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  1. Are there any Russound dealers here too? Ideally C4 & Russound. Thanks!
  2. Oh no! I just found out that Ketra pulled their driver back after Lutron bought them. Apparently, the new plans are for a Lutron driver that supports Ketra...but I don't know what Lutron hardware it will required... i have a feeling it won't support Caseta since Ketra is considered a high-end product... I have control4 and caseta and took the risk of buying an unsupported product (Ketra bulbs), so it's all on me...but now I'm not sure if I"ll ever get Ketra integrated in C4.
  3. Hi! I'm still very interested in the driver. That's all.
  4. Thanks!! I mistakenly thought they had already released it!
  5. Bummer. Oh well, knowing that at least makes it easy to pull the trigger on a Ketra keypad now.
  6. Hi! Anyone here know any status of the blackwire C4 driver for Ketra lights? Or what features are initially planned? Are there any other upcoming options to control ketra lights from C4 keypads? thanks!
  7. Great info all! My current set up is pretty lean. I don't have any of the 3 audio outs from my EA3 connected to anything yet. My AVR (Onkyo TX-RZ820) has 2 zones connected to it, my 5.1 living room and my 2.0 kitchen. I'd like to have the ability to play at least 3 different sources at the same time, and I'd like to group zones together as needed. We have 12 zones (including the 5.1 "zone"), but don't need all of them wired up. We'd be fine with 4 or 5 of them wired (1 or 2 from the AVR and 3 or 4 from a separate device). hope this all makes sense! i was looking into the HEOS Drive and this XZone4. Not sure why I was thinking just buying a C4 amp wouldn't meet my needs?
  8. Hi, considering the russound xzone4 for my c4 installation. thoughts or advice? My controller is an EA-3. Thanks.
  9. That's great! All we're really wanting is direct access to apps (Netflix, amazon, plex). Thanks.
  10. Hi, ‘I have a new Onkyo tx-rz820 receiver. Using the Onkyo app I can modify the subwoofer and central channel levels directly. Anyone here have a 2017 Onkyo? I’d really like to be able to access these controls directly from the c4 app and the sr260 remote Thnaks!
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