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  1. Where did this driver go? I finally got some time to play with it and the github for it is no more?
  2. Where are you wanting to put the push buttons in relation to where the Ethernet is located in the rooms? It sounds like you already have the wiring needed but it's just not where you need it in the room? Will the button be on the wall, in a box on a desk? Dry Contract is open/close so existing cat5/6 runs could all be viable to bring back to a central IO Extender which would be plugged into the network.
  3. But you can take your Lambo to the kid down the street. If he knows how to do the work.. He can!
  4. Ya I was basically saying it has a good chance of replacing the Harmony.. eventually.. and assuming they come up with a Universal remote. In fact eventually in reality it replaces the Amazon Echo, FireTV and Harmony if they get things right!
  5. Hmm Amazon needs to make a more "featured" physical remote that can pair with the FireTV and it sounds like they might really cause Logitech some pain! I had my entertainment room fully C4 automated with it's own controller and SR260 remote and tablet. Within a few months my wife made me pull it out because the Logitech Harmony system worked better and was tied to the Amazon Echo which also could control also control the FireTV. I will have to watch how this plays out but this all in 1 FireTV Cube may even simplify it further though the biggest sticking point for my wife was she liked the feel and size of the Harmony remote and hated the C4 one. Amazon also needs to expand the feature set of their FireTV Remote app as well and the tablet can become more usable too.
  6. I always try not to comment on these as they get nowhere but it does build up over time so here is my 2 cents.. I don't get all this comparisons to cars... If you buy a car no matter how expensive or what brand/make/model.... the point is it's your car and you can choose to service it as you wish with a dealership or do it yourself. With C4 the feeling for me is I still do not "own" my system as I do not have full control of it even though it is fully purchased. EVERYONE short of many of the dealers on this forum I have ever had conversations with all refuse to use C4 for this very reason. I can't disagree. I love it and it's abilities but for the majority they are not going to even be seen as an option as there are so many more open cheaper options out there actually have wider capabilities though not being as streamlined as C4. I did get my first hands on with C4 due to being in a new construction community. The initial year passed in the community so I put feelers out to see who was not using their gear to see if I could get more equipment. I have had 2 people in the entire neighborhood say they still had an active 4site subscription to control their Thermostat. It blew my mind to here so many say "what smart switches?" or "I wondered why those switches looked diffrent than the rest." and "I wondered what that C4 box (EA-1) was for." In the end I have more people offering to sell me EA-1's than I can fathom buying let alone using!.. And this was just "my" neighborhood. The builder did 5 neighborhoods that year all with the "smart home" package. That is so much unused equipment! How is that helping C4? Why is that the market C4 is going for? I have no idea how this strategy is paying off other than they only need one actual "sale/install" in the neighborhood and the price is going to be so high it covers the cost of all the hardware they just threw away?? Ya I still don't get it. Also they have now flooded the market with gear that only the DIYers could find a use for anyway because with C4 it's all about selling a package/solution and don't have any model to build your system one component at a time due to having to hire someone else to add it to your system. They do not have to change their dealer model even as if you do it yourself and need help... you still need to contact a dealer. Anyway.. we are all here because of our love/hate for C4. I do feel that giving end users full control of their system would cause way more love than hate for them. This forum is with out quesion in a silo and outside of it there is far more hate than love found for c4. Actually let them use it and I guarntee that changes! /rant off
  7. So i just got the email from c4 about the patch... When i view my C4 downloads page in Chrome it only lists 2.10.1 however when i visit the same page with Firefox i have the 2.10.2 HE download option. How is that for weird.... I did download the patch and run it as i am still only running 2.10.1 anyway and it worked but it still seams strange the browsers showed different download information.
  8. My stuff upgraded to 2.10.1 a while back.. was awesome to get Alexa support! The when then stuff is cool too but I already have HE so could do most of that already. I will see if he has any more info for me but he basically was pulling it all out as he knew nothing about it. He has two C4 remotes he is including with them too. And just to make sure I am not wrong about it being a good deal and am just overly excited.... he only wants $600 for the EA3, EA1 and the two SR-260 remotes. Good deal right?
  9. My dealer is out of town this weekend but i have an opportunity to get an EA3 and another EA1 to go with my existing EA1. This will give me an EA for each of my entertainment centers so I don't want to pass it up!! But I also don't want to buy them ether even though it is a good deal if there are other unknown charges or issues I may run into with a used controller. The 4site license covers a "site"/home no matter how many controllers are used correct? My understanding is that i just have to have my dealer add them to my Control4 account and set them up in my project. Do I need to worry if the guy I am buying from does not know anything about them as they where there when he bought the house he pulled them out of? Unfortunately he doesn't know what happened to the switches he pulled out. I just want to make a decision today before someone else snags the rest of the stuff.
  10. Which brand is better? They both adjust based on weather which is the big part i am looking for. Other than that the only real difference i can see would be that you could still manually use the Rain Bird from the panel itself if you needed to but at the same time i don't see why you would ever need to. I don't think I plan to ever integrate them into C4 so am really just looking for advice on what the best stand alone product is.
  11. This is one thing i would love to see added to composer... would be nice when testing at least to be able to see time remaining on a timer... I suppose in a large deployment with touch pads I could see showing a timer for certain things.
  12. So when I was getting my C4 system installed the actual installer told me I might want to look at adding a Lutron Smart Bridge and have them tie it in to C4 for me if i wanted to be able to add my own devices. Does that mean that if I have them integrate the Lutron box with my C4 box that when I add switches or other devices to the Lutron system they will show up in C4 and I can create scripts for them there? Using a Lutron vs C4 Dimmer doesn't really matter all that much to me as long as they can be treated the same. I am wondering because I still have a bunch of 3 way lights I want to be able to replace and automate as well as a whole unfinished basement I would like to add to the system eventually as well. Would be nice if I could just build it out as I go and not have to do it in bulk due to needing the dealer to add each device to the system. I don't have the $$ to do it in bulk, and don't have the $$ to piece it together if i have to call the dealer for each switch I add.
  13. As of 3 days ago (2/13/17) I can no longer open or close my garage doors with the free EDS driver. If you view the debug log you will see errors like this one it just gave me when i tried to open a door.
  14. Just to be clear I did not mean they as in the driver creator, i did mean it as MyQ. I would love to be able to do something to try and get it working again but the problem is two fold for me... 1. The driver is encrypted.... Even if i could edit it and fix it myself I have no way of testing or verifying it was fixed without a dealer right there ready to test with me. The fact the driver is still partially working suggests that the API changes where not too major. 2. Even if the creator pops in soon with an updated version I still have to get my dealer to install it. This is still my biggest peeve with this C4 system is that I am so not in control of it. I am just being given the illusion of control. Don't get me wrong I love what the system can do and have had lots of fun automating in it but it really sucks to be at the mercy of others for certain things.
  15. I just want to state that while this driver as of two days ago for me is no longer allowing me to open and close my garage doors it is still telling control4 when they are left open as i still get my c4 push alerts for that. It does bum me out that this driver had been working for so long and then they decide to break it when i have had it for less than three weeks!
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