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  1. iI will have to play with the driver since this homekit only works for like 2 days.. then i have to delete the bridge and add it back to control ATV's.. other than that its works great and ca-10 is so much faster than my ea5.. i like it
  2. I had a new Apple TV IP Driver installed and it worked great with my EA-5, then I upgraded to cA-10 and i couldn't get it to work so I went back to the apple home kit / bridge and it works, but for some reasons every time my iPhone updates, it turns off the Apple TV Remote Enable to disable and I lose control with all my Apple TV's. I have to delete the bridge off composer then add it back and reconfigure the remotes in home kit and then it works again.. All good but seems like every few days something updates in my iPhone, it turns off enable to disable. anyone seeing this.
  3. I had the new IP Driver and it worked fine until I added CA-10 into my project and for some reason it will not work. went back to the homekit option and this has not been working great either.. i'm tempted to go back to IR.. atleast it worked then
  4. lasted about 3 hours then lost control, looked at the app on my phone and appletv control was disabled.. not sure why this keeps happening.. i deleted the bridge, added again and now its working..
  5. Once I delete bridge, then add it back in, delete the remotes in Apple Home, then enable the AppleTV Remote again, then refresh and it works.. Will see how long this lasts again, but 2 days worked then off this morning.. Not sure why
  6. yes I had the new IP Driver installed and it worked, then I added CA-10 into the system and for some reason the IP driver will not work. So I went back to using Apple TV Enable on phone / home kit. That works for about 2 days then for some reason enable gets turned off on my phone then it stops working. Then I have to go and delete the bridge and ATV's from my project then add them back in then add them back individually then it works. Seems like every few days enable turns off and I'm not sure why..
  7. my minka fans didn't come with a remote so I guess they won't work with bond home
  8. I'll have to loon into the bong...
  9. I have these Minka-Aire F521 and love the air flow.. I only have one room that only has the fan so I was able to use the C4 fan switch, but the other rooms, have both fan and light so I had to use a aftermarket module so I could turn the single switch into a stack switch so I can control light and fan with a luton speed control stack switch. I wish c4 had one, it be perfect for all these type of installs.
  10. I like the remote its cool but it doesn't have everything on it that I can do with my old remote and my wife hates it so I still kept all the old remotes in ea room. I tried to install it at my parents house thinking it be easier but it was more of a pain so I took it out.. I still like the sr250, it just works.. or has worked with really no issues unlike my sr260. which was why I was excited to change, but for now its just cool to look at and use from time to time.
  11. is there a driver that will come out later for security.. so my cam's and door station pulls up like it does on my app or on c4 tv screen?
  12. I have the iAqualink and they installed some driver in my C4 project, but its limited, so I never use it, I just open the iaqualink App and control my pool. Even thermostat, I have an American standard variable speed control system, and the driver in c4 that was installed doesn't really give me all the options that the nexia app gives me so that too I don't really use in my c4 system.
  13. that's cool.. not sure its for us.. It took me a long time to get my family to understand how to use what we have.. add changes just adds more challenges.. I added c4 into my parents house as well.. luckily we haven't upgraded or changed anything since first installed.. man that took over a year to even get them to remember how to turn on cable box and how it turns on tV.. lol
  14. yeah I hear that you can do the drivers, that's cool too but that means more devices listed under watch or listen.. My list is long enough, so I'd rather eliminate the # of listed devices and just have a few and then that's it.. so it works now so fingers crossed
  15. yeah I hear those work too, but everything I use is apple and just having all my iTunes music, playlists etc / videos / photos, access to prime / xm radio / my Plex server, etc. all in one location just makes it easy for us. I just go to one device and have everything there.. It just works for us.. I have multiple Apple TV's in my system so all of us can use them and not have to disrupt someone else using it in a different zone. I hear you can add all these different drivers etc to have them as watch and then go to specific devices, but this just works for us.
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