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  1. What kind of matrix? What is the resolution on the sat boxes in question? What kind of TV's? Any surround receivers in the system?
  2. Quickly replying from my phone but wanted to chime in Garage doors- I would run a cat to each wall button location as well as the motors. What network gear are you proposing to use? Tv locations I suggest versaboxes for a clean look, as well as digital audio baluns to haul the audio back to the head end especially if you are looking to go Samsung. Also you will need controllers at a few/all tv locations based on budget and preference to have zigbee/osd since you aren't going video distribution. 2 Cat6 to the sprinkler controller head end Landscape lighting? Generator? Shielded cat6/fiber/flex conduit to tv locations? More of a finish equipment discussion but battery backups for the racks
  3. Ordered and on its way to test. Will report back, a majority of the solutions I was seeing were commercial applications with high monthly fees due to advanced analysis that I wouldn't need though following someone through a floorplan would be really fun
  4. I have Google home but the concept is the same. I have 4 Chromecast audios in the rack. Named inside, outside, master bath, and garage. Then in programing of the matrix amp you can trigger when audio is present to turn a desired zone on and off. It works great, biggest downfall of using a Chromecast or echo is no metadata compared to using a Sonos connect or port. But a vast improvement over native music for voice control at the moment.
  5. Curious if anyone has done BLE beacons for occupancy
  6. Have you tried flipping the RX and tx pins for the serial connection?
  7. I used Chromecast audios for a while and eventually replaced them with Sonos ports so that the jacket art and metadata showed up in c4 for the rooms I wanted hands free audio where I didn't have to do excessive playlist programing. The Chromecast to extractor setup should work but one thing you may run into is after listening to the Chromecast at 80 percent room volume and then switching to a native service even with programing when the audio source is changed and conditionals if not Chromecast set volume to x there is a split second that it could blare almost full volume before the script runs because c4 will run the source selection macro first
  8. From my testing it doesn't work reliably at night time when the night mode is enabled. But you can just use a magnetic recessed security door contact
  9. Havent worked with that fan but if it has a RF remote there is a good likelihood a bond bridge will be the answer
  10. I use the power amp driver and bind it to either the audiomatrix trigger port or the ETA relay Port depending on the system which we'll handle all of that string automatically
  11. V2 is not good 4 applications that need it to change the volume. It can only do it in 4% increments where does V3 can do 1% increments. So it depends on what kind of amplifier you have.
  12. Honeywell 951WG-WH Stubby Recessed Magnetic Contact Switch https://www.amazon.com/dp/B001UKY1A4/ref=cm_sw_r_fm_apa_i_QDreEb1365AQ2 Crammed against the copper coil that moves the pushrod. That is wired into 12v and contact input signal port of an ea3 but can be any controller with contact/relay ports, a z2io, or iox. Then the doorbell button is pressed the electromagnetic field trips the sensor and you can program accordingly.
  13. Is the tv ir or ip control and can you set the tv volume to particular percentages
  14. Same here, they work great
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