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  1. Hey Eggz, PM sent. There are two different sensor bars available. We just need to get you the same ones for your KP's and dimmers. The black ones have a smaller light pipe, allowing less ambient light in. Helpful in some situations, and not usually helpful when they're mixed and matched.
  2. I am going to look into it now and see if this is known or if we can reproduce it. There's also a new feature in the driver that could have thrown this off. Snapshots Timespan(s) This configures how far back in seconds the DS2 will start taking snapshots. The DS2 will take (Number of Snapshots) snapshots evenly spaced apart starting (Snapshots Timespan(s)) seconds ago up to when the email was sent. Note that snapshots cannot be taken more than once per second. Example: If Number of Snapshots is 5 and Snapshots Timespan (s) is 20 seconds then you will get snapshots at 20, 15, 10, 5, and 0 seconds.
  3. I'll be more than happy to pass along your suggestions to our intercom team.
  4. This maybe unrelated, but SiriusXM has built in "timeouts" and it varies by station. Anywhere between 2-12 hours, the station will just stop.
  5. This was a clerical error, and has been reviewed again to ensure the cert does not expire in 30 days and is reviewed prior to any interruption. Apologies for the inconvenience it did cause, I know Composer HE is the reason some people have Control4.
  6. If you're on 2.10.1, just download the 2.10.1 version and follow the steps from the PDF.
  7. It does not look like a known issue. Do you know the Driver version you're on? I can check against that.
  8. Great to hear. Please let me know if you're having issues connecting with Composer HE.
  9. Apologies for the recent issues with Composer HE. This recently encountered issue was a clerical error with the cert expiration date, as you can see the date was much shorter than intended. Our team has been rolling out the fix on the controller side, and will not require different Composer HE software. This should be finished hitting all systems shortly. I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. I would have answered this thread as well, I initially saw the thread below first.
  10. The team has identified the issue and is expediting a fix for all systems. If you'd like a faster fix, please e-mail me Dcain@Control4.com and provide the version and registered e-mail. We're still validating, but we may be able to fix a smaller amount of systems faster. Sorry again for this inconvenience, and thank you for letting me know this morning.
  11. Sorry the error returned, let me look into this immediately. I did not get reports of this as of yesterday.
  12. I can follow up with your dealer's previous call. If you know the information, you can PM me the tech support case# or your Control4 registered e-mail. Did they have you try a long power off? Basically having the HC-800 unplugged for 15 minutes.
  13. Sorry about that, I have our web team looking at it now. In the meantime, I can link you any of downloads. PM me you version, and I can help. Edit: It's accessible again.
  14. If you've reached out to customer service, we typically respond fairly quickly if it's during business hours. You can PM your case # and I'll find out who's working with you. If you filled out the web form, and did not receive an email back within minutes providing a case number, please fill it out again, and ensure all contact information is correct.
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