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  1. Hey Harper, Great work on this driver! I'm looking forward to seeing more proxy types added in the future including AV and advanced lighting scene events. I'm curious what external logging you've incorporated this driver with. I've been looking for a way to track system usage for awhile now and this driver might be a perfect fit. I saw in your other thread for your Prometheus Metric Logger driver that you're a Plex user so you may be familiar with Tautulli. My thought was a web app similar to Tautulli that offers: real-time system usage monitoring that can be filtered (various
  2. Same issue here as @ryanm. I decided to update my Shield to 3.3 for Atmos/DTS-X pass through support. Unfortunately only app launch support is working, no basic menu controls through Lanmote. Will have to contact that developer and see if they are planning on updating to support Android 6.x
  3. What about writing to your own database file as opposed to using the history agent proxy? Is there support in Driverworks for reading/writing to a SQLite db?
  4. Alan, This is one feature of Control4 I feel is missing when comparing platforms like SmartThings and Vivint. It's great to see you've now added event logging capabilities. I know with OS v2.8.0, Control4 added the History agent which logs events to a SQLite database however it is only accessible via Composer and has some storage limits in place. I'm not sure if Control4 plans to enhance this agent in anyway but I'm curious if you have thought about having your driver save events to a SQLite database with the possibility of offering alternative storage locations (shared folders via S
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