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  1. App or remote control? Make sure you are in the right room. Otherwise there may be a binding that is disconnected which a dealer will need to resolve.
  2. You need to add more rokus to your distributed video system so they don't interfere with simultaneous sessions since there is only 1 roku currently to share
  3. Are there dedicated rokus for each room or is there a hdmi switch in a centralized location sharing a few video sources throughout the whole house.
  4. I prefer jesse smiths appletv ir driver since IP has had its ups and downs over the years and generations
  5. C4 uses zigbee pro so you have to use a c4 controllers mesh to set up the device. Once it is programmed in c4 you can link to alexa but not native.
  6. Roku doesn't have numbers as an available input command unfortunately
  7. The matrix amp only has speaker outputs not rca to feed the dumb amp. So you should have an audio matrix probably the triad ams24. That allows you to exceed 9 zones for the 8 zones on your matrix amp plus the new amp.
  8. If you have a c4 matrix amp that is maxed out and you want to add a single zone you may have some issues depending on what you want this additional zone to be able to listen to. What are your sources that are connected to the existing rooms? That amp you linked is a dumb amp so it needs signal fed into it. So if all you want is c4 music you need to plug an open output of a c4 processor into it and connect your speakers. If you have cable boxes and other sources you won't be able to listen to them in that zone without adding an audio matrix and locking the matrix amps inputs or some other hoop jumping to accomplish source selection
  9. I don't believe there is a huge motion sensor or any of their keypad drivers. Only lights from what I have seen.
  10. A possible strange double nat situation? Do you have a modem and separate router or access points? And if your phone is on the wrong one you may not be able to connect assuming the 4sight item to check below. Also do you have an active 4signt license on customer.control4.com
  11. Any power lights on the amps? What amps do you have? Have you changed your network config recently? Do you have control of tvs if integrated? Does the control4 app work and connect? Are you using control4 music or a streamer like sonos?
  12. How old is the processor? If it is a hc250 or hc800 before the model number had a -1 at the end. Handing over the account with the house would be beneficial to the new owner since the licenses are tied to the account. If not it really doesn't matter much for security once email and password are updated. Are you using Google home or Alexa? That would also be tied to your account too so be aware of that.
  13. Try using the cd input for your controllers audio or sonos. That should allow for the last video source to pass through while listening to music.
  14. Leon and sonance as well in the list of options
  15. Needs to have good wifi and reasonable proximity to the directly controlled devices
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