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  1. Everything working fine once the Matrix was out the system.. Thanks for the help and additional information.
  2. Thank you both for your inputs, I did some checking, I found that my system sound good when connected straight to the amp (highs tribbles are somewhat high but its good), its sounds bad when wired through matrix. Turns out the amp I have is a matrix amp and I don't need the other matrix controller. Programer said he programed it the way it was sent by dealer but wondered why I had a matrix controller when I already had a matrix amp. I do have a future basement that will be tied into the system but thats way down the road. He going to adjust everything on Monday and see what happens, I also passed on the recommended gain settings and keep all informed.
  3. Thanks very much for that suggestion, I will past that info on. Once there is a solution, I will post..
  4. Yes, the dealer is trying to figure it out also, I'm just seeing if anyone else has ran across this. Your answer tells me you don't know, thanks for your reply anyway.
  5. Hello, I am a newbee to the site, I have a newly installed c4 system with the es5 processor. Things are working good with one exception. i am getting bad digital audio content distortion through my ceiling speakers when playing Rhapsody, Tidel Tunin etc, sounds like a old transister radio. When I connect through a cd, the analog side works just fine. I am getting green light at the Ethernet gig switch input, of the es5. Amber light from the outputs. Any suggestion would be grateful.
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