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  1. For the pros on here what’s your guys opinion on using balance xlr vs rca’a for separates? Can you tell the difference? Thanks in advance
  2. What’s recommended for HDbaseT and video over IP? Cat6? Cat6A? Shielded?
  3. Try fusion Research https://www.fusionrd.com/duet-3-source-music-server
  4. Redoing my rack what is the best practice in regards to patch panels and handling of all the cat6 cabels?
  5. Some runs are 50ft , longest run being 110 ft
  6. What gauge do you guys recommend for surround sound and also for 2 channel stereo?
  7. I got 7 used white in wall 7” touch screens t3 all in working condition they were replaced with t4’s. looking to spin off all 7 if possible $2,500 obo for all 7.
  8. I’m considering making the change to Araknis currently have luxul Im a fan of OVRC and arankis websmart switches. Can someone with experience give me there opinion on Araknis (810) vs luxul (1610) access points access points and overall performance. Thank you
  9. Great thanks rack looks much cleaner with planet waves then with non flexible coax.
  10. Have any of you guys ran planet waves cable to subwoofer if so how did they sound? whats the preferred or recommended cable for subs?
  11. Anyone have experience with verkada cameras? Trying ti see if there worth the price tag. thank you
  12. Does anyone have Josh Ai set up within control4? Was trying to figure out how it compares to alexa and also how well it integrates within C4. Thanks in advance
  13. Yes I have the epic 5 and both 1510 and 1610. u contacted Control4 tech support there aware it’s an ongoing issue with luxul and communication agent.
  14. I have luxul with 1gig speed along with 5 of there WAPs current speed is 700-800 mbs on 5g. That being said I did have a similar issue months ago and had to disable the communication agent do a reboot and all has been fine. It was very frustrating and went back and forth with tech support for over a week. I think there might be an article about this on dealer forum.
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