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  1. Hi, If can help, I use Weather Station Giom 3000 with success since 3 years. Easy to order in Europe. I attached the driver manual to see what you can expected with this WS. Cost WS and driver is under 400 Euros https://www.elkoep.com/-weather-station-giom-3000- The control4 driver http://www.yatundev.eu/drivers/weather-station-giom3000 Jean yat-meteo-1-eth-weather_station-driver-im-v2012-02-26-eng.pdf
  2. Sorry to see this post so late. Finally I put the Luma, the Foscam R2 on a server Blue Iris with the C4 driver for Blue Iris, and all work perfectly. Blue iris is a cheap solution for cam problems. I have one Luma NVR 16 channels, and one Blue Iris server with 2 cam, all the 18 cam work great with T3 and 4Sight Thank Jean
  3. Hi, Have you resolved this issue ? Because I have the same problem..... Thank Jean
  4. As you can see is working, take around 10s to get the green right the first time I click on the test button, a second click take 5s.
  5. Thank for your quick reply, for the documentation your website say "Comming soon"!, I try to get video on T3 7" and 10" For preset ok, I going to rename it
  6. Hi msgreenf, I have some problem to view video on the touch screen and on the phone. Also the preset look do not work, I can't set a position from C4. Can you help me ?, the documentation do not exist ? Jean
  7. Hi Guy's, just to know that the POE is not working, put the power and is work well. And C4 say to you he prefer we use POE, but is not working Jean Max
  8. Hi, I have some trouble to understand how use the "Send URL Get" and "Send Command" GET_IMAGE and GET_MJPEG. Cand you help me ?, I want to send the image to Pushover, but the first time I need to understand how the programming with SnapAV work.. Many thank Jean Max
  9. Hi, My TV config is making like that Robbie say, but the TV never turn OFF or ON with the IP Driver...... Somebody have resolve this problem ? Thank Jean Max
  10. Hi, you have the issue of this problem, I have the same and I can't find the solution. Thank
  11. Hi Guy's, Thank for your help, I try to contact the Control4 support and you can see bellow the result...... Subject of chat (5-10 words) Composer crash when I install IrrigationCaddy driver Name: Jean Max Dubard Customer/Project Name (McDonald Residence) Marbella Hill Club System Software Version (Example: 2.7.0) 2.8.2 Support Department: Control4 Tech Support Thomas Schulz Mon, 04/18/16 10:58:36 pm Africa/Ceuta Hello. How may I help you? Jean Max Dubard 10:58:49 pm Hi, Composer crash when I install IrrigationCaddy driver Thomas Schulz 10:59:35 pm Okay, fatal error pop up crash? Jean Max Dubard 11:00:24 pm Popup and to use again Composer I need to sup all the DirectorState file He say me that he loose the connection with Composer 11:01:33 pm Thomas Schulz 11:01:52 pm Was it just the composer that crashed though, or did the link light turn off on the director? Jean Max Dubard 11:02:22 pm I can send to you a PDF file ? I make screen shot Thomas Schulz 11:04:26 pm I think it would be best if you contact the spanish/uk support Jean Jean Max Dubard 11:05:27 pm Ok, but Composer give me this link to chat. Thomas Schulz 11:06:23 pm Yes, composer gives you this link, but I believe that the issue you are having requires more in-depth troubleshooting that I cannot provide via Chat support Jean Max Dubard 11:08:44 pm You don't the problem when you need to suppress all DirectorState files to run again Composer ??, on the Website you have a message for this king of problem for Sonos driver Thomas Schulz 11:09:24 pm I do not know what you mean Jean, I am sorry. There are no known issues with having to suppress the director state files at all though How did the chat end? Other Duration: 13m 4s Chat started on: https://secure.livec...params=Chat%20Origin%3DComposer%20Pro
  12. More info on the PDF in attach Composer crash when install IrrigationCaddy driver.pdf
  13. Somebody have the same problem ? I need to supresse all the DirectorState files to use again Composer A popup say me that he loose the connection with Composer
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