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  1. Bump! Any new solutions or easy integrations on the market?
  2. Hi @KennyT - is this unit still available? Does it come with baluns?
  3. @Cyknight - So my Leaf lacks this ability I take it :-( If you had to recommend ONE unit to de embed the audio, what would it be? A new Leaf would set me back close to 8K and the one I have is only two years old at nearly the same cost!
  4. @lippavisual @sonic30101 The de embeder is Binary B-240-HD-2AC ... And I've already replaced it one :-( What is ATV btw?
  5. I'm running into problems with my Leaf (Model LU862) playing nicely with my Apple TV. We've had to place a Binary Audio De Embeder between the Leaf and the Apple TV, but the Apple TV and Audio De Embedder have to be reset multiple times per day. They get 'caught up' when the room selecting the Apple TV has a different audio arrangement than the last one IE surround vs 2 channel. My Leaf is HDCP 2.2 compliant - can anyone explain what my Leaf is missing that my integrator is having to run it through the Audio Ee embedder first?
  6. Getting ready to install voip handsets at our house and looking and the nice Unifi UVP Executive model. It has a nice 7" touchscreen with camera above. My question is, with the latest updates to C4 and the 4sight program - can I run 4Sight on these devices so that I may receive doorstation calls and allow people entry from these phones? I don't want to have a large flat panel phone sitting next to a control 4 touchscreen. The whole thing seems redundant... and clear voice is important to us hence we aere moving toward voip. Even wonder if these could be integrated as 'intercom' devices'.
  7. @WhyPhy Too funny. Looks like Doorbird has the following attributes for Passive Entry: RFID Video, but lacks a physical keypad for entry by code. I would add that their website seems to indicate they integrate with C4 though that might not mean much. Certainly a step in the right direction. Thanks for the info.
  8. Thanks all! The Ubiquiti looks especially up my route @Control-IT
  9. As our home renovations finally come to wrap, I'd like to integrate mag locks with passive entry. I'm still running into the following problems and would greatly appreciate your input! Residents (Unsolved) : I'd like to place RFID enabled key card or fob in our wallets/ on our keychains that could be swiped at any of the four main entrance doors. Shame is that C4 doesn't have anything to manage this. I think I have to go completely out of envelope with this being the best product I've found: http://www.sdcsecurity.com/ippro.htm Staff (Partly Solved) : I'd like to give them a mixture of RFID fobs or access codes that limit entrance times based on the user profile. So, same as above but also the use of the new C4 door station so that I could issue codes to people that don't need a permanent fob. I'm completely unsure of how I would link the C4 door station to the IP PRO Door Access Control software above :-( Products: https://www.control4.com/docs/product/ds2-door-station/data-sheet/english/revision/A/ds2-door-station-data-sheet-rev-a.pdf http://www.sdcsecurity.com/ippro.htm http://www.sdcsecurity.com/IPRW.htm (One without a keypad as C4 door station covers this) Guests (Solved): The new C4 door station seems to be a great solution for this. Whether at a driveway gate or a door - a guest could ring - and on touch screens throughout the house and also on enabled C4 remote aps - we will see a photo of who is at the station. This is a great integration - funny enough it would stay completely inside of C4 scope except a callout to IP Pro to unlock whatever door station we ask to trigger (more coding fun). And before anyone gives me any snarky comments about ask a dealer - lets assume I've asked several and that neither C4 nor the maker of this seemingly industry best door controller software are working well together :-) - I'm looking to the collective here for best practices and help. Or send me the contact of someone who can!
  10. Hi All, I'm about to blow past the 24 ports on on my managed Pakedge router. Any recommendations for a managed 48 port POE network switch? I'm hoping to avoid having to route one 24 port switch through another...
  11. Have you thought about magnetic locks? Expensive but nice.
  12. @sonic30101 Thanks for the suggestion. I was just looking at that driver. What do you think of Video Storm's Netplay? I could sit that behind the video matrix, but I think that creates a few complications. The Kodi Driver looks like I wouldn't need to leave the C4 environment to have the "video screensaver" kick in. For example, I might be able to trigger it with the same timeout that causes the native screensaver to appear. With Netplay my understanding is that I'd have to trigger changing video sources altogether.
  13. Hi All, Wondering if it is possible to do a Video Screensaver through C4 or if I'll need to use another source to pump that to my displays. Any feedback welcome! Cheers LPF
  14. Story of my life! If I had known the SONYn updates would break the TVs from the network - I would have gone with commercial displays. Those generally don't need firmware updates every other week... In addition, DHCP reservations wont work on some of the SONYs as the TV is also asking for the key pairing you all spoke of above.
  15. Hi All, About to outgrow the simple network attached hard drive on our system. Wanted to see if anyone has a recommendation for creating our own cloud? I want our family and house employees to be able to access a drive that is held within our rack. Cheers, Alex
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