, "Can Control" is not checked.
  4. I have the zones set as (04) Interior Follow , Partition 1, Report Code 20, normally closed. Various names ie, "Family Room Motion".
  5. Hello. I've searched online and haven't found this particular issue so looking for some help. I installed a Honeywell Vista 21IP with a 4232CBM. C4 is on OS3. Everything connected fine and C4 sees the alarm system, arm, disarm, status, all work fine. Within the alarm system, wired motion sensors work fine however, they do not respond in C4. The motions appear in UI (Person walking) but don't show motion when tripped. I added generic motion sensors and made the connections, still don't activate. Any ideas or help? Thanks
  6. I have a mix of Axis and Hikvision IP cameras. Driver works great with the Axis cameras but won't send an image with Hikvision. I can paste the snapshot URL in a browser and get an image with no auth needed. Any ideas on what I might be missing?
  7. I have a Vidabox running their Drop N Rip version of My Movies. I don't see the advantage of having the latest version if it's not going to work. Any idea on how to roll My Movies back to an older version that works with the driver? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. I can't get any Blu rays into my collection. If I add one, the system stalls. If I remove it, the driver keeps scanning as normal. You are correct, very annoying! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. I know this is an old thread however, this is my exact problem. Regular DVDs scan immediately but Blu Rays stall. Was there ever a solution to this? Thanks
  10. Using the process from the KB, I unplug power, depress the "factory reset" button with a paperclip, plug power back in. HDMI is connected but no signal at this point. The power light begins to flash blue for about five seconds (stays solid blue), then the link begins flashing blue which continues for about 30 seconds (stays solid blue). Data begins flashing blue for about three seconds (stays solid blue). Wifi begins blinking purple, I release the reset button at this time. It continues to blink purple for about three seconds, then blinks about three times blue, then remains lit. At this point
  11. Is there another way to factory reset or network reset other than what I've already tried? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Checked the router and the device is not getting an IP address. Gave it a static address and still can't ping or connect to the controller.
  13. Also, the controller has only been wired with Ethernet directly to my switch. I don't have an unsecured wifi for it to connect to. Ethernet port lights on the back are solid green on the right and flashing on the left.
  14. Thanks for the replies. Matt, after the boot up, the screen goes to "Control4" it doesn't show anything during the boot, just after. My HC-250 boots with just the "4" logo, the 800 has the full "Control4"...if that means anything. I've checked system manager and the controller isn't found. Cyknight, the lights have varied from all my attempts to get it to boot up. Most commonly, it boots normally with power, link, and data solid blue. I have tried other ways to boot it and restore it and have seen all lights including wifi in blue. I tried other boots and seen only power lit in blue. Curr
  15. I tried a network reset. I read you hold the button and apply power. When I try this, all the lights boot normal, I did notice once or twice, the wifi light stays lit after the boot. I also read for a factory reset, you hold the reset button and apply power and I read you hold the reset button when plugged in. I've tried both ways with no result. I also read where you only need to hold the reset button for 7-10 seconds before wifi starts flashing, "link" flashes for about 30 seconds, then data, then wifi starts to flash. No matter what I've tried, once all the lights are on, the HDMI displays
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