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  1. Toslink out is lower audio quality than hdmi but otherwise it should work without issue
  2. Can you supply some pictures and model numbers
  3. I could have sworn the last set of engravings I had didn't have the top and bottom sections
  4. It will break and have to be updated for ios15. Could always go IR
  5. That is why I have only ever done IR control of Appletvs since 2015 on projects. Never had to deal with the old one breaking when the atv4 came out, no dealing with the bridge issues, and no issues with another unofficial driver causing service outages for customers. Maybe one day but I won't do IP anytime soon for anything other than the lab or science fair projects for customers. Not ready for prime time for the hassle factor and service outages.
  6. Thermostats might be trying to do a firmware update, how recently was the update done?
  7. I did a few marantec 370 with a z2io and some honeywell wired sensors and they haven't given us any issues.
  8. LMAO, @OceanDad you win the internet for me today.
  9. I agree, the eq is something we used to have through the old app store on os2 so I'm glad they brought it back. The other statement of being 10 years behind I'm not so sure of. What is your automation system of choice that is a better platform? Just curious. C4 has its faults and is definitely not for everyone. Automation isn't for everyone. There are a ton of people who were sold systems with no heads up on how much ongoing maintenance costs, and their systems may have been poorly designed and installed as well but that isn't isolated to C4. Urc- not even close, no contest. App doesn't look good. Savant- good system, great app, limited sandbox. Driver based so no full ui customization either when compared to c4. 3rd party profiles lacking. Crestron home- limited sandbox, app is ok, too new to the block. Crestron simpl- very capable, more expensive to implement and maintain. No way it meets your criteria. RTI- lacking in scalability, good customizability, decent product library but more time consuming to implement and maintain compared to c4. Not a fan of handhelds. App is ok. Logitech and logitech pro- meh and rip Pro control- marginally better than logitech but only just. Very limited Diy route- what handhelds would you use? What are your top 3 choices for platforms? Vera? Smart things? Brilliant? Fibaro?
  10. The only workaround with caveats I could remotely suggest is utilize default volumes for the avr for sonos content. You could leave the sonos as variable and with composer HE and room control driver set the sonos endpoint volume to 80% when the room enters listen mode and sonos is the selection. This will allow minor volume trimming from sonos app while along c4 to handle what it is supposed to. Just be aware users could get things out of sync if sonos volume is tweaked. Also if you have an audio matrix or on your avr you compensate by turning input gain up this will help with volume at the expense of distortion.
  11. Say hello to non transitory inflation. Unfortunately just another manufacturer added to the list.
  12. I use lutron radio ra2 geofencing to trigger macros as well as their widgets on android.
  13. No good way that I am aware of for this. Ideally when a receiver is used sonos should be set to fixed. What is the reasoning to want the sonos volume to be variable?
  14. If you are you using cable boxes/appletv/rokus there are some workarounds you can do to have left source s and right sources with volume endpoints being the 2 tvs. But if you are using built in services of the tvs control4 doesn't have a clean way that I have come across to understand 2 tvs in 1 room.
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