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  1. None of the 3rd party multizone setups are bulletproof. We have a had more issues with heos lately even compared to sonos which has it's own issues/limitations. I have heard good things about bluesound but dont think the price point is lower
  2. Yes, every time I have heard of this happening it is toast if the balance on the outputs are centered
  3. Optical is better since you dont rely on having cec and hdmi control turned on in the equipment which can have adverse effects. That and the audio quality will likely be the same
  4. The shields would likely be at the TV locations with the IRUSB for control. Unless you put in a video matrix to share 2 or 3 between all displays but likely not a cost effective solution for your needs
  5. There is a certificate patch that needs to be installed from the dealer knowledge base. Either that or run the image update tool from the dealer site twice to resolve
  6. OP is looking for an hdmi matrix
  7. If it is on 2.9.1 you need to run the certificate patch
  8. Active subs with speaker level inputs or a 24x24 matrix feeding the 8 zone matrix amps with their inputs locked then use the open zones for subs
  9. I have 11 of the 8" 1700 series speakers with the back boxes and are happy with them. We also install a lot of sonance and origin speakers which to me are on just as comparable. I do love installing origins as they are a cakewalk and angling them to the listening area is a very easy
  10. Depends on the speakers and budget on if you will use regular amps or dvc. I guess you can select the checkbox for mono in the audio matrix and use 1 8zone triad amp and 1 4zone triad amp for a budget friendly setup. Either that or dvc speakers and 3 8zone triads. Always different ways to skin the cat, I'm sure many others can give a bunch of alternative layouts
  11. Sounds like you need a triad 24x24. Why 1 in each room? Are they dual voice coil? Would expect coverage to be weak with 1 in each room, havent done that except for small bathrooms
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