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  1. I'm not sure why you have to start it in the kitchen then join the other room to the session. Seems like an unnecessary step.
  2. As far as functionality it is far below the DS2 though good enough especially for the price for most. That being said I like the ring doorbell, biggest drawback is that since it is cloud based there is no video displayed on c4 touch panels/on screen/or in the app. Motion and button presses can be programmed and work great but do rely on internet access. Only way to get it on a TV is with a firetv and alexa
  3. the IR input masks for zones has been disabled in the newer OS versions
  4. Based on that select an appletv as the watch source in the room, then using the app or remote (not on screendisplay since it will change thte video source) select shairbridge in the room. Airplay mirror your phone or macbook to an appletv then using another phones apple music and shairbridge to the c4 controller connected to your audio matrix sounds like it will accomplish your goal
  5. Does the room have an AVR or part of your zone audio setup? What kind of control4 controller do you have? I would day mirror to an appletv and airplay to c4 via shairbridge would work for most setups but we need more info on your equipment
  6. typically when you are not doing video distribution, audio delay adjustment is not a very important feature. If you are distributing video then your video matrix or HD over IP should have the audio breakouts and adjustment there which is why the VS has it to compensate for the encoding/decoding delay
  7. Definitely a few ways to do it, this is what I do at home and it works great for my floor plan and use/case
  8. What are the sources going to be on the matrices? Seems a little janky since the rooms on the 8x8 will have limited audio selections compared to the rest of the house. Plus the hassle of having to install not only a bunch of rca Y adapters for analog sources which isnt a huge deal, done it before when you have 2 16x16 matrixes in a house. But for the digital coax and toslink sources having to get a DA for each one seems like a pain in the ass
  9. Not that I'm aware of, but you can probably use the surveillance station app on the sonology to have it record all the time using onvif
  10. Most all of those are cloud-based so no current integration. You might be able to do amcrest since those are onvif but I haven't tried any of their Wi-Fi cameras
  11. I rarely use it but isnt that what the auto on part of the ATV driver properties is for
  12. No issues with VMware fusion. I dont use parallels but a co-worker uses it and he doesnt seem to have issues even with an older macbook air
  13. Is it identified via sddp or static address
  14. The V2/infinity edge older panels are done in programing calling bookmarked favorites
  15. If you have an accurate backup and cannot do a migration you will have to re-identify the zigbee devices otherwise the process is pretty easy. Keep in mind you may need to deal with any 3rd party purchased drivers with the new controller but you would be doing that anyway
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