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  1. When did you guys release the newest driver version? Any possibility of getting automatic updates?
  2. Would someone be able to tell me if there’s a driver for exacq/illustra cameras or if there’s a way to integrate? Thank you
  3. I have a 45u recently redid with one wattbox and one vertical power strip on back side with custom length power cables.
  4. Hopping someone here can help after updating to 3.1.1 I am currently unable to link my Alexa account to my Control4.com account. Anyone have any ideas what could be wrong? Also any new scenes aren’t coming up ok Control4.com
  5. I had same problem when upgrading to 3.1.1 I since have downgraded to 3.1.0. dcovach what error were you getting? Did you reinstall the drier after updating to 3.1.1?
  6. Almost all of those are gen 2... the description says gen 1 but picture will show gen 2.
  7. Does anyone have any echo dot generation 1 they would like to sell? I’m on the hunt for 3 of them. Thank you
  8. Anyone else getting “could not connect to director at 192.xxxx” after most recent update? C4 app and all functionality work just not composer
  9. After update composer is asking for a password, what’s default password?
  10. Experience Christmas Tree driver with two different sets of pictures for on/off state for anyone who might be in need of one. christmas_tree.c4z
  11. Are we Suppose to hear the c4 light switch click when going from on/off?
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