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  1. Hi Todd, I cannot find where to control the audio outputs of the Leaf. Not in the System Design> Audio Properties, or the web interface... Where should I find this property?
  2. Hi Everyone, I have a huge audio level difference between my audio and video sources. All audio levels from video sources are extremely low. Here's the set-up: Video Matrix Leaf LU1082 & AE-5> C4 Audio matrix> C4 Power Amp We have the analogue audio outs from the Leaf matrix and the AE-5 connected to the C4 audio matrix. The analogue audio levels coming from the AE-5 are massively louder than the audio levels from the video sources coming from the Leaf. I cannot find a way to balance these properly as the Leaf offers no gain control. I want to avoid perminently reducing the outputs of the AE-5 as the input gain of the power amps must be increased way too loud. This comes at the risc of damaging the speakers should the controller's volume in the future inadvertantly be put back to normal. Anyone have suggestions, or see my error in configuration? thx guys...
  3. Hi Johann, Yes I have and with success. thanks.
  4. LG tv 43UF776v Has anyone had success with the new LG UF series TV's? There are no standard drivers available and I hear very little feedback from colleagues...
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