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  1. As far as I know. The touchscreens are still at 2.9 but I think that is all they support. I believe both controllers got updated. I’ve rebooted the HC800 (that hosts director) a number of times but I can do the HC250 just in case.
  2. I upgraded to 2.10.5 and actually removed a number of unused devices at that time. I can’t remember if we added things at the same time.
  3. My HC800 gets slow after a few days now. The symptom is there starts to be a big lag between when yo upress a button on a zigbee switch and when the programmed event then happens. If I reboot the controller it gets fast again. I tried opening up system diagnostics and looking at the director logs since that is where other threads on this board said I might find answers. I'm not sure if this is the normal, but the "Update Manager Agent" seems to be polling all of my devices every 30-60 seconds and getting an "Address unchanged" response. The one set of error codes (as opposed to info or debug) that it consistently shows are the "Flash: Failed to retrieve device info from ..." messages (see the bottom of the screencap). The highlighted devices is an HC250 that acts as a 2nd floor zigbee point but others also show that error code. Are these the likely culprits or red herrings?
  4. I'm having the same errors in my log and my system is becoming very slow periodically. I'm not sure if they are related. I looked through some other logs and I think those messages *may* be related to the automatic driver update agent. Do you have that turned on?
  5. Hi. I have three C4-TW7C0-EG 7" touchscreens. Is there any way to make the screensaver a clock that can be seen at a reasonable distance? I saw the Flip Clock app in 4store which claims you can set it as a screensaver but another post here indicates that isn't accurate. I've seen photos of an attractive new interface but is that only for T3 touchscreens? If so, is there at least a way to increase the font size of the default "Date/Time" option in "Custom"? Thanks.
  6. Has anyone determined the solution here? I just had a Sonos driver installed and the search does not work at all. Is it perhaps incompatible with some of the other installed services? Edit: solved it. The Amazon Music driver seemed to be holding everything up. When I deinstalled search started working.
  7. As an update: if we leave the Network Tools open on "Routing Tree" two entries eventually come up. Both say "Unknown Zigbee Server". I'm guessing they are the servers running on my HC800 and HC250 but why doesn't ComposerPro know that that is what they are and see the rest of the tree?
  8. I purchase a home with a C4 system already installed. When I had a dealer log in remotely to make some changes, he can not see the Zigbee network in Network Tools in Composer Pro. Even having him log in via Teamviewer to my local machine and run ComposerPro from there didn't help. It is particularly odd sine (most) of the devices seem to be working so there must be come communication between the HC800 and the zigbee switches. Does Network Tools require a particular set of ports or protocols to discover the network that might be getting blocked by my switch or something like that? Is there an alternative tool to use to discover the network so we can make changes?
  9. Thanks. Yes, it is my sense I'm not getting much out of all the VLANs with the way I'm using them. I was hoping to be able to do this myself to manage costs since I inherited this system and don't have a lot of budget to spend to just clean up the networking. Obviously if I was going from simple to complex I'd absolutely need them to do it but I was hoping that just turning it all off and unifying on a single subnet would be doable. But ideally if someone with experience with those units could point me in the right direction that would be great.
  10. Hi. I moved into a house that had an installed C4 system. However, in trying to have some changes made the networking design seems to be wreaking havoc. The system has a set of segregated VLANs enforced by a preconfigured Pakedge 24 port switch. For example 192.168.4.X has all the Control4 devices, 192.168.5.X is the wifi network for PCs/phones/etc... The annoying thing is that this makes it hard to use things like Shairbridge since the iphone you want to Airplay from is on a differenct network from the controller. The installer helping me with the changes (the one that actually installed it went our of business, I think) believes it is also the reason he is having trouble seeing the Zigbee network from ComposerPro -- it just shows up blank for him but we're wonder if that is because the PC with Composer Pro was on the 192.168.5.X subnet while the zigbee devices are probably on the 4.X with the HC800 controller. (There seems to be a firewall hole open to the controllers so ComposerPro can see that fine). I'm thinking I'd like to just collapse all the VLANs and get rid of that complexity but am nervous I might break something that is currently working. Has anyone done this with one of the preconfigured Pakedges? What is the easiest way? Is there a setting to just turn off the VLAN enforcement and leave everything else the same? Or can I perhaps convert everything to one VLAN/Subnet with a mask instead of since then I think 192.168.0.X through 192.168.7.X should all be part of the same larger subnet? But do I think still need to remove all the VLAN config info. Any guidance would be appreciated.
  11. Alternatively, if I just swapped out the Pakedge W6 and replaced it with 2 new Ubiquiti APs would that work fine? Or does the Pakedge router/switch (model K62) require Pakedge APs for some reason.
  12. Hi. We just bought a house with a C4 system already installed but I'm brand new to C4 and the dealer system. The house has one Pakedge W6 AP and gets decent coverage but not outdoors. I noticed you can buy used W6's pretty cheap on eBay. Is that something I can configure myself by mirroring the settings (except the channel of course) from the existing one or is that something a dealer is required to do like when installing new AV gear? If the latter, can I use a remote dealer to configure?
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