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  1. An additional thought - do you have ipv6 enabled on the router? Believe it is under advanced/ipv6 called dual-stack. That could be why some of your equipment works and others don't. When the dns is failing on your ipv4 network your ipv6 network might still be operational. That could explain the why some google equipment works and other networked devices don't. I would suggest turning dual-stack off until you get this sorted. You also could setup a single laptop with static IP and static DNS. If that works while other network equipment isn't (next time things fail) then you know it is a DN
  2. Found one. Thanks all.
  3. Anyone have a spare or unused C4-AK-3M they would like to sell? PM me please with pricing/shipped. Thanks kindly!
  4. Hi all Have recently refreshed my c4 ecosystem to get to 3.x and have a bunch of controllers, screens and speaker points that I would love to see get used. This setup would work for somebody happy on 2.10 and/or for a lab or playground environment. Not really looking to sell piecemeal unless somebody really wants something. Ideas on who/how to put this to use??? Open to offers. Here is what I've got: (everything is in good working condition and currently on 2.9.x) Controllers... c4-hc1000v3-e-b (believe this tops out at 2.9.1?) c4-hc250-bl w/power (believe could be
  5. Thx. I’ll PM you. Would prefer to be price sensitive and buy used
  6. Hi all Per title, please PM if you have an unused Z2iR ZigBee-to-IR Module laying around you would like to sell. Thanks!
  7. Very possible. I’ll change dns on the ea3, flush DNS cache and try again. Don’t have time today. Q though is are all the others experiencing problems running pihole too? Doubtful
  8. Been using pihole w/c4 for years - pandora and all has been working great. Given no ads and crap on our network, I’d probably get rid of c4 before I got rid of pihole :)
  9. Just a thought ... we are also using the free pandora and I have considerable ad blocking enabled on the network. Have not yet tried to whitelist Pandora or turn off pihole to see if that makes a difference. Anyone else who is having c4/Pandora issues using an adblocking dns service? Could this be caused because pandora is trying to insert an ad?
  10. Seeking experience with Superbus 2000 security systems aka Concord 4. Updated to the v2/proxy superbus 2000 driver to get to 3.x. Everything is working fine via rs232 connection. My question/issue is this. I can't get the system to arm or disarm programmatically.In the v1 driver could issue say an Arm command then the 6 digits for the security code. In the driver setup, on the Partition 1, I have the arm/disarm code put in the "Default User Code" box and it is set. That doesn't seem to work. Experience? How can I get this to arm/disarm programmatically? Thanks!
  11. YES! Happening to me too. ea3/3.2.1. Exactly the same. When it does work, it plays 1 song then stops.
  12. Yes, you are correct. Thank you. Edited post.
  13. Upgraded to OS3 and the eol speakerpoints aren’t supported. Looking to get one or two Triad Ones. PM me. Thank you.
  14. The moral of the story here is connect gen1 switches to gen1 aux keypads! Thanks all for the insights.
  15. @Matt Lowe RE: couple issues here. You are missing a wire on the switch. There should be a yellow lead. Interesting. Maybe this is an older ver of the switch? Here's the diagram from the install instructions. Thoughts?
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