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  1. He probably had Composer 2.10.6 open not 3.0
  2. Varying kinds of hdmi audio extractors. Some are 1080p, others 4k, others 4k@60hz. Another thing to look at is whether it will do stereo only in from the appletv which limits any rooms with surround sound from getting Dolby. More expensive units will downmix surround to stereo. So depends on the system at the house to justify if a higher tier unit is needed
  3. I have an installation that works after we were able to get the HVAC guy to swap the tstat because it wouldnt install its own firmware to 2.0. Integration is ok, no scheduling from c4 but it works. If you have the COR line i heard the ecobee driver controls those but havent tried those yet
  4. Also the PC app is dead in 3.0 though you can run blue stacks and vm android
  5. There is an updated voice scene driver that came out yesterday
  6. Need the scheduler agent. Also the snapshot driver will allow you to save the light state before the button press>turn the light on, then use a timer agent for x minutes and then recall the snapshot
  7. I just tried manually loading the 3.0 apk on my kids fire tablet and it installed but wont open
  8. Mine connects noticeably faster. There aren't specific profile based favorites, it is system wide. What kind of network gear do you have?
  9. I believe the old ones are flash based which is why they had to be let go. I had to do an upgrade to 2.10.5 and it had to be removed from the project but re-added as a dumb doorbell, not sure if the dummy driver works in OS3 because I haven't had to deal with them much so I am not much help
  10. A controllable outlet that kills power to the TV. It can be done entirely with programming but the TV will turn on then immediately turn back off so not as clean
  11. I have it on my note 8 and it is working with the exception of cropping the custom wallpapers. For the fire tablets couldn't you use es file explorer and load a backup of the apk file?
  12. 1. Might be able to use an IRUSB for app launching 2. Wemos are pretty good 3. You can control it via IR but not direct app launching 4. Yes, but limited functionality and will need 4sight or the epic driver
  13. You remove them from the project. Then update, but you can still manually connect to director. It will load the old UI and things will "work-ish" with NO guarantees of level of service but at the moment most things still operate. The programming of the 4 buttons at the bottom will not work, bookmark page flips programmatically will also not work since they are not in the project. HC250s once in 3.0 cannot be added so they are paperweights in that system
  14. My guess is your kids have iPads or fire tablets that she could use?
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