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  1. @eggzlot Do you happen to know if the Videostorm driver works with the new OS3?
  2. I only have 2 sources plugged in currently. I will put one source in each card and monitor the results. Thanks for the input and suggestions.
  3. 4 years old and just started happening. Ubiquiti UniFi Switch 48 POE-500W
  4. @eggzlot This issue is different. I have to go into my Matrix Manager and actual reboot the VTX to get it working again. The other issue was it actual getting the stream correct when you first select it.
  5. I have a Videostorm system. VTX100 with 4 HDMI inputs 3 VRX20 3 NVIDIA SHields Recently i have been having to reboot my VTX multiple times because my sources from there never show. I just get a black screen. I was wondering if anyone that has the system might point me in a direction for correction. I am wondering if it is overheating? Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated. As a note the VTX is running the most current firmware version as are my VRXs.
  6. Update: I have factory reset my Echo. Re-added the Control 4 Skill. Still no luck with the skill finding any of my Control 4 devices.
  7. I have a License for that driver also. It seems my issue is the Control 4 Skill is not getting all my devices?
  8. Did that twice already with no luck. Also rebooted the Controller as recommended by C4 on their troubleshooting guide.
  9. None of my devices are listed. It is not showing a single available device.
  10. My Alexa stopped working today. I went and logged into my C4 account online and all of the devices are listed under the Amazon Alexa. When I try to discover them on the Alexa it doesn't discover any of the devices. I am on 2.10.6 OS. Any Help or insight would be appreciated.
  11. @lippavisual Thanks! That fixed it.
  12. I can not find the “restart stream” command on any of my drivers? Can you point me in the right direction.
  13. Thanks Matt. Come to find out Control4 has a fix for it. It was because I was sending the Audio from those TVs (via Optiocal out of TV) back to my CMX Audio Matrix. If you are doing it this way C4 has you add a C4 Local Souurce Driver to each room doing this and it corrected the problem. Thanks for your reply. One other thing I am experiencing with the Shields is the first source I select always gives me a black screen. I need to select another source first then back to the original source I wanted for it to work correctly. I do not have that issue with my VRX's just the TVS with Shields. Thanks!
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