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  1. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07Z3PJP9N/ref=cm_sw_r_u_apa_glc_fabc_3W2W1P0T01H49HJKEPGF
  2. I don't think the bond bridge will be able to control it via bluetooth. The IOX is probably the only way to do it since that firepit doesn't have a 0-10v input or anything other than its own native control at the moment.
  3. A dealer will have to run image update tool to roll them back
  4. What is the construction in the walls and type of insulation ? Can you cut a 2 gang retro ring in the wall at the floor and ceiling and use a flex bit. Or 2 access panels and paddle bits so it is concealed in the wall.
  5. C4 matrices are not my favorite either. Especially the receivers failing. I check out Just Add Power or Avpro for video distribution
  6. What is the model, are the hdbaset extenders or an extender that uses 2 cat6 cause those are notorious for being unreliable
  7. Haven't seen that. I don't think image update tool works for those. Where did it come from? If you just purchased you might want to return it
  8. Do you have a video matrix or are you using cat6 extenders?
  9. Josh turns the tv on through control4 when authenticated it imports the project so it knows all your watch devices and can selects the Roku and the c4 interface shows the roku as the active source just like you selected it from a remote or the app so everything stays in sync. You also link Josh's search functions to the c4 roku device so the advanced features of deep searching are seen as 1 action to the end user Typically we design to have audio play through the speakers from a cabling standpoint for the prewire. It is rare that our customer's request the tv audio come from the tv and mu
  10. Araknis or rukus. What is the budget per AP, ISP speed? Router and switches?
  11. Josh is configured to the roku as the playback device in this scenario, josh probably won't be able to turn the tv on natively but you could get a global cache ir device. Samsung and IP is flakey so from a reliability standpoint it could stop or inconsistently control the tv with or without c4. In a c4 ecosystem josh is using that to control the tv Roku is better than any tvs built in streaming menu for both consistency, speed, integration. You would be using it for all streaming and forget the samsung is anything more than a display and possibly the speakers if you don't have the au
  12. There may be variables that are getting wiped out at reboot? then things are happening, the system checks the variable state which is blank until the next day. I'm not sure, this is the first time I have heard of this so I am thinking out of the box here. Do you have Composer HE and can share screenshots of the programing of the motion sensor?
  13. I think there is validity in your statement as long as you never intend on switching away from control4. Plus if you go with something like lutron and integrate to c4 the client pays for twice the programing. The upside is if you choose lutron lighting and zektor audio matrix you have the ability to rip c4 out and switch automation platforms where if you go native for everything you are most likely locked in forever since the cost of switching is prohibitive. I don't think there is a right or wrong answer really but just wanted to play devil's advocate on the advantage side. If you
  14. Integrated 5 Marantec units the other day and they were pretty nice. Finger print scanner a at the outdoor keypads and no data bus for the opener wiring so just a simple z2io and magnetic sensors at the front wall with no additional part/soldering needed like a lift master needs.
  15. Not possible as far as I am aware. The xfinity boxes are bluetooth paired not 1 way rf like ceiling fans/fireplaces. So IR is the way to go
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