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  1. Hi all, i have a smaller project where i have 2 same conference rooms. I have EA3 audio output connected to the Atlona presentation switch from which there is a connection to the amp for the room. Connections are made in the composer pro and Atlona is made as audio and volume endpoint. Video output is from the Atlona to the Sony projector and its video-only. Now for the issue, in room 2 i have all audio sources available while in room 1 i don't have any. If i start the project from start with only one room its working, but as soon as i add second room it happens again. If i add EA3 audio end-point as secondary audio endpoint it works but it will not switch automatically to the Atlona audio input from EA3. Any ideas?
  2. Well it depends on market. Here Integra is way more expensive, Pioneer not so much present and Onkyo with it's hdmi board issues not so much of a choice. We use Denons for several years now and didn't have any issues so far.
  3. Any Denon or Marantz will work. Just choose the price. Poslano sa mog Mi A1 koristeći Tapatalk
  4. Will test it tomorrow on latest Libreelec version for Minix U1.
  5. Hi all, i need some suggestions how to best handle watching TV and listening to the music at the same time in the same room... I don't have any specific equipment except TV, it can be whatever is necessary for this to work. Usually we install AVR with the TVs but with that its hard to watch TV and listen to AM/FM or Internet radio at the same time by using C4 controller only. It was easier on older AVRs whose AM/FM tuners didn't have OSD GUI. Now every possible thing on AVRs has GUI which automatically pushes to the TV... With the new Triad One we might go that way. Those 2 extra IR goes a long way... AVR function as HDMI hub would be replaced with TVs own hdmi inputs. And most importantly, how to arrange audio-video endpoints in composer so one device (TV or radio) doesn't turn OFF the other one when powered ON or OFF. Thx
  6. As a C4 dealer and installer im saddened that customers have to suffer and C4 gets bad rep because of individual like your installer. It just shows that business account balance shouldn't be the only prerequisite to get C4 dealership...
  7. Didn't he said 4 motors? 8 channel relay and 4 motors are 2 relays per motor...or?
  8. It all depends on customer needs. Here in Croatia Hulu is unavailable and Netflix is 2 years behind US, content is for crap so we don't need it. If someone needs Android functions we leave Android, for pure media playback Libreelec is enough and way better then Android. If 3D/4K/HDR is requirement that new Oppo player is a sweet deal.
  9. As Cyknight said, stay away from htpc and Windows as such. Get a proper NAS, Synology or Qnap. Get several smaller disks, like 3 or 4TB and build a raid with them. Then get a media player like Nvidia Shield or Minix with Kodi on them. Purchase Kodi driver from Ken (Houselogix), it's system wide driver, as many players with Kodi you have. And on top of that you need a solid network. That's the way we do it for last year or so and it's least troublesome option, it always works. A mention, we use Minix U1 players with Libreelec OS. No Android, just plain Kodi environment.
  10. What do you mean by multiple digital audio feeds? Like severeal streams from ea3 or ea5 at the same time? And what are exactly advanced audio capable devices? I'm seriously asking. Thx sent from G2
  11. Well it's all market dependent. Here no one from our customers uses hi def music files, 44.1 flac is max, 80% mp3's. Tidal doesn't work here, people don't buy hi def music, Sonos amps are max they are willing to pay...crap market... Back on topic, i like 2.9.1 [emoji4] sent from G2
  12. So for wav, mp3, 44.1 flac we can disable advanced audio. Or if only audio use is for multiroom, not dedicated stereo setup. sent from G2
  13. Isn't it 44kHz 16bit? sent from G2
  14. So basically if you don't listen to 96kHz and up music you can disable it...? sent from G2
  15. I really don't think so. Will try switching it on and off and listen for changes...[emoji4] O yea, changing temp for thermostat schedule on T3 and apps now works, very cool indeed. sent from G2
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