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  1. I had a similar problem in the past. When trying to add a wav file in announcements I get the message below. It is even showing up on files that I have previously been able to add.
  2. Thanks! Should I then reset to public after importing to C4?
  3. I am trying to add a wav file to the announcement agent and am getting the following message. I had added these before but they stopped working. Thanks for the help! Scott
  4. Finally was able to download and print so nevermind. Thanks
  5. I can't see the wiring layout you posted anymore/ Can you send the link again? Thanks
  6. No switches in the closet. I assume it is referring to the media closet where all C4 and video equipment is.
  7. Thank you Crusty. I will check my wiring this weekend.
  8. I think that the issue may be how the lights are set-up. The installer has all of the lights in the closet which is not a room on the app. Can I change this?
  9. They still do not show up on the app. Must be something I am missing. Hopefully the installer is coming this Friday and can figure it out. Thanks for your help.
  10. Thanks but how do you refresh navs? Press Shift F5 in which screen in composer HE?
  11. How do you get lighting scenes to show up in the control4 app?
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