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  1. Been a long time since i looked but last i checked fibaro didnt have a c4 driver for integration like vera does
  2. Are the applets firing from ifttt? Are other ifttt programing items working to establish the service is working? Also screenshots of the programing conditionals would help in composer once it comes into director
  3. The device driver has a power on delay field which may be useful to adjust if needed. This will retain bindings properly for servicing and much better in general to stagger them. The less ideal way is that you can use conditional programing to switch the inputs manually then back to the original to force the handshakeaat the particular time.
  4. You need an echo dot/link connected to the audio matrix or amp. As long as it is a c4 matrix or amp you can trigger the zone to turn on and off when signal is present. If it and AVR only you probably want a Sonos preamp since the driver will turn the zone on and off
  5. Denon and marantz though for that number of discrete channels you may look at emotiva and other higher end separates
  6. The native driver is laggy but works, the IRUSB dongle works perfectly
  7. On os2 I hat 2 Motorola mpb85. They were rf to their monitor an always on monitor. They also connect to WiFi for their app. I was able to get them into c4 with a generic axis camera driver but it didn't work on os2 and I haven't played with them because I never use them in c4 anyway.
  8. https://www.dropbox.com/s/7pbxkqmfoa31kqx/tv_ip_Samsung_UN65LS03N.c4z?dl=0
  9. A dealer will need to run image update tool on everything
  10. I have the devices in the watch at the top and the apps towards the bottom of the page but the universal app drivers favorited to the room to the top
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