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  1. Into the EA5 should be fine though you will have an issue with the audio delay if you are trying to syn it up to amy wireless sonos speakers you add in the future due to the encoding/decoding into sonos plus latency into the videostorm matrix if there is any
  2. The controller already has a VPN service for inbound connection if you subscribe to 4sight
  3. It can definitely be difficult. Most competing bids are a lot of comparing apples to oranges. What are the requirements of the system? Do you have a floorplan?
  4. I have IR drivers out in 2.10.x and 3.x and they work great. Unfortunately a lot of the unofficial IP drivers are out there. I stopped using it a few years ago when I heard it was unofficial after the sonos nuke happened
  5. Depends if you need the audio outputs of the ea3 to run amps or the contact/relay ports. If not then an ea1 would probably work for you
  6. Here is the file I used for the virtual switches and they work great. I think I ran into that at the beginning and the file was not a switch type and causing issues. https://www.dropbox.com/s/h3smg0xnh3ezixs/I_VirtualSwitch.xml?dl=0
  7. The relay port of the ds2 or any controller to program off of the button press
  8. The relay is set in composer's properties to normally closed. Did it have a light on it and is it off now
  9. Relays on the IOX are the same. The rachio is a sprinkler system that integrates with c4
  10. Those db9 connectors are not going to work since that is serial control. I think you are better off installing a rachio system and integrating c4 with it but it could be done with the relays on the controller
  11. Only works on 2.10.6 or above and EA controller running director unfortunately
  12. The ir is probably the way to go I think the IP requires being on at least 2.10.2 or 6 I dont recall off the top of my head
  13. Your dealer used the unofficial ip driver which I hear is broken in with the new ATV OS. Need to change to the new IP or IR drivers
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