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  1. I had this issue with the IE TS as intercom running EA-3 as controller on 2.10.1. Tinkering a while I used a HC-250 (also on 2.10.1) as a SipServer and was able to get it back working.
  2. Thanks for the response. The WMB is far from the HC250, thats why I use the SP to connect the audio output to the system. Until 2.9 It worked fine. Could stream the WMB to any other SP in the setup. Now I cannot. Only the connected SP when configured in local amp mode can reproduce sound. So my guess the problem is in the HC250. Something changed on 2.10 and I need a workaround.
  3. I have a WMB connected from the stereo out to the input of a SP. Setup uses a HC250. Until 2.9 everything worked fine. Since upgrade to 2.10 I'm unable to hear any streaming coming from the WMB. Only when local Amp is checked does audio come out (only on local SP). Properties show WMB is receiving streaming information from source without issues. Any help appreciated since I'm at a lost.
  4. Thank you for the fast response Cyknight. As a work around (besides the obvious reencoding of the files), would it work if I exchange some of the SPs for a C4 4 zone AMP? That would require some extra cable to centralize the audio source, but I think will prove more practical on the long run. Does the AMP play the m4a files and can it be used as a proper substitute? Regards
  5. Hi, I need assistance in playing apple non-drm music files (*.m4a) through my home setup. I have an iPod connected to the HC-250 controller on the 2.7 firmware. When I play music through the different Speaker Points of the setup I'm unable to get sound from the m4a. They play in the sense that they get recognized and the time bar of the song progresses until the end, but no sound comes out through the speakers. When playing regular mp3 files from the same source there is no issue. I'd appreciate any help on this matter. Regards
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