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  1. For what it's worth. The problem is solved. It was a messed up wifi setup. It must not have totally stuck the first time. A total factory reset with network settings--did the trick.
  2. My new wifi chime works great, video works, intercom works, external chime works. Signal strength is -49. The only thing is that when the light ring around the doorbell is enabled it is constantly doing a fast blinking of on/off to white. And it doesn't matter how many times it is rebooted or factory reset. Any ideas on what the issue is?
  3. You know can you run 100mbit Ethernet over hdbaseT right? Doesn’t that solve most of your problem?
  4. I would have thought for sure they would have added Alexa. Although, I'm not surprised given its C4 and they do things very incrementally. I'm guessing they will in the future though given the emphasis on "microphones."
  5. If you really wanted to do this, I think it would be possible now with a CA-10. Definitely not supported, but possible.
  6. This is definetly true. But it’s not like you are doing this every day. It’s also technically possible to do it without creating scenes in Lutron, but I wouldn’t recommend it as the lights won’t be synchronized.
  7. I'd really test a Neeo out if you can. They are not for everybody. I personally hate them. But others here have sung its praises. They can be tricky to use with normal cable boxes though. Most people who say they like the Neeo have cut the cord. As for C4 Lighting vs. Lutron, you'll want to dig into the specifics. There are some differences in terms of functionality, especially with respect to keypad functionality. But they are relatively minor, and would just depend on the specifics of what you are looking to control. I personally like not having a single point of failure, which is why
  8. One thing jumps out to me. It may be overkill for you to have a video matrix (if some of your sources are going to be at the TV anyway. Just something to consider. The reality is that everything is moving to streaming anyway. And it's going to be way cheaper for you to get Apple TVs/Rokus at each TV over using HDbaseT. It might make more sense for you to just have HDBaseT for your receiver (but no matrix). Shades won't be an issue since those are primarily wireless (although can be wired too). Lutron is great. As for lighting, since you seem DIY-oriented. You may want to consid
  9. I've heard some people say that the command "rm -Rf /*" configured there Triad One. Now I'm not saying that would work. In fact I'm definitely saying it won't work--and you probably shouldn't try it. But that's what some people are saying.
  10. Hi, I live in a condo. And I have access to our buildings surveillance system via a public IP address and an RTSP stream. I can't integrate directly with these cameras as the DVR does not appear to have the ability to generate snapshots. So I used to recapture the buildings cameras on my Synology and integrate it with C4 via the old houselogix driver. This worked great until it didn't. The driver is no longer maintained and doesn't seem to work. So what I'm looking for is a physical NVR (i.e. not blue iris) that I could buy that would recapture the RTSP streams and integrate we
  11. What if you wanted to implement this functionality on multiple Neeo remotes? How would you know which remote pressed the button?
  12. Well I guess not entirely When I first asked my question, I honestly couldn't remember what the issue was other than it had to do with some change in the 3.x app. But now that I do...I guess my question is this: Joel said that C4 was considering re-implementing the ability to manually add a controller IP address. Can you share what the current status of those discussions are? I'm not looking at specifics, but rather on a scale of no chance in hell to next release, what's the probability this will get re-added?
  13. In that thread another C4 employee, who said they were manager of mobile, stated they were aware of the issue, and said it had to do with removing the manual IP setting.
  14. Did you fix the issue of not being able to use a VPN (instead of 4sight) with the mobile client yet?
  15. I would strongly suspect a new remote, which will likely be Neeo based. My question to myself is whether I'm going to buy one. Neeo was well-known for having unstable software. Given the short time frame that has progressed since the acquisition, I question whether that issue has been resolved. But who am I kidding--I'm probably still going to buy one anyway!
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