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  1. Are you asking about the native Alexa smart devices connected to the echo plus? Those don't show up in c4
  2. Usually under 2ish hours depending on the number of secondary controllers for the upgrade itself. Then at least an hour or 2 for testing and tutorial to get started. Followed by a rabbit hole to do customizations of favorite pages and wallpapers which is not necessarily a dealer thing if you like to tinker. The 625 number is the amount of drivers on the computer not in the project
  3. Long time follower of this forum. I have been installing residential and commercial low voltage since 2006. Been programing Control4 since 2012. My business partner and I finally left one of the large Control4 dealers in the area last year because there was not enough emphasis on personal touches to the system and quality/documentation and started our own company. Would love to help anyone out with anything from Q&A, system design, programing (including tutorials for HE), as well as troubleshooting. Please direct message or email to see how we can be of service. www.twistedpairav.com rod@twistedpairav.com
  4. Funny, different time zones having access? I see it now
  5. I am looking at the portal and dont see 3.1.2 yet otherwise would help. First I have heard of it so no specs to divulge even if I could because they dont tell us in advance.
  6. It will control music playback but you need a Sonos per zone for seamless playback with a singular command. Otherwise it is a 2 part function. Play xyz on the name of the Sonos player (inside, outside, etc) then a voice scene play music in room x Sounds like the new house will be pretty nice, you could also look at josh.ai but similar scenario just way more control and reliable/secure since they aren't selling your info
  7. Might need the voice scene driver installed on the system
  8. There was a houselogix one but I dont think there is currently one out there. Chowmain has relay to light but not the other way around for quick binding/dropdown driver setup to get around additional programing with conditionals
  9. Connect the tv audio out to the Sonos player driver input
  10. I use a Google assistant routing that runs when my cell phone alarm is dismissed in the morning. Before that I was using Google calendar and ifttt
  11. What tv? You need an anchor command like pressing input button then the number command followed by enter, or channel 3 then toggle x number of times in the driver that you build. If the tv has discrete on off it might just be better to use a small HDMI switch depending on the situation
  12. the 6900 is too low on their totem pole for IP control
  13. been a while since i tried the art mode driver, i recall when i first set up my frame it didnt work so will circle back and see if it works
  14. No sure the factory remote is not IR for most functions
  15. yes all is doable, most people that frequent the forum are much more educated as far as the nuances of automation. If you will mostly just be treating it as a regular tv it will be fine, you can also use custom buttons/experience buttons to run a macro to change the property then turn the tv on then back off to switch back and forth it is just no where as easy as most expect. More programing than I anticipated though not a lot. Just be aware that there are some minor quirks and if in artmode when it is time to go to bed you probably will not be happy
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