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  1. @salum We run an all ubiquiti stack here (router=cisco) and have had zero issues. My 2ce on the lighting - go with c4. For the video distribution, look at Just Add Power. It’s expandable! Might just be what you are seeking. Many threads here on the topic. Search JAP. http://justaddpower.com/residential-implementation.html
  2. I do it that way so I can turn lights on in the room w/ open win or door. Agreed, if push notification only you're right.
  3. fwiw, I have the same panel and am doing #2 so I know that works. For each window am using a window contact sensor, and each door has a door contact sensor. They are connected to the contact sensor outputs on the superbus 2000 driver. Then (programming) on an arm fail, I look to see which window/door was open and then send the push notification. Implementing #3 should be the same conceptually.
  4. My 2ce - Cisco RV series. I run the RV345 and it is very solid, performant, and configurable. House full of c4 and works well together. https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/products/routers/small-business-rv-series-routers/models-comparison.html
  5. Not sure. It was easy enough to just replicate the icons there and keep the structure. Sorry, don't know.
  6. Agreed. You could take what I did above and automate the full thing. I found the other bits not to be that time-consuming (and I don't do it so often) so the investment of full automation wasn't there for me. But would love to see your python script when done! Heck, put a php interface on top and open it up to the world Upload two images, name the experience button, and presto you have a driver ready to load.
  7. I built this batch file (sorry, windows only) to quickly do the work. All you need is the default experience driver unzipped and a selected/default png image and the script does the rest. See "instructions" in the comments. *Use at your own risk. No error checking. Enjoy. Works for me @ECHO OFF :: DO ALL your work in the \www\icons\device directory. :: Put the NEW icons in eg. reboot-green and reboot-red. :: Run this script (from that same directory) and you'll get all new icons AND put in the right locations! :: Use https://www.iconfinder.com/icons/ to get icons :: Requires
  8. Thx! Disconnect on room off was Off... Manage Power was On. I've turned manage power off and will give it a test. Thanks.
  9. Hi all. Have one that has me stumped. Have an Atlona 8x8 matrix with ethernet balun RX in a bedroom. Have the IR connected through the matrix to control the endpoint TV. Seems any IR commands won't be sent unless the matrix is on/active for that endpoint. I've setup the TV's driver so that the power on command doesn't get sent until a delay of 8 seconds (has power feedback/control power/send a power on command after a delay of 8 seconds) which is plenty for the matrix to turn on and be working. The IR control, while on, work fine. The problem - when the user hits room off, the matrix
  10. For those seeking answer to How... in the c4 app, go to playlists created by me and then choose add to library. Took me a while to find this. Once you do this, the playlists will be available in programming to select.
  11. Thanks for coming back with the update! Appreciate that. FWIW, we run a houseful of c4 equipment and use that same Motorola modem on an xfinity/comcast 1gig downlink and have had 0 problems for years. Note we run a cisco router and ubiquiti switches/APs but the modem/provider is the same. Good luck. Hope you are sorted.
  12. Grab you one of these - https://videoguys.com/products/newtek-spark-plustm-4k - they work well. Just install the free NDI studio monitor on pc or Mac and watch. You can get an Apple TV app to watch it, too, but believe the app is $99.
  13. An additional thought - do you have ipv6 enabled on the router? Believe it is under advanced/ipv6 called dual-stack. That could be why some of your equipment works and others don't. When the dns is failing on your ipv4 network your ipv6 network might still be operational. That could explain the why some google equipment works and other networked devices don't. I would suggest turning dual-stack off until you get this sorted. You also could setup a single laptop with static IP and static DNS. If that works while other network equipment isn't (next time things fail) then you know it is a DN
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