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  1. You need the voice scene driver in the project to make custom voice scenes that you can link to macros or custom buttons. How are you initiating the scene in c4 with a custom button and not the lighting scene itself to get the additional conditional programming to hit? Alexa needs to hit that if it is the case that you are initiating it via macro/custom button since Alexa is going straight to the lighting scene
  2. Network reset, the previous network in the house is probably a difference IP scheme
  3. TV as video endpoint, audio1 endpoint and audio1 volume. Speakers audio endpoint2 a d volume2. Probably need to pass the hdmi for the appletv through a path setter driver to strip the hdmi audio out before it gets to the TV to tell c4 you want the audio through the speakers
  4. Yes, i dont blame you on hesitation if you havent done anything like this before. Hope it works for you
  5. Have you taken a stereo cable from the controller into the transmitter but cut it open and spliced the wire that corresponds to the tip of the controller side to the ring of the transmitter side leaving the tip of the transmitter side capped off? Many of the extender kits I have seen have a constant 5v on the tip side of the extender which is for powering an IR repeater eye and causes issues because the signal input is on the ring terminal not the tip coming from a control system. If you dont have a way to testing continuity split the wire open. cut the red and the white (sometimes black). leave the ground connected. Splice the white of 1 side to the red of the other. cap of the unused ends to avoid a short. Plug the side with the red into the transmitter then the white to the c4 controller to cross the pins to the corresponding terminals
  6. It will have to be identified in the system by a dealer
  7. Dont think you can use anything other than the luma app and the web interface but I could be wrong for playback.
  8. Yeah that looks like a disasterpeice to me
  9. I have seen way too many companies that would rather finish a job under budget and do the minimum than use all the sold labor hours on a project putting in as much effort as possible to give someone a true custom solution. Not a control4 specific problem because it happens with many companies.
  10. Lazy dealers that do the minimum and very little imagination?
  11. 4 audio outputs for zone audio through avrs/analog amps. The audio inputs are for encoding the content to be distributed across the network if there are other controllers on the other side of the house though this process introduces some delay for the encoding/decoding process.
  12. He probably meant OSD won't be connected to anything?
  13. The hc300 cant run director past 2.5.3 so the amount of time it would take is probably not worth it. Why not leave the hc800? They arent worth a lot anymore I would definitely do that before giving them an ea1
  14. Create macros and fire them accordingly when the lighting scene is invoked is probably the easiest way to do it. You could also use experience buttons but that would require a dealer to install those drivers
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