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  1. Oh great, thanks! I should be receiving and testing it tomorrow. Thanks
  2. Hi all, this is reviving an old thread, but I was wondering if you guys could point me in the direction of the free wemo socket driver. I can't seem to find it. I did find Ramourous' driver but it's from 2014, not sure it will work. I receive the socket tomorrow. Thanks! Rob
  3. Thanks @jackstone, the GC driver worked perfectly! Much appreciated!!
  4. Hi @jackstone, I'm trying your generic ethernet to serial driver with a sainsmart NCS1 unit. The driver says it finds the serial port one ONLINE and I've configured the unit for 115200, but it isn't able to connect to the DMX Engine. Do you know if your generic driver works with sainsmart? Is there something I could do to verify the protocol of the unit to see that it's compatible? Thanks! - Robert UPDATE: Just as an update to this. I re-installed the driver and re-did the connections in Composer and I managed to get the firmware version out of the DMX Engine, but only once. And whenever the Generic Serial over IP driver is installed in my project, the status bar in Composer flashes like crazy. The text: "Direct Status: Idle" and "Connected to #ip_address# (SSL)" flash constantly. My serial device has only one serial port, could it be because it is polling the other 3 ports and finding nothing? My Composer even froze up completely and became not responding at one point. It all goes away when I remove the driver. I telnet'ed to the IP->serial converter box and tested communication with the DMX Engine just by typing simple things like "SET" or "GET" and I got some responses like "syntax error" or "incomplete command", so the converter is definitely working, I just don't speak DMX so not sure what I could type to get a coherent response. Please let me know if you have any ideas, thanks! UPDATE 2: I put the driver into debug mode, and I get Lua Output of: [10/25/17 21:48:17]: Trying to connect to Serial-over-IP device but repeated 64 times per second. Serial 1 Status still says "ONLINE" though... Sorry for all the message, just trying to help diagnose the problem.
  5. Hey @zaphod, Thanks for the code snippet! That's a good point, we could talk to the Tesla API directly... but yeah, it does lack some flexibility. I'll check out that TCP driver soon. I'm just getting my C4 system up at home, so I can't say this is my number one priority. I'm still trying to get my Sonos stuff controlled.
  6. Hi all, I need to do something similar. I have a Sonos Connect connected to a 6-zone Monoprice Amp/Distro system for which I also have a working driver in Control4. I also have 4 Play 1s throughout the house. I'd like to be able to either select individual favorites in the various rooms, or have the Play 1s mirror what the Connect is doing. Any help would be much appreciated, thanks! Rob
  7. Hi Zaphod, Fellow Canadian S owner here. Congratulations on getting this done. I was looking to do some C4/Tesla integration myself and stumbled on this thread. I was wondering if you'd be willing to share your driver? I have a Pi in my garage dedicated to downloading dashcam video which could also run the API calls. Do you simply login to the Pi every 90 days or so to rotate your auth token? Please let me know, thanks!
  8. Sorry to resurrect an old topic, but @whitey you mentioned VT50 can be IP controlled. Which driver would I use to do that? I've found a VT50 driver, but it's IR only...
  9. I ordered this: http://www.ebay.com/itm/371440606660?_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT It'll take a while to get here, so not sure how it will work. Hopefully it'll be good.
  10. Oh cool thanks, I'll wait to hear if you have any interference with ZigBee. Thank you!
  11. Unfortunately, I have the one port version of the RS232->DMX controller. But that's ok, I've already made a couple XLR cables, no worries to make a couple more. So, should I just grab some generic ones from Amazon/eBay/aliexpress? Thanks for all the advice!
  12. Yes, all the LED strips under the cabinets are daisy chained, so I just need one decoder in the kitchen. Do you sell the generic solution? Would I just put one of my PX24500 boxes in the kitchen and build another XLR->RJ45 cable in the kitchen, and then I'd have to build one last one in the theater to go BACK to XLR at the end of the daisy chain to put this wireless transmitter on it? What powers these transmitter/receivers? I suppose the transmitters always has to be at the end of a chain of decoders since it only has one input and no output?
  13. Hi @jackstone, I do have some LED strips under my kitchen cabinets which have RGB inputs... I was thinking of chaining them on the DMX Controller I bought from you for my theater. If the wireless adapter is cheap enough, I'd go for it, how much is it? Does it have an XLR in and out? Because right now, I go from DMX Controller by XLR to a star ceiling, then an XLR to RJ45 cable comes into the DMX power adapters and all are daisy chained on RJ45. Please let me know, thanks!
  14. Has anyone else found a bi-directional RS232 driver for this unit? @liquidfer had one but I can't seem to reach him. I am thinking I might have to build one from scratch -- would be my first time making a driver...
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