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  1. Thanks for the tip on Guided Access. I've enabled that and have been using it all day. So far, I vote for getting the Dedicated Mode functionality back. When I enabled Guided Access it worked fine until the screen saver kicked in. When the screen saver starts you have to press the Home button to "wake up" the iPad. The iOS home screen appears, and after a second or so the C4 app starts, but it has to load so there is a delay. Just like other posters have mentioned the start up time for the app is a lot longer than it was in OS2. In OS2 Dedicated Mode, you could touch the screen to wake up the app and it was there, already running. I think removing Dedicated Mode was a step backwards. Other features in OS3? Great job. I love the favorites. The navigation is cleaner. Adding functionality and scenes to a room is much much better than having to do the programming in Composer.
  2. What is Supervised Mode? I don't see that in C4 settings.
  3. What happened to the "Dedicated Mode"? I had that on an iPad in an iPort on the wall. Since the upgrade I have to launch the application every time I want to use C4. I liked dedicated mode. I don't need the iPad features. I just want to be able to use the Navigator.
  4. Agreed it should be free. I've heard of getting Legoed, but I think Control4ed is worse. I can't change my programming now. Guess the neighbors will have to deal with floodlights shining into their bedroom all night. And why should I have to pay to fix a problem I did not cause?
  5. I am an end user, not installer. I have been affected by this certificate update too. I never received an email that this was about to happen and what to do if there were problems. I have been watching this thread patiently on a fix for this problem. Yesterday I saw some posts with a link to a patch. I logged into my C4 account and downloaded and installed the patch. That did not work. My ComposerHE and HC-800 are at version 2.9.0. I saw another link on this thread for an updated ComposerHE version for 2.9.1. I downloaded and installed that. I was able to log into the controller, but received a message that I was in read-only mode, and my controller needs to be updated to be compatible with 2.9.1. My installer wants $300 to "fix" my controller by bringing it up to the latest release. That is unacceptable. C4 needs to step up to the plate and fix the problem they created in the first place. I have sent a message to Customer Service but have not heard back from them yet. Am I the only person left that cannot connect to their controller? As always, I appreciate this forum and the wealth of information that is available here.
  6. I need a blinking HC800! LOL. Looking forward to an excuse for an EA5.
  7. Send email alert when guests access guest network based on schedule or other parameters (away, vacation, night time).
  8. Don't forget to add chases to key locations for future upgrades. I ran several 2" extending through the attic with enough exposed tubing to find it!
  9. I wanted to find out what everyone else does, or what best practices are, for using one SR260 remote in different rooms. I have one SR260 and use it in the main living areas of my house (Kitchen, Family Room, Lounge, Game Room, Lanai). I want to program the colored and custom buttons to perform different functions in the different rooms. I have lighting scenes already and it would be pretty easy to say Custom Button 1 activates lighting scene X. But where lighting scenes aren't used, do people typically create macros named things like "RemoteFamilyButton1", "RemoteFamilyButtonRed", etc? Then write the code for each macro? This seems like a tremendous amount of work upfront, but maybe give some flexibility in the programming where one macro could launch another. Not sure what method makes sense - Macros, or writing the code in each button function in each room. I hate to write code more than once. I've created 115 or so lighting scenes. Now if I want to invoke a particular scene, I can just call it from a button press or other event. If I need to change something about the scene like a button color, I only have to do that in one place.
  10. Did not know that. And I never played with it enough to notice I could create scenes. Thanks!
  11. Someone mentioned that some lighting scenes could be created with MyHome. But, that means you cannot do that with the new version of the app, correct?
  12. Interesting. I cannot install MyHome. I get a message that I must use the NEW app. (iPad - HC800, Composer 2.9.0, Control4 version
  13. I just installed an iPort SurfaceMount with Buttons. It was an easy install and the look and feel is beautiful. I've started to do a little programming for the buttons. I'm not sure what other functions I want to add to the buttons yet. I will probably control a little audio and blinds, and may have a button or two left over. My NetGear PoE switch has enough power for the PoE. The iPort says it requires 12w of power. My switches can provide up to 30w on the first 8 ports, so I was safe. I noticed when looking at the switch configuration it was actually using 15.8w. The iPad was charging at that point so it was using more power. Now that the iPad is fully charged it's using about 5w. The one thing that kind of nags me is that I have the Control4 app set to dedicated mode. Meaning the app is always running. When the screen saver comes on the screen dims and a little text moves around the screen saying "tap to unlock". The iPad power never turns off. It's always on screen saver mode when it's not being used. iPort put a "power button extension" on the side of the iPort, but you have to use a paperclip to push the button in to turn the iPad off. When I installed the iPort I saw the claw-like finger for the power button, and I thought iPort had a little solenoid to activate the button which could be controlled via programming. But I did not know if it really was solenoid controlled or if it was manual. There was no documentation about it other than a blurb in the manuals that it was a power button extension. I wondered if anyone else on the forum has experience with these and what you do to overcome the constant power on state of the iPad.
  14. I am not familiar with experience buttons. Can you point me in that direction? I am only using Composer HE as I am the home owner. But I've done a LOT of programming for my system since we have integrated: AV, Shades, Doors, Door Openers, Security, Cameras, and Lighting. I've implemented a number of "Schedules" and triggers, like doors opening, or motion detection on the cameras. I send emails and text messages too. So, if there's something new I can do, I'd like to give it a try.
  15. I contacted my dealer. With the Composer Pro they could see the AMS did not have a static IP. The IP was assigned from the UID, the way they explained it to me. I gave them the static IP it should have been, and everything is working now. I have one of the outputs of the AMS connected to the Sonarray AMP and connected to the "Garden" room. I have added programming for all 4 custom buttons in the "Garden", "Lanai", and "Garage" for my wife to choose what she wants to listen to and where (Garden, Lanai, Garage, etc). With the custom button programming she can choose which stations she wants to listen to and with the push of one button, turn on all of the outside zones at the same time.
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