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  1. Can someone post screenshots of the programming for the HS110? Thank you
  2. Same issue here seems considerably slower than in OS2!
  3. I have several switch’s that are used as two button keypads. The connection is made between dimmer and keypad. The LEDs have worked great for 2 years now for some reason after 3.0 upgrade the status LEDs go blank after awhile of non usage. Anyone else have similar issue?
  4. .c4z drivers can easily have icons changed and .c4i can be converted to c4z
  5. Have ea-5 with gig internet service and is also much slower on OS3.
  6. Is there a way to automatically have appletv as the video source in a predefined room when appletv is chosen via airplay? Thanks in advance
  7. I have two c4 outlet dimmers and I’m trying to create a scene where both outlets dim at same time but all that’s happening is on/off. I created the Scene and made the connections to a keypad but can’t get it to dim just on/off. Thanks in advance
  8. Has anyone ever integrated any of storage motions products within contro4? Www.storagemotion.com
  9. Hello is it possible to program repeat/shuffle to a playlist under my music? Playlist is currently programmed to custom button and keypad but once playlist is done music turns off would like for it to repeat. Thanks in advance
  10. Thank you for your help I got this going.
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