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  1. Active as in active chipset https://www.vanco1.com/product/active-high-speed-hdmi-cables-with-ethernet/ they work fine on appletv and oppo Blu-ray
  2. No it’s on auto and tried Different resolutions
  3. Installed several new active hdmi cables, all video sources go through Control4 video matrix for some reason Rokus are causing all screens to go black in and out regardless of source playing When I use old hdmis they work anyone have any ideas?
  4. At the time I'm just looking for a device that reads temp. Thank you
  5. Does anyone know of a thermostat that could go in rack that could get temperature readings then programming can be done based off those readings Thanks
  6. Thanks for replies I was considering audio control or parasound halo series. Anyone hace a preference of one over the other?
  7. I know this is probably not the correct forum and I apologize ahead of time. but does anyone have experience with Audiocontrol Savoy G4 amp I’m considering purchasing one but not sure if worth the price tag. Thank You
  8. C4CA

    Banana Plugs

    Getting ready to redo abunch of connections, which type of banana plugs do you guys recommend?
  9. Was wondering if someone can shed some light on proper way to install multiple switches. I currently have a 24 port nom Poe and 12 port Poe. Should they both be plugged into router? Or Router >>>> main switch >>>>>Poe switch? Both switches are unmanaged thank you
  10. Does anyone know if there is a driver for Arecont cameras? thank you
  11. The issue is device isn’t appearing under notification settings in Control4.com.
  12. I got new iPhone and notifications aren’t coming across. Phone isn’t even showing up on Control4.com>>>>> notifications have already tried deleting System on iOS and Re-adding. Anyone have any suggestions?
  13. Which Somfy driver are you using? Try enabling null modem setting in controller.
  14. Any downside to having 3-4 zigbee servers in project?
  15. My rack is relatively centrally located in a bedroom, single story house.
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