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  1. Per title, looking to get 1 to 3 NCZ-3014 depending on offer price. I'm ok with used - this is for myself. Please PM with offers. Thanks in advance!
  2. Thx. Currently on 3.2.1 (not a fast adopter of the 'new'). Could you expand on how/what was broken in the new release - assuming you mean the 3.2.2 release?
  3. Some routers are also POE switches... example (we have one in our basement) Cisco RV345 POE - https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/support/routers/rv345p-dual-gigabit-wan-poe-vpn-router/model.html
  4. Hi all I'm shopping around for a smartwatch and wondering if anyone has C4 functionality enabled via their watch? If so, what watch do you use? I'm thinking voice commands via Siri or Google might work on a watch. Are there other means? Would be nice when - say I'm outside - to turn on deck music/lights, as one example. Would love to hear your experiences! Thanks.
  5. I have a few standard aux keypads / c4-ka's lying around and picked up some of the Essentials switches (C4-V-SW120277). Do I have to use the Essentials keypad, C4-V-AUX, or will the standard c4-ka work w/the Essentials switch? From all the data sheets it looks like it has to be the essentials version... but... does the standard c4-ka work? Thanks
  6. Per title, seeking a SnapAV / wattbox dealer that would be kind enough to help me to a RMA. I've got a faulty 700 series wattbox that is confirmed part of their recall (I called them and the mac is part of the recall). The nice gent with SnapAV couldn't process my RMA so seeking a dealer that would help me. THANKS in advance. PM me, please, if you would help. I'll give you all the info to copy/paste for the RMA. Thank you.
  7. Is this powered by / connected to a wattbox? Sounds like behavior that would happen if a wattbox senses an IP can’t be reached and it tries to power cycle items.
  8. @BubbaDuck Thx for this! Easily imported this into my zabbix instance (latest on rhel) and working great. I ended up creating a new zabbix user on the controllers (adduser zbx) to separate out root from the zabbix account. Otherwise, used straight away. Thanks for sharing it!
  9. @salum We run an all ubiquiti stack here (router=cisco) and have had zero issues. My 2ce on the lighting - go with c4. For the video distribution, look at Just Add Power. It’s expandable! Might just be what you are seeking. Many threads here on the topic. Search JAP. http://justaddpower.com/residential-implementation.html
  10. I do it that way so I can turn lights on in the room w/ open win or door. Agreed, if push notification only you're right.
  11. fwiw, I have the same panel and am doing #2 so I know that works. For each window am using a window contact sensor, and each door has a door contact sensor. They are connected to the contact sensor outputs on the superbus 2000 driver. Then (programming) on an arm fail, I look to see which window/door was open and then send the push notification. Implementing #3 should be the same conceptually.
  12. My 2ce - Cisco RV series. I run the RV345 and it is very solid, performant, and configurable. House full of c4 and works well together. https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/products/routers/small-business-rv-series-routers/models-comparison.html
  13. Not sure. It was easy enough to just replicate the icons there and keep the structure. Sorry, don't know.
  14. Agreed. You could take what I did above and automate the full thing. I found the other bits not to be that time-consuming (and I don't do it so often) so the investment of full automation wasn't there for me. But would love to see your python script when done! Heck, put a php interface on top and open it up to the world Upload two images, name the experience button, and presto you have a driver ready to load.
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