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  1. Thank you. Got it working. Is there any known issues with the Chowmain Videostorm IRUSB driver. It seems that when I add the Netflix Mini Driver and what is happening is I have to hit my cancel button on my remote because it stays stuck on the netplay tv app. It has netflix open, but it is sort of hidden under everything. anyone have any similiar issues?
  2. @alanchow My Kodi recently updated to 18. It seems my Kodi Full Driver quit working. It is showing the Control 4 Connected graphic on my Kodi. My driver says it is up to date. It seems only the PGUP and PGDWN keys are responsive. Any thoughts on to why the driver is not working? Thanks in advance.
  3. Thanks for the response. That is exactly what I am experiencing. If you hear back or get any lead on how to fix the issue I woud like to know. i am running a Shield.
  4. Is anyone successfully using the Chowmain Videostorm IRUSB drivers with a system that is running Videostorm Netplay? If so, have you gotten any mini-drivers to work? What did you connect Virtual Switcher of the Chowmain Driver to in your connections? Any help of suggestions to getting this to work would be helpful? When Netflix (Chowmain Mini Driver) gets selected from Navigator it seems to be stuck on a black screen which I have been able to identify as the NETPLAY TV App on the shield. I think the issue is that we do not have the Virtual Switcher of the Shield driver connected to the right thing in Netplay? Any assistance would be most helpful.
  5. So is there a good of Example of how to add Netflix to the Watch menu using the IRUSB with the Shield?
  6. Never-mind. Sorry for the pre-mature post. I refreshed everything and it worked.
  7. Just added IRUSB control to my Nvidia Shield. My sources are now all changing correctly but I can't seem to get any IR signals to register to to the TV. When I room OFF it does not send the IR code to my TV to turn it off. I have attached a screen shot of the connections. Is there something I missed in the set-up.
  8. Do you mind if I send you a PM? I don't want to hijack this thread with information that does not pertain to the topic.
  9. I was testing them using the Matrix control Screen.
  10. Additionally if this helps the Text OSD also does not work.
  11. Thanks for your response. So all I need to do is purchase new VRX040's for any TV that I want to have the spash tiles on? Can I have a combination of VRX040's and 20's in my system? I have another question also? Are the VRX020's suppose to do tiling and PIP? That doesn't seem to work on my system also. On the tiling what happens is I see the tiled screen for a second then the TV returns a resolution not matching error. On the PIP I just do not get any PIP overlay. I appreciate your assistance.
  12. I have 5 VRX020 running FW 1.9.7 and a VTX 100 with 4 sources running FW 1.6.4.
  13. I can not seem to get my Splash Tiles to display on my system. I just get a black screen every time I try to get it to work the way that was explained in your video. Any suggestions?
  14. I was asking about Sonos, but I don't think there is a way. but I got my Spotify to work at least. Only issue is I have to save playlists as favorites in Sonos App.
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