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  1. Surround sound room? Sounds like you have an announcement that is interrupting. What is version? Some older ones don't revert properly. Otherwise a dealer can help with a snapshot driver but I typically try to avoid announcements in avr rooms if the first item is a yes.
  2. You are going to need a dealer to help reidentify the remote. That button sequence disconnects it from zigbee. Did the previous owner leave the router as well? Did they give you the email and password of the account the controller is registered to?
  3. I would go with smart bulbs over dimmer modules as well
  4. What is the model of both the old and new tv? Confirming control4 doesn't control any functions of the new tv. Likely IR bud location. If it is a QLED the ir is over the samsung emblem on the front.
  5. Going non dealer excludes Control4, Savant, Crestron, URC, RTI and the like. You are probably looking in the Alexa/google home/home kit/smartthings direction depending on your level of comfort in technology which opens you to systems like home assistant
  6. Adding a driver requires pro version of the software
  7. I saw something about their local API changing recently on their end with an auto update but don't know much about it.
  8. Could you add a virtual switch in the vera that the fibari can trigger. Then control4 monitors the status of the virtual switch and provides the end result. I have set up virtual switches that my zwave meters trigger when the dryer and washing machine trigger via wattage draw and they work great with some fine tuning
  9. Also make sure to use the snapshot driver to revert the room back to what it was doing before the button press.
  10. You will need 2.9.1 with a cert patch. Also is there a site license on your c4 customer account. I am guessing this may not be a hc800-bl1 which can be confirmed by looking at the sticker on the bottom
  11. Usually arc isn't very reliable and you have to enable hdmi cec which can allow devices to switch inputs by themselves without c4 being involved so things can get out of sync. So it really depends on the setup but fiber optic output from the tv to ave is usually a lot better solution
  12. Are there any turns or is it a straight run. Some of the 90 degree turns with central vac pipe is a sharp bend radius
  13. The zigbee devices will likely be limited to the eero and Alexa apps. No integration at the moment.
  14. cat6 return audio baluns either analog or digital depending on the the tv and audio matrix. If using analog I like tranformative engineering sb1, psb1, or psb2 depending on needs , if the tv is on an avr then the tv likely wont be fed audio over the hdmi output. I use the zone2 of my avr since it has a hdmi dac and created a virtual room and tv off of the zone2 output that programatically follows th emain zone and plug that into the audio matrix for the ability to overflow that to the zone audio system.
  15. ask alexa to discover devices, then it should show up in the alexa app under smart home and scenes.
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