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  1. I'm still not able to find it. lol I just moved, trying to hook them up the right way this time... same issue. I actually found this thready by doing a google search and it was the first result.
  2. Have your dealer make a bunch of generic voice scenes. Voice Scene 1 Voice Scene 2 Voice Scene 3 etc. Then from the customer.control4 portal, you can change the name Alexa knows the scenes as. If you use them, awesome. If not, you always have more to play with.
  3. If you're looking for a limit based on time, you could use similar programming with a number variable, a boolean variable, a scheduler event, and a repeating timer. When TV power is true, Start timer. When TV power is false, Stop timer. When timer expires, ? If number variable >= (x) Turn the room off +1 to number variable. When room turns on, ? If boolean variable is true, ? If number variable >= (x) Turn the room off. If time is 2:30 AM, Set number variabl
  4. That is a great explanation. I've had spotty luck with my suggestion and that explains why. Thank you.
  5. It's tricky to figure out on your own, I'm not even sure if you can do it with HE. You find the "Digital Media" within that there is an option to add rooms to an existing zone. When button 1 is pressed... -Add "Kitchen" to "Great Room" Im away from my computer at the moment, I can come back with screenshots.
  6. The only one I was able to find in composer was the one way IR driver. But I'll look again.
  7. I recently got a DVP-CX777ES 400 disk changer, I've been using the one way IR driver in the C4 driver database...but It doesn't always work. I know there is serial driver out there, but I cant find where to download it. Any help would be great.
  8. That is built in. You can't copy that. That is manually selecting a video source. You can automate that with the steps I mentioned above.
  9. On the left hand side of the screen, find the event. So "when keypad button 1 is pressed..." Then find the theater room on the right. One of the optional code items include selecting a video source. You'll select that option, then find DVD in the drop down menu. Add the code to the script. When Keypad button 1 is pressed... Select DVD as video source in Theater
  10. I didn't know you could program the interval to change. I'll have to play with that. Thanks for the advice.
  11. I've only beven a Control4 Programmer for about 6 months, but before that I played with it for about 18 months. Why shouldn't you use WHILE statements?
  12. Find the action "when alarm state changes" then add the loop "While alarm state is 'trouble'..." to the script. Then indented under it put Toggle Exterior Lights, and whatever you want your delay to be. Here's an example: When alarm state changes... While alarm state is "trouble"... Toggle Exterior Lights Delay 1500 milliseconds That means while your alarm is in trouble, every second and a half your lights will turn on or off. You can also do a flashing lighting scene, or a repeating timer.
  13. Oh, I guess I'm digging a little deep, but it never hurts to try to learn more. Thanks though.
  14. Can't you do that by setting the video's audio endpoint in the audio only room? Or is it really necessary to have the phantom tv?
  15. I also set it to ping whenever the front door or garage door opens. So by the time I get to my bedroom, lights are on and music is playing.
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