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  1. Is there a way to create custom mini channels on Roku ultra, I was able to do it when I was on 2.8 but now on 3.1 since the universal Apps came out I can’t figure out where in the xml file to put the channel number. Thanks in advance!!
  2. Does anyone know if this will work with hunter douglas roller shades there controller by an RF remote and there platinum bridge technology.
  3. Can someone who has used both Alexa and google home comment on the difference and advantages of one over the other please.
  4. Anyone having issue with my music on 3.1?
  5. Anyone else having issues with my music?
  6. Will V2 work with multiple echos on one account?
  7. How about v2 working with multiple echos and multiple accounts in sane project any update on this ?
  8. Please keep us posted on this issue on an updated driver.
  9. Does anyone know if there’s a way to disable WOL on the c4 hdmi matrix? Every time the system is reset all TVs turn on.
  10. Yes I have mine connected to audio matrix. I play playlists all day off if it, I don’t remember what I paid for it.
  11. You could always get a autonomics mms1e and play Spotify directly through c4 without the need of Spotify connect. Very similar to old Sonos driver from 2-3 years ago. This would give you seemless Spotify integration.
  12. http://www.blackmancustoms.com/control4.htm
  13. What is everyone using for storage of there music? I currently don’t have much music set up and am only using a USB drive directly into EA-5 controller but every time Control4 is reset I have to manually pull out usb drive and plug back in to get music to work. Any ideas or suggestions?
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