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  1. Hi all, has anybody else noticed, Shades icon on the home screen is stuck where the shades were when the neeo last rebooted or navigator was refreshed? Lighting, Listen and Watch all work correctly but shades are stuck, if you press the 4 in the top left, the Shades icon in that list follows the status but not on the homepage. Has been like that for the last 2 remote updates to the neeo software. Paul
  2. Hi, as a follow on to this, The Shades icon on the home page now does not follow the state of the shades but if you press the c4 button to the list, it follows on that list, The home page is stuck wherever he neeo last checked in or when the system was navigator refreshed. I was hoping this would be fixed in 1.68 as it appeared in the version before but it is still the same, not sure if anyone is aware of this, c4 in the UK know about this and have reported this to the US. I tried a while ago to post on here but only the Title seemed to appear, for some weird reason. Paul
  3. when watch is pressed chromecast has a chromecast icon, when you click this, you used to get a large chromecast logo when the source was being watched, as this is a no control device, you now just get the loading square. I know you can use the chromecast no control driver, but that brings up the navigation page on neeo, but as it cannot be controlled the ui driver works best, its just no icon anymore.
  4. it isn't a favorite its part of the watch menu.
  5. Hi all, has anybody else experienced this, after the latest neeo update to 1.42.4, any icons which are display only, for example Chromecast UI dont load on the watch page, so they appear correct under the watch list, soon as you select it the icon used to go large in top section on the screen as normal, now just has a black square with the circle in it, and it will not load. The driver itself works as it always has, but the icon doesn't load at all, this was perfect untill the latest Neeo update. All normal drivers eg sky, roku still go to the large icon as expected. Thanks. Paul
  6. Does anyone on here know if the horizontal 50% louvers button has been resolved on the Neeo Remote, as this button was sending shades to 100 %. Thanks. Paul
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